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    “The journey of a thousand miles, must begin with a single step”

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    A single step Join Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles show today Having faith, in yourself, your dreams, your experiences and mission, allow you with great joy to take your first step and many more! Join Charles for inspiration, and Join in to share your journey, experience, or what is holding you back from taking the first step on journey towards mind, body, spirit awareness and your dreams and experiences all coming to YOU! 

    “The journey of a thousand miles, must begin with a single step” Lao-tzo

    If you had the faith of a mustard seed you could move mountains, Jesus Matthew 17:20 He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

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    Avoiding the Holiday Muck to Get to the Holiday Merry

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    Oh boy-- the holiday season is here!  This can put us in situations of obligation to be in energy that has not or does not serve us well on our spiritual journey.  In other ways, the season can become so much about material things that it can sap that spiritual peace that you've worked to obtain.  This episode will discuss how to discern where to put your energy and your time during this season, and in ways that will enhance your path and purpose rather than set it back.  



    As always, lines will be open for on-air intuitive mini-readings for guidance from Angels and Spirit for your best steps now in your spiritual journey.  Last week's calls were amazing -- please tune in and CALL IN for your own personal guidance.  It can be even more helpful at this time of year, and help you stay committed to your deeper spiritual journey, outside of the "muck".   

    Show duration will be up to 90 minutes-- depending on calls and discussions.  






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    Evolved Spirit Radio with Mike and Taylor

    in Spirituality

    Each week join Michael Brazell and Taylor Hammond Foster as they take you on a journey into the spiritual.  Each episode is geared towards facilitating community conversation on a variety of spiritual topics and current events.  We try and blend practical advice with deep conversation.  

    This is a community based show. We want to hear from YOU!  What topics would you like to hear on the show?  What would help you grow as a seeker?  Do you have guest reccomendations?

    We've covered everything from conspiracy to Reiki, meditation to intution.  We love diving into the deep end fo life's journey.

    To contact the hosts:  michael@michaelbrazell.com

  • Monday Manifesting with Pam Rennie and guest Dr. Gail Lash

    in Spirituality

    Join Sacred Journey Mentor, Pam Rennie as she engages you in a Manifesting and Consciousness Expanding experience.

    In this episode: join Pam and guest Dr. Gail Lash in a Solstice and New Moon edition with a focus on Peace. Join the conversation and enjoy a guided meditaiton.

    Visit:Be Empowered and Walk in Peace for your personal template to soar through this holiday season with Peace, Ease and Joy.

    Visit: Energy Tools for Grounding Cord and Rose Tool mp3 and a free Ebook: HPTSupporting your Transformation and more to Empower and Support your Sacred Journey:


    Pam Rennie, Alchemist, HPT Master, Channel

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    "The Code" for men(A guide for living)

    in Self Help

    "The Code" is an idea I got from the TV show Dexter.  Dexter had a, "Code" or way of living that helped him through life. 

    This show will discuss ideas around the topics of relationships, psychology, spirituality, the, "Seduction Community" and others.

    Hopefully it might help someone along the way... or at least help me.

    Thanks and happy listening.

    FYI This will often NOT BE politically correct...

  • POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Winter Solstice Celebration - Priestess Kathy Curran

    in Spirituality

    Priestess of the Goddess, KATHY SINATRA-CURRAN joins us for a Winter Solstice Celebration!

    Explore the rituals and traditions of the holiday season - the meaning of Winter Solstice, Yule & Christmas!  Kathy shares tips and advice on how to bring the magic of the season into YOUR home for health, abundance and love.  Learn how to tap into the universal energy of the Goddess during this magical time.  Today's Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year - and the Sun returns to prepare for new life.  Join us to bring the magic into YOUR life!

    Kathy Sinatra-Curran is a Priestess of the Goddess, and the founder & owner of Goddess Blessed store in Lakewood, OH. Goddess Blessed is a metaphysical book & gift store focusing on the Divine Feminine.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and sister sharing her experiences to bring YOU closer to the Goddess.  Kathy also co-founded the Goddess Temple also in Lakewood, OH.




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    in Poetry

    OPWR presents an open mic night for you to express yourself. Bring your best expression uplifting through consciousness, awareness and artistic expression that edifies. Tonight your host will be Mr. Speaker. Listeners are welcome in our interactive studio chat room and event page on Facebook will be available. One Mic. One Recite. One Positive Way.

    Phone: (347)857-4113

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    X-Mas Energy, Magick & Alchemy

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Mind Right Radio! Tune in every Sunday at 11 AM (EST) as we weave consciousness with reality for spiritual self-development.  

    The goal of the Mind Right Radio is to provide information and techniques to those who are interested in how reality works and  those who want to elevate from a player in the game to a god in their own innerverse.

    Prepare to expand your mind for personal development and spiritual evolution!

    This Week: The holy day (holiday) season is upon us and the energy is in the air.  There is no "right" or "wrong" way to celebrate or not celebrate.  Our focus in this episode is to decode the symbolism of the holy day season and show how you can tap into the energy current with magick and alchemy.  You will not view X-mas the same after this episode.

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 - We will open lines for questions and comments at the end of the show!

    Visit 3rdEyeActivation.com - for metaphysical & spiritual information, products, and services.

    4-Week Ultimate Spiritual Development Workshop

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    Looking for some inspirational music that soothes and uplifts the soul and spirit!! If so; then join host Dr. Alfie Wines as she encourages and blesses us with the sounds of Gospel Jazz as we end our week and prepare for the next. You are in for a special treat; so sit back and relax and leave the music to us.

    Blessings, peace and One Love.

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    Uplift: How to Transform Your Grief

    in Spirituality

    Everyone suffers loss.

    But not everyone possesses a grief strategy. Do you?

    On this episode of Uplift, writer and success coach-Jaime Pfeffer welcomes guest Nanette Stein to discuss transforming grief and turning pain into power. Stein shares her experiences losing her mother, mother-in-law and brother in a 2-year time period and talks candidly about the coping with the tragedies. Jaime shares simple, powerful ways to move through grief and enjoy your life again. Whether you've lost a loved one to death or are mourning the death of a relationship or a dream, you will walk away from this show feeling uplifted, positive and inspired and armed with tools to move forward in your life. You'll learn Jaime's 3 Essential Daily tools - JAM, Journaling, Attention and Meditation - and how to use them when you're struck with grief. For your free copy of Jaime's Grief-Busting Toolkit, email lolo@jaimepfeffer.com.

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  • Two Moons Talking-Join us each Monday afternoon at 1pm central/2pm eastern

    in Spirituality

    Come, sit within the sacred circle alongside Spiritual Coaches, Cinnamon Moon, Author of A Medicine Woman Speaks, and River Wildfire Moon, Medium and Paranormal Archeologist. We live in a time of transition, of raised awareness and heightened senses all flowing within the shifting dimensional energies so prevalent in life today. Learn to awaken to your sacred gifts and abilities as valuable insights on various spiritual issues are discussed. Now and then friends stop by to share their expertise and you're invited to call in with questions or comments too. Don't forget to stop by the chat room to say hello or the study center at spiritlodge.info to utilize the resources and services available.

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