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    Spiritual Journey - Relationship Distraction

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    There must be one hundred and one ways to avoid your spiritual journey. Today we will discuss only one of them. The most common and potentially most destructive is relationship. When we use a relationship to fill a need, to try to fill an ‘empty’ space in our hearts and lives we avoid our Spiritual development. This is a space that can ONLY be filled with Spirit, the essence of God. When we lack connection, we crave attention.

    These are my thoughts, experiences and observations. Feel free to share yours. Email me with comments and questions at Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com


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    Spiritual Journey - What makes a Christian?

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    After seeing the headlines on the Philadelphia Daily News today, I decided we needed to clarify what a 'real' Christian, defined as a 'follower of Christ' is. You may not agree with me. You may not like what I have to say. Tune in and join the discussion. Is being a true Christian part of your Spiritual Journey? And what does that mean?
    Contact me at Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com

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    Spiritual Journey - Frustration, Anger, Indecision or Its not me Its you

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    Have you been feeling frustrated, angry and confused? Need help releasing these emotions and figuring out how to handle it?

    What is going on?!? 

    When we are feeling this way it's the perfect time to redirect our finger pointing from outer to inner. It's time for some honest self-analysis. 

    Let's explore and release our issues of control and domnation to move towards an energy of empowerment. 


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    The Spiritual Journey of Gloria Loring

    in Paranormal

    Gloria Loring's Coincidence is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous: Reflections on Daytime Dramas and Divine Intervention, is a celebrity autobiography detailing a series of extraordinary coincidences that transformed her life.
    Although coincidence appears to come out of the blue, Gloria Loring knows that it’s possible to experience divine intervention in our everyday lives. Combining scientific observation, spiritual wisdom, and what Loring calls “EBL,” evidence-based living, this memoir offers a prescriptive in-depth look at the spiritual dimension of coincidence: where it comes from, how we attract it, and how we use it for the betterment of ourselves and those we love.
    In addition to insight and revelation, Coincidence has the unique feature of its own original soundtrack co-written by Loring. Each chapter begins with a song lyric written out of the experiences and principles presented therein. The songs are featured on her CD Turn the Page.
    Gloria Loring is the recording artist of the #1 hit “Friends and Lovers”; co-composer and singer of TV theme song Facts of Life; a Days of Our Lives audience favorite as “Liz Chandler”; author of six books benefitting people living with diabetes; and mother of R&B singing sensation and Duets superstar Robin Thicke.
    We continue the spiritual journey begun in our earlier talk with Gloria.

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    A Spiritual Journey - Isabella Randazzo

    in Spirituality

    Isabella Randazzo has communicated with the world of Spirit since childhood.  Throughout the years, her connections has strengthened and her parnership with the Guidance Realm has resulted in wonderful healings, insights, and blessings.

    On this show, Isabella will talk about her personal spiritual journey, which may inspire you to get in touch with yours.  You may wish to call into our LIVE show to ask Isabella your questions.  http://www.stillpointhealingsanctuary.com

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    A Spiritual Journey - Author, Ted Ciuba

    in Spirituality

    What does a motorcycle accident in the Dominican Republic have to do with a spiritual journey?
    How about Napoleon Hill acting like a scolding genie risen from a lamp?
    Certainly you’ll understand when we included the venerated Moses and Jesus… Or will you?...
    Do you think you really understand the first passages of the Pentateuch, Genesis 1.1-3?
    And, most importantly, what do these things, these people, and quantum physics have to do with the spiritual journey YOU are already involved in?
    Tune in, as our featured guest, Author, Dr. Ted Ciuba, reveals some provoking new insights that could radically alter the way you view your passage and your purpose on this Earth, to the dramatic benefit of others around you.

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    Patricia Caldwell Singleton- Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker

    in Self Help

    Patricia is a writer and a survivor of incest, an adult child of an alcoholic and a survivor of childhood domestic violence who shares her journey of healing on her blog Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker so that other survivors can come to know that they can heal too. She is an Independent Advocate for survivors and children on Facebook and on Twitter. She was sexually abused by her dad from the age of 11-17. Important clues lead her to believe that sexual abuse also happened as young as possibly 3 years old. In January 1989, Patricia started her healing journey through 12-Step meetings. Much healing was accomplished through telling her story and writing.  Patricia is a wife, mother and grandmother who still sometimes struggles with healing as she moves into the Thriver stage of healing.



    Please follow Patrica Singleton work at:


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    The Call to Self Study: A Course in Miracles

    in Spirituality

    In the fall of 2013, the word Miracle kept showing up for me. Miracle, miracles, milagro...you name it - I was seeing it. 

    At the same time it seemed like my life was falling apart, and everything I was taught or thought I knew I could do to make the situation right again - didn't work.

    In fact, nothing was working for me.

    I was praying for a miracle.

    In May of 2014 - a pastor prophesied over me and gave me once again - the validation that miracles were about to happen all around me, and I cried that night. I knew I was resisting God's message.

    Let's just say I don't resist God anymore. 

    There are so many seekers who believe in miracles, who are praying for them, who are waiting for them, and who need each other to stay on the Course.

    Belief is within. Our truth is so perfect - and we are all just trying to navigate in this beautiful, chaotic, crazy world. 

    Perception is everything, and my Call (from God) guides me to start here.

    Please join me.

    My vision is that those who are called to A Course in Miracles will join me in sharing our journey - to recognize each other in light - and share our personal freedom that is everyone's. 

    I hope you are ready for Love, because that is the answer. Welcome. 

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    Social Worker, Alice Mazur, discusses AIDS Mastery and her spiritual journey

    in Spirituality

    Alice Mazur is a Social Worker. She is married with 6 grown children. She has been involved with the AIDS Mastery Workshop for 24 years and works in the field of HIV which has become her life passion. She is a facilitator for the Mastery, as it is now called. She started a ASO (AIDS Service Organization) in Bennington Vt., is a volunteer at the Damien Center , a center for people living with HIV, in Albany, NY and has facilitated a AIDS Discussion group in Rehoboth Beach DE. She is also a Reiki Master through whom God channels energy and God's love.


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    Radio show host and producer, Ajay Matta, talks about his spiritual journey

    in Spirituality

     Born into Eastern philosophies and raised with western ideologies, Ajay provides the perfect appealing cocktail for blending both worlds. He is an extremely evolved soul, blessed with a witty personality that simply captivates the audience. His tenacious viewpoints and uncanny nature to verbalize brings forth both entertainment and enlightenment.

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    Call into talk with astrologer Dennis Cole and take a spiritual journey

    in Spirituality

    Dennis began Aquarius Services in Auburn, NY in 1976. His focus is on using metaphysical knowledge in service to people from all walks of life and to several countries around the world. Much of the consulting is done by phone, and the "Reading/Consultations" are recorded on CD and mailed to the clients. He writes, conducts lecture/"playshops", teaches - and consults daily.

    Dennis says that no subjects are "off limits" and that there are no judgments. He asks that the people who seek guidance and answers in consulting with him, be open-minded, eager to understand the "bigger picture" and how we can create our own reality, consciously. Dennis loves to share workable tools to help others to find peace, understanding and love by revealing their Natural Life cycles, "Soul's game Plan," and the responsibility necessary to lead to the Joy and Unconditional Love that their Soul would love for them to allow.

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