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    Grilliant Ideas Foodie Radio-You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Want A Big Fry!

    in Food

    Welcome to another Grilliant Ideas Foodie Radio Show!

    Food News and Commentary from Laury The Food News Jersey Girl, Brian The Wine and Darkside Czar, and Grill aka Mr. Foil!

    You never know what food ideas and concepts we will be talking about...and neither do we!

    Join The Crew with our own form of Food Frolic. Bring A Big Spoon and A Hefty Appetite for Fun!

    Eat, Drink, and Be Grilliant!

    Also don't forget to check our www.HotBoxGrills.com  for the Best Tailgating Grill around! Tell Them Grilliant sent you!

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    "Domestic Violence, The Hidden Crime"

    in Entertainment

    One out of every four women in this country will suffer some kind of violence at the hands of her husband or boyfriend, and very few will tell anyone. Victims of this type of cruelty comes from all walks of life--- all cultures, every income group, all ages and all religions. Each of them share the same feelings of helplessness, isolation, guilt, fear and shame. Every one of them hope the violence will never happen again, but in all truths, it doesn't.. Tonight you will have te oppurtunity to call into our studio and talk about this topic that should not be talked about, but due to the fact that so many women are constantly losing their lives because of this unexceptable crime, Yes, we find ourselves speaking about it again. Hopefuly we all can begin finding serious solutions to protecting our queens, before anymore lives are lost to domestic violence. But first we will have the pleasure of chatting with Jasmine Knight, part owner of "Bending Reality Magazine". This queen will be entering our red carpet room on tonight, as she will be sharing her story and endevours with us and the world. Its all about to go down on blog talk radio. Stay tuned in!!!

  • Homeschooling as a Family Ministry

    in Homeschooling

    A native of Seattle, Vida Oliphant Sneed is the youngest of the five girls born to parents Clarence A. Oliphant and La Verna D. Jones Oliphant, both originally from Iowa. While growing up, Vida discovered these two truths: we all are created with a particular “bent” and our life’s assignment is to learn how to submit that “bent” to the Master’s hand.  Based on Deuteronomy 6:5-9, Vida did submit and began her life-rewarding homeschool journey.

    Vida graduated from high school at age 16 and attended the University of Washington for two years before transferring to University of Southern California where she graduated with a BA in English. She returned to Seattle to marry the love of her life, Steve Sneed and God blessed them with six children.

    Vida received her Elementary Education Teaching Certificate and taught in the Seattle Public Schools for a very short time. The Lord redirected her course to homeschooling her then three children. This was a life-changing, will-bending journey of faith that culminated in 19 years of homeschooling all six children while providing care for other children the Lord sent along the way. Vida says, “For 19 years I quit every morning telling the Lord I can’t do this. It’s too hard for me. And He responded, ‘You’re right you can’t. Let me do it through you.’ And He did.”

    Vida and Steve have four grandchildren and in their spare time spend quality time with family, travel, and are very active in their church and community. She currently serves as Co-Assistant Superintendent of the Christian Education Ministry at First A.M.E. Church in Seattle, Washington.













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    All Music Sunday: 80's Rock, Rap, and R&B. RAD!

    in Radio

    The BEST Decade of Music ever? Quite possibly so. We are going to kick it Old School with a Gumbo of EVERYTHING 80'S! Join us at 1pm to revisit, relax, and remember. And hopefully hear something that you haven't heard in 30 years that'll take you to a SPECIAL place. You know me, I stay away from the Mostly Top 40. I tend to go off of the grid to put you in my Groove or just maybe, put you on to something Old but New to you. Let's go Back to the Future!

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    Episode 46

    in Politics

    MInd bending week in America. Co-host Bree Mars joins me to discuss a myraid of issues including the Confederate Flag, SCOTUS decision on gay marriage also growing evidence suggests there"s a war on straight white males in this country. Just recently NBC did a major newspiece declaring White Americans the greatest terroristic threat to America today. But a closer look shows the study the newspiece was based on is funded by none other than Jonathan Soros. George Soros son. Why are they doing this? What's the goal? Also I want to introduce to everyone "Dixon White". A self proclaimed "former racist" who is "challenging" White Americans to take responsibilty for white sumpremeacy(and demanding money from Ford). But Dixon White isn't his real name...

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    Aquatics Euphoria: The Rule of Thirds In Aquascape: Amber Sheriff Co-Hosting

    in Pets

    Aquascapes, like all art forms, have a plethora of rules of guidance and application. These rules exist to guide us towards success, and often succeed in doing so. But remember: rules exist only to guide, and a skilled artist can actually enhance their work by bending or breaking the accepted rules if done so in just the right artistic manner: aquatic artistry is no different.

    The Golden Ratio was realised by the ancient Greeks and has been used in all art forms for thousands of years. It provides a guide to achieve the perfect balance within a work of art, or any endeavour that involves placing objects in a space. It can be simplified into the rule of thirds which doesn't have the exact same ratios but is easier to implement when composing a two dimensional layout such as an aquascape from one viewing angle- for example the front of the tank. Amber Sheriff will be discussing this rule of thirds!

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    BGE Presents: Seth Kibel

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    #BGEPresents Seth Kibel with host @jiggyjaguar 

    Seth is the leader, clarinetist, and composer for The Alexandria Kleztet, a genre-bending klezmer band he founded in the Baltimore/Washington area. The band's four albums, Peace, Love and Coffee (2009), Close Enough for Klezmer (2005), Delusions of Klezmer (2002) and Y2Klezmer (1999) are all available nationwide. All four recordings received the Washington Area Music Association's (WAMA) award for Best World Music Recording following their release. Additionally, Seth was named "Best World Music Instrumentalist" by WAMA every year from 2003 through 2010. In 2005, 2007, and 2008, he was also named "Best Jazz Instrumentalist."


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    #4HFA - The By Any Means Necessary Show: A Discussion About the NBA Finals

    in Sports

    Tonight, the gentleman of 4 Home Field Advantage will discuss how the NBA finals have unfolded.  In digging a bit deeper, we will discuss if it is acceptable to bend the truth to win.  Steve Kerr made it clear that it is acceptable in his book but is he correct.  We will answer that question and the following:

    1. Do you think that coaches should find other ways to answer the media's questions instead of lying about their game plan?

    2. Does lying matter in sports, especially during during pre game and halftime interviews.

    3. Is lying (or bending the truth) a part of coaching?

    4. What are your thoughts on the NBA Finals?

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    Team YAHWEH Radio: Sunday HEAT "Are you a vital Christian?" Alan Redpath

    in Christianity

    Team YAHWEH Radio: Sunday HEAT presents Alan Redpath from Moody Church in Chicago Illinois, preaching a sermon entitled 'ARE YOU A VITAL CHRISTIAN?' Which beg's the question even now, truly, ARE YOU?

    Are you in Prayer, Fasting, and the Word? Or are you sitting in a pew being spoon fed? What truly is the Church of the LORD? Ask yourself, ARE YOU A VITAL CHRISTIAN?

    Vital for today's time.

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    Life in a Better Than You are Society

    in Politics Progressive

    Life in a better than you are society hurts the subject and hurts the object of the subject. Life in a better than you society is not the way to equality for all. Life in a better than you are society is not the way to justice for all. Life in a better than you society creates false pride that leads a nation to growing generational poverty and growing generational elitism. White Americans have been fed from the spoon of being better than all others for hundreds of years. The result is a group of becoming minority Americans has been a force that continues to hold America in the 19th century with hopes of taking America back. Ignorance prevails in pockets of the White community. Life in a better than you are society hurts the subject and hurts the object of the subject. Ignorance, complacence, elitism equals destruction. Woe to USA.

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    Bending Light - Dream Catchers with LesPaul

    in Dreams

    Did you know that in a black hole in space that even light itself begins to bend? Well its true it does! Tonight I am going to be talking about doing what often seems as impossible as bending light and that is accepting and defining yourself as a unique being who happens to have a disability and just does’ let that fact bother them and that is what I want to see everyone everywhere with a disability begging to do!

    Meanwhile the ADA Legacy Road to Freedom tour Bus and its Driver Tom Olin have been touring the United States for 11 Months and will finish its journey at the US Capitol and beyond. The Driver has lived on the bus for nearly a year spreading good will and hope to communities all across the USA!!!

    There is power in the Independent Living Movement and strength in people who are fighting for Inclusion and access all across the USA so tonight we will talk a lot about Independence and how we can all find it on our journey together.