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    Grief as a Catalyst For Change with Dr. Katie Eastman

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Katie Eastman is a Transition Life Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist who supports people before during and after serious loss to rediscover their feelings of love and peace and redefine their pain as purpose. 

    One of her first assignments as a medical social worker was to support a high school senior who had been told he was dying and that the cancer he so valiantly fought was going to end his life. This encounter forever changed the way Dr. Katie Eastman has worked for almost thirty years. Jason DeBusk was a football star, a scholar, popular, intelligent and a compassionate young man. He had everything and he had cancer. Katie helped him, his family, his team and the community that grew to support him deal with the impact of his life and death. She made a promise that she would share his story and that of the involvement of his community. Jason was an old soul, wise beyond his years. He was a leader with a contagious universal loving nature and 26 years later he is remembered by classmates as someone who made a difference in their lives. 

    Dr. Eastman formed a charity in Jason's name in Maine where she supported dying children and their families. It was through this transformative work she learned the power of grief as a catalyst to discovering purpose.  Now in WA state, she brings spiritual tools acquired from her work with Jason and other dying children and teens to her clients off all ages as a Transition Life Coach and psychotherapist. Currently, her charity Children's Palliative Care Community. CPCC,  provides gas and food cards to families with severely ill children. Continuing to support the needs of these children, Dr. Eastman is beginning to implement a unique volunteer program that works with teens providing services to these same families. She is also a co-producing a feature film about the life of Jason and her book, "Connect Now" will be available in 2016.

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    Soul Coaching and Understanding Grief with Rosalie Deer Heart

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    A lifelong intuitive and cosmic catalyst - Rosalie Deer Heart is a wealth of wisdom! Join us on this episode as we explore soul coaching and grief.

    Rosalie Deer Heart describes herself as a cosmic catalyst.She is the author of 8 books that focus on spirituality, creativity, grieving, healing, and intuition. Her passions include: doing soul readings, leading retreats, stone sculpting, and being an outrageous lover of life. Visit her website at  http://heart-soul-healing.com for more information. Rosie is an author and her books are healing, uplifting and insoirational To learn more or to order her books visit http://heart-soul-healing.com/book-store/


    Melissa Boyd is the host of Spiritual Tools, as a Vibrational Intuitive Medium she offers mediumship and intuitive readings in person and phone and skype.  She has workshops, classes, products and  regional events.  To learn more visit www.melissaboyd.net 

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    The Power of Numbers with Darlene Chadbourne

    in Spirituality

    Numerology is an incredible tool that provides guidance along your personal path in life. It gives you a deeper understanding of who you are, helps you to grow and evolve into your full potential, and highlights your gifts and talents. Darlene has provided many of us with in-depth personal readings as well as offered spot on guidance and validation about relationships and challenging personal transitions. Darlene refers to herself as an intuitive Full Potential Consultant. She works with men and women from age 20 to 80, who are searching for their passion, purpose, and self-confidence to fuel the rest of their life, for a journey well worth the ride. Discover what route numbers your Soul has planned for your journey in this lifetime. To learn more http://www.darlenechadbourne.com Or, contact Darlene directly at midlifespirit@gmail.com.



    Melissa Boyd is the host of Spiritual Tools, as a Vibrational Intuitive Medium she offers Intuitive Mediumship readings in person,  phone and skype.  She has workshops, classes, products and  regional events.  To learn more visit www.melissaboyd.net 






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    Living in a High Vibration with Melissa Boyd

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    Melissa Boyd is a Vibrational Intuitive Medium, Business Strategist and the host of Spiritual Tools. Melissa has dedicated her life to being of service and now she has infused her business skills and mediumship to bring these gifts to the world.  In her sessions, people may here from their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side and obtain business advice about their career. “Its all vibration, we are all energy” states Boyd.  “Once we understand that our energy creates our destiny our soul evolves. The time is now for everyone to awaken to their intuitive gifts and use them in all aspects of their lives.”

    She has been recognized for her work as a compassionate leader.  Her awards include: Edwards S. Massey Service Above Self Award, Child Alert Foundation: Service to Children, George Van Amburg Outstanding Service Award, Outstanding Service to Camp Fire USA Award, Governors A Call to Service Award, Maine Campus Compact Heart and Soul Award.

    Learn how to live in a high vibration. She offers a monthly blog and has videos on You Tube to coonect with living in the now and opening up to the spirit world.  She has a link to soul tools on her website where she discusses resouces to open up to the Nowness of life.  http://melissaboyd.net


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    Divine Feminine Energies with Deborah Knighton Tallarico

    in Spirituality

    Deborah Knighton Tallarico, aka El'elia Christos, is a soul psychotherapist, spiritual counselor, teacher and guide, crystal~sound healer, visionary, divine channel and planetary priestess. She serves as a spiritual mid-wife for individuals and groups, helping beings heal the very depths of their Soul, clearing their past so that they can truly honor the Divine Being that they are, guiding them back to their Heart, to their connection with Spirit, Mother Earth and the Divinity within themselves and all things.

    Since she was a young child she has had great empathy for the suffering of others, and knew she had a divine mission to be of service to the Earth and all beings.  Deborah holds this vision and prayer for humanity in her heart and believes that LOVE is the most powerful healing elixir in the Universe that will help us through these times. When we come into sacred relationship with all beings, with Mother Earth, Great Spirit, and the Divinity within ALL of life, we will truly raise the vibration and consciousness on Earth and co-create a New Earth. 

    Deborah co-directs the Spiritual Renaissance Center, in South Portland, Maine with her husband Leo, where she tends the Temple of the Heart, a beautiful crystal healing temple where she provides her counseling and healing services, facilitates Path of the Goddess priestess circles, sacred ceremonies and spiritual groups. She is passionately devoted to assisting in the return of the Divine Feminine and the awakening of the Christ-Magdalene Consciousness on Earth.   www.spiritualrenaissance.com     www.templeoftheheart.com



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    Soulful Writing with Kimberly Purcell Shipman, MA

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a talk about Soulful Writing with Kimberly Purcell Shipman. Formerly, a University Creative Writing and Proficiency Lecturer for the Department of English, Currently a creative writing consultant for Our Story Matters 2, and an advice blogger at ourstorymatters2.com .Kim  also provides unique workshops on soulful writing, intuitive writing, and writing as a healing art.

    She  teaches a beginner how to capture those first elusive sentiments and takes a pro to new depths largely by using insights gain from her owner inner/ spiritual  journey to self understanding. Insights  that feature in her Memoir  A Tuscan Trauma and in her guide book  -    Your Soul on Paper: The Art of Soulful Writing

    As a workshop leader, Kim leverages over 20 years of experience and a Masters of Literature to aid you in your writing endeavors – be it poetry, memoir, creative nonfiction, a novel, a screenplay, a short story or even a story slam. Kim learned from the best in their fields: the script editors and writers from Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fight Club and author of the bestselling novel Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden

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    The Power of Stones with Amy Woodson

    in Spirituality

    Amy Woodson is the owner of Lavish Earth which specializes in high vibration, high energy crystals and minerals. Having a deep reverence for the natural world and the incredible forces that create the rich and varied mineral world, she also is in communication with the crystals she works with and loves to bring in the healing energy they offer in her sessions.

    Amy graduated from the White River School of Massage Therapy in 1993 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Special areas of study included Myofascial, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. She spent time in the corporate world from 1995 to 2010, while at the same time studying and using alternative healing in her life and with her clients. Amy returned to school in 2011 to study Polarity Therapy at Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook, Maine. Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive course of study at Spa Tech and includes Polarity Yoga and nutrition as well as Dr. Randolph Stone's advanced body and energy techniques. Amy had the good fortune to study under Nancy Risley, the founder of Spa Tech and author of RYSE in 2012 for RYSE Practitioner Level II Training and is a Registered and Board Certified Polarity Therapist and RYSE Practitioner Level II.  

    websites: www.thislavishearth.com andwww.amywoodsonrpp.com



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    Spiritual Tools &Technologies - Livin' The Rhythm

    in Self Help

    Our guest today is Abasi Hanif, founder & teacher of "Livin' The Rhythm" which offers weekly opportunities for African Drumming and experiencing a myriad of powerful spiritual technologies for the entire community. Among other Rhythms of Life lived and shared by Abasi, he recently discussed the Rhythm of Time with his class and will share some light on that subject and more on today's episode of Spiritual Tools & Technologies.

    You can catch Abasi's "Livin' the Rhythm" Drum Circle every Thursday(7 p.m.) at Harold's Coffe Lounge on Northwood Ave in West Palm Beach and his FREE class "Livin' the Grown Rhythm" on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at the Center for Creative Education.

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    in Lifestyle

    Scattered throughout Earth's spiritual traditions, basically hidden from mankind, there are a  number of liberating spiritual tools that allow us to grow and transform at a vastly accelerated rate, into the inherently perfect beings we are! So that is the premise of my newly re-released, "The Hidden Codes of God" which is debuting on Amazon, www.amazon.com/the-hidden-codes-of-god/ available for $3.97 on Kindle. James, and his wife Ann, discover the Science of Christianity and from there it is one discovery after the next, that keep compounding on each other, and really give James and Ann deep insights into the spiritual realms, heightened creativity, Divine Love and the land of romantic love. Please join me and my guests as we delve into these extremely fascinating and revealing disciplines that not only changed James' and Ann's lives but also the lives of anyone who tunes into this show. This program airs Thurs., 4-2-15 at 7 PM PST/10 PM EST. Call into 347 838 9070 to present your questions to Dr. Newton

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    Spiritual Tools and Technologies

    in Self Help

    Spiritual Tools & Technologies provide the help you need to create and maintain a happy & positive life-style while navigating the challenges of today's fast-paced world. Life will have its ups and downs.  Tune into this program for encouragement, inspiration, empowerment, and reminder of what to do when you need a quick Spiritual Boost!

    Our format is an entertaining mix of uplifting music, meditation, guest speakers, activities & empowering ideas that are designed to stretch your mind and enhance your life! We are committed to providing you with tools and technologies that will help transform our world NOW by making a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, & communities!