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    Episode 10: Looking to Keep the Weight Off This Holiday? Your Top 4 Thanksgiving Themed

    in Health

    Tune in for this week’s festive Q&A segment! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This week, Kimberly answers four trending holiday questions from the Beauty Detox Community. This week’s most popular question was: “Do you have any tips on how I can eat the things I enjoy without packing on the pounds?” Do you want to know the answer? Hit play now to find out! Remember you can submit your questions at www.kimberlysnyder.com/askkimberly.




    Questions Answered:


    Jill – San Antonio, TX

    When I go to my family’s for thanksgiving, I bring a vegan dish. I am the only Vegan in my family so it’s the only dish I can eat and I feel a little left out as everyone else fills their plates with traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes. Do you have any suggestions on dealing with these situations and what I should say to my family who doesn’t understand my lifestyle?


    Marie – Hanover, NH

    Being around my family during the holidays really stresses me out and I tend to overeat and really binge on sweets to cope! What are some foods I can eat to satisfy my sweet cravings and prevent me from binging on chocolate?


    Barbara – Atlanta, GA

    I tend to gain 10 – 15 pounds every year this time of year! I try to stay active and eat healthy, but I do tend to splurge a little too much over the holidays. Do you have any tips on how I can eat the things I enjoy without packing on the pounds?


    Jessica – San Diego, CA

    After a bigger meal, like Thanksgiving, I tend to feel bloated and constipated.

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    5 Ways To Slim Down Before Thanksgiving

    in Health

    The average American downs 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day -- about 2,500 more calories than he or she does other days of the year. Wouldn’t it be great if you could erase those 4,500 calories from your waist, and linger at the table as long as you like?

    Here are five painless ways to “pre-game” Thanksgiving where you can safely and easily bank 640+ calories per day in the seven days surrounding Turkey Day...to splurge without the purge!

    About Your Host:

    Jessie Blair-Myrie, CHHC, AADP


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    Dump the Pump Thursday

    in Fun

    Thumb your nose at the petro-chemical industry today. Walk, ride a bike, or take the bus, and have a picnic. It's International Picnic Day! And for you ladies, we have National Splurge Day, plus a whole lot more. Listen in to find out.

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    Jerry Perelman--Flying Private Costs Less Than You Ever Thought Possible #2680

    in Finance

    Jerry Perelman has been a pilot for four decades. He got his license at age 20. He's as passionate today as he was then. Today he has a network of private aircraft that can fly you anyplace in the world on many different types of aircraft. Safety always comes first and Jerry only works with aircraft owners who have regular crews in place. If you're going somewhere and want to splurge, give Jerry a call. 

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    Michael Diarchangel energy splurge

    in Radio

    make it happen


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    Meet Author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur Marsha Badger!

    in Women

    Meet Author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur Marsha Badger!

    Owner of Marsh Bar's Closet

    Former fashion stylist and blogger Marsha Badger, decides to open up her closet to the public.

    Known for her mirror selfies and unique fashion sense, Marsha wants to point people in the right direction for how to look great for less. 99% of all items found on this site cost less than $100.

    “I represent the working woman. The woman who considers spending over $150 a splurge and a treat. Looking good and fashionable doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.”

    Currently a resident of Brooklyn, NY, Marsha uses this site to explore fashion, bring light to new trends and recognize New York City street trends.

    In addition to writing and maintaining MarshBar’s Closet, Marsha is a fashion contributor for Pretty Girls Sew Magazine and Everything Girls Love.

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    Podcast 263

    in News

    Nashville. Live from a hotel room in Music City. White Line Fever. Over eating on Thanksgiving and not enough sleep finally pushes The Bob Davis Podcasts to splurge for a hotel room in the heart of Tennessee, after a speed run through the Blue Ridge Mountains, across the Smokies. (Editor’s Note: We checked with the […]

    The post Podcast 263 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.

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    5 Tips On How To Slim Down Before Thanksgiving

    in Health

    The average American downs 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day.

    Wouldn't it be great if you could bank enough caloric goodwill to simply erase 4,500 calories from your waist, and linger at the table as long as you like?

    Tune in to hear five painless ways to “pre-game” Thanksgiving.

    See how you can make for a splurge that doesn’t inspire a purge!

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    Come Out Smelling Like a Rose | K7995

    in Business

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K141113.html

    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device

    Free Download - Antidoteforall.com

    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy discussed going through dangerous situations and coming out smelling like a rose.
    Roy says, "The less I splurge, the better I am".

    Is very demoralized and does not know what to do.
    Needs advice on how to deal with a harrassing person
    "My husband is pressuring me to quit smoking".
    "I have learned to be long suffering".
    She has realized her anger toward her grumpy 94 year old father was causing her problems.


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    Living Beyond Your Means?

    in Finance

    Living beyond your means damages relationships, self-esteem, credit scores and is outright, fraudulent. The fact that governments operate beyond their means doesn't mean you and I should. We have all known people who lived a life they cannot afford, on credit they can not repay and then end up in financial ruin and embarrassment.

    Here are some easy ways to identify if someone is living beyond their means:

    Must Buy Designer, Think a Low-Paying Job is Below Your Status, Pay Someone Else to Do Menial Jobs, $100 Tennis Shoes & Food Stamps, Exceeded Your Credit Limit, Paid Overdraft Fees in the Last 12 Months, Stretching Term to Afford Car Payments, Vacationing on Credit, House Payment is Only Affordable on 30-year Term, Savings Won't Last 12 Months.

    Says things like, "If so and so can do it I should be able to"; or "everyone else uses credit cards"; or "I deserve it - I work so hard"; or "this is what I work for"; or "we are already so far in debt, what's a little more." 

    When a person doesn't know the signs they are living beyond their means they are probably already living beyond their means. Practice discipline in finances and when you want to splurge, don't put it on credit. Instead go out and create the income to pay for it without damaging your credit score or spending money you don't have. A wise man once said, "those that refuse to practice discipline in their own life will always be disciplined by life!"

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    Splurge vs. Steal: Identical Cosmetics for Less!

    in Women

    The Paula’s Choice Research Team is at it again! Discover which inexpensive makeup and skin-care products are identical to (or better than) their pricey department store rivals. Call in to receive expert advice for all of your beauty needs, and WIN Paula's Choice products when we take your question!

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