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    Long Road to Ruin: Star Trek - The Spock Trilogy

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    Long Road to Ruin is back from its holiday hiatus.  Our special guest host this week is author of,"A Funeral Story goo.gl/2kNgeH " and guide through space...the final frontier, Jason Offutt.  We'll be reviewing the Star Trek: The Spock Trilogy (2 - Wrath of Khan, 3 - The Search for Spock and 4 - The Voyage Home).  We hope you'll join us as we take the nerdy and make it...less nerdy.

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    Dr Spock

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    Daily stuff

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    Attack Wing Resource Show, Vulcan Ship NiVar, Star Trek 3 The Search for Spock

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    The first half of the show we will talk about Star Trek Attack Wing fleet resources, from Black Elite Attack Dice through the new Officer Cards and every resource between. What are the best and worst for the point cost. We will also discuss the Vulcan ship NiVar and go over all the cards in the new expansion. The STAW Federation ship battle will be revealed and talked about. This is the BEST Federation STAW ship as voted by the fans on our FB page, The winner of the Assimilation Prime Target will be announced and  we will give away a FREE blind booster to one lucky caller as well as OP participation prizes to every caller.  For our second half we will revist Star Trek III The Search For Spock. Join us  Thursday from 6:30 - 8:30pm EST,  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.......

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    ACO Alien Contact Org Archivists of Truth for Spock

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    ACO is now taking on members as Alien extraterrestrials on earth are not so different than other humanoid beings of the humankind. We are born with the basics the same as all other humanoids with a head, torso, two arms, and two legs. We all have the same brain and nervous system. We usually are born to parents and a family unit.How does one who has had various experiences that are not considered the normal for the general critical mass on earth deal with the difference? One might ask how one can confess to having different experiences in life from others? We here at the ACO Alien Contact Org are a membership club offering a platform, a forum, a fellowship support group that meets here weekly. We share Cosmos Connection from 6-8 E/5-7C on http://freedomslips.com on Studio B then we move here to discuss our Cosmos Connection ties to those connected to us down below here on this planet. We are sharing with others as associations, groups, organizations and among our friends who believe alien civilizations exist. Theresa J Morris, Founder. Thomas Becker aka Amad Painter, Bill M Tracer, Diane McClintic, Diane Dancer, share in this TJ Morris Radio Show. Others are welcome to share in our panel discussion that have a connection as a Lightworker or Truthseeker if not an experiencer, contactee, or abductee in this lifetime. We also discuss our future souls evolution that shares the various levels of understanding about out of body, near death experiences, consciousness, multi-dimensional beings, and how we can all share in the overall knowing that we are advancing in health and prosperity for all. We begin in self-improvement by changing our thoughts and being better ourselves by looking at why we are having these experiences now and what they mean. We are the ACO education research association, ACE Folklife dba ACE Nonprofit Inc. We are desiring to bring many groups to an annual conference. 

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    THE MARK presents LEONARD NIMOY: It's Only Logical....

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    We lost a legend on Friday.  Join as as we share our personal memories of the man known as LEONARD NIMOY.

    In 1965, he made his first appearance in the rejected Star Trek pilot The Cage, and went on to play the character of Mr. Spock until 1969, followed by eight feature films and guest slots in the various spin-off series. The character has had a significant cultural impact and garnered Nimoy three Emmy Award nominations; TV Guide named Spock one of the 50 greatest TV characters. After the original Star Trekseries, Nimoy starred in Mission: Impossible for two seasons, hosted the documentary series In Search of...,. More recently, he also had a recurring role in the science fiction series Fringe.

    Call in and tell us what you remember.

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    What Spock & Captain Kirk can teach Congress

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         This show is for those of you who are in the "trenches" of life that have little time to inform yourself about current events involving politics, people, books, etc. and how these things should and do matter in your life.
         This week's episode explores: 
    1.  What Congress can learn from the Spock-Captain Kirk symbiotic relationship, AND
    2.  How this can apply to our lives
    Sources for this episode - LINK

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    American Patriot Radio, Saturday Night at the Movies

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    Search for Spock

    Saturday night at the Movies Feb 28 2015

    In tribute to the passing of Lenard Nimoy, Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, We will tonight be presenting a tribute to Lenard Nimoy by presenting “Star Trek 3”: “The Search for Spock” 1984.

    Which was the first film Mr. Nimoy directed.

    The film opens with the now Famous scene at the end of “Star Trek 2” when Mr. spock dies while saving the enterprise and it’s crew.  A shocking ending, in its day,  to all the millions of loyal Star Trek fans around the world.

    As the movie continues , the Enterprise and crew are returning to port for some essential repairs to their ship. When they arrive, they are shocked to discover the Enterprise is to be scrapped.

    When Dr. McCoy starts acting strangely, Kirk is forced to steal his old ship back and fly across space to a lonely planet to help Bones get well and to keep a promise he made to Mr. Spock’s father only to find out that the evolutionary process on that planet has gone awry and the crew of the Enterprise finds a lot more than they ever imagined.

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    The Rell And Randy Show Episode 3

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    Today we will be discussing topics includiong Spock, Earl Lloyd, update on Derrick Rose, Interviews with Jessica Tezak and Young Pop

    also discussion on mtvs pimp my ride and much more.

    we will be accepting calls and welcome your input for the show. we pride ourselves on giving you a outlet and a place to be a voice and not just have one.

    we are a sports and music talk show who plays underground music and artist interviews

    call in and make your contribution to the show!!!

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    LEONARD NIMOY , He will live long and prosper

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    Join us as we talk about Leonard and share our thoughts about him and say good bye to a legend. PLEASE give us a call and share your story 646-668-2433. This is for you, the fans by the fans, let's celebrate the life of a great man. How did he touch our lives and impact our world. He will be missed.

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    A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

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    On Friday the entertainment industry lost one of it's most favorite stars. Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. Join me for this tribute to a Sci Fi Icon. "Of all the souls I've known..his was the most... human." Capt. Kirk before sending Mr. Spocks casket to Genisis. Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn.

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    The Conjugal Visit

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    Thank God It Is Sunday...that canonly mean one thing...Tonight 9pm est. the Boyz will be live on KGFROCKS.com! Join Freeride, Guido, and Kahuna for two packed hours of fun, mayham and of course, their famous fish tacos! Set your alarm, call the neighbors, wake the kids...it's you Conjugal Visit time!

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