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    PPRadio Welcomes Spiritual Healer Claudia Fernandez

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGs 2nd hr, 1st Hr Claudia Fernandez is a Spiritual Healer who specializes in Thetahealing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Animal Healing/Communication, Sound Theraphy and Angelic Therapy for all individuals. Change your Life and Experience your  ability  to heal, revitalize and to be Happy.

    Take good care of your mind, body, and soul by joining Claudia in a session of healing and revitalizing. Experience what nature's creation of Crystals and stones or any other Healing modalities can do to help you feel better and  heal you in collaboration with Claudia's expertise of setting the entire session with sound, color, and aroma therapy. Refer a friend and receive special offers of discounted visits.

    To Contact Claudia: http://www.spiritualhealerclaudiafernandez.com/



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    Bonnie Albers On Air with Surprise Guest-Spiritual Healer Andrew!

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    Bonnie Albers RN LNC CLC Spirit Medium specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST of SPIRIT.  Each week Bonnie will have famous and highly respected guests joining her on her show, bringing exciting talents such as astrology, spirit mediumship, card reading, healing and much more!!

    Today Ron Cole, an Amazingly Awesome Astrologer(!) is NOT with us for planetary insights and doing a short chart reading for a caller. Ron brings depth and detail to his astrological insights. Ron is out ill today, prayers are appreciated! To book a private reading, email Ron at : livingastro@aol.com. Ron is on Facebook also!

    KC, Reiki Master/Teacher, A.R.C.H. Master Level 1, Atlanetan Birth Card reader. To book a private reading with Kelly, call her and leave a message, your name and number she can return a call to! 719-289-4907

    Today, Surprise Guest, Amazingly Accurate Andrew! God-Gifted natural-born spiritual healer! Andrew's show will be on Fridays at 3:00pm!



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    Spiritual Healer, Medium, Marti joins Eric discussing the Afterlife.

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    Coming up on "Talk With Turcio" March 25th, 2014, Spiritual Healer and Medium, Martha DelVecchio a.k.a.Marti will discuss life on the "Other Side." Marti has been a spiritual healer all of her life. She's helped thousands of people connect with their loved ones in the Spiritual World. Eric will chat with Marti about her special gift and how her life has changed, when she awakened to her spiritual divinity. 

    On Tuesday's Show, Marti, will take calls from people to help connect them with loved ones they've lost. Marti will provide Direct Channeling, where a person asks a question -- and Marti channels the souls of those who have crossed over. 

    Due to our limited time on the air together, Marti will not be able to read everyone who calls in. All calls will be taken based on the order they were received. If you would like to have a full reading with Marti, please find her on Facebook, Martha DelVecchio. Marti currently resides in Connecticut.

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    Spiritual Healer, Medium, Animal Communicator - Gail Thackray

    in Paranormal

    Gail Thackray is one of the most inspiring spiritual speakers of our time. The Yorkshire, England native captivates with her dynamic style and sense of humor, and audiences worldwide have been wowed by her mediumship demonstrations.

    Thackray is a psychic medium and host of the documentary series Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys where she travels the world to share her experiences with legendary spiritual leaders and supernatural places. Now, through her continuing spiritual journeys around the world, Gail has received profound spiritual “downloads” and has been sharing this amazing healing energy with those around her.

    Her key mission is to help people experience alignment with Divine Source and to help them understand spirituality and its healing powers, thus, ultimately enhancing life, manifesting abundance, and healing those in need. Many report spontaneous healings and life changing experiences after attending Gail’s events.

    Thackray's latest DVD is GAIL THACKRAY LIVE NEW YORK. During her New York City workshop, Gail addresses the following:

    -Spiritual healing

    -Mediumship Demonstations

    -Secret of Crop Circles

    -Finding your soul purpose

    -Manifesting Tools

    -How to communicate with Animals

    Gail believes it is our purpose here in this physical existence to experience love and joy. There is a whole spiritual world, a whole magical energy around us that we can tap into and that we can work with to manifest our perfect life. We all deserve the perfect job, the perfect relationship, love, and abundance in our lives. If we only ask.

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    The Compass of Now with Spiritual Healer Master DDnard on America Meditating

    in Self Help

    Sister Jenna interviews Master DDnard on the America Meditating Radio Show.  

    Master DDnard is a self-help guru, healer, entrepreneur and bestselling author of the Life Compass series of books.  At 27, she found herself widowed when her husband passed away unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve, leaving her with an 11-month-old baby to raise alone and financially destitute, with $3 million in inherited debt.  By regaining control of her life through mindfulness and meditation, she was able to pay off all her debts within two years.

    To date, DDnard has sold over 1.5 million copies of her books worldwide.  In her home country of Thailand, she is more than just an international bestselling author.  She is a revered healer, spiritual teacher and celebrity who has touched millions of lives. She has been teaching the “Compass” insight to people all over the world and her inspirational talks and retreats attract audiences in the thousands.  For nearly 20 years she has helped heal the hearts and minds of millions, teaching practical total mindfulness and self-awareness techniques, and wealth management, to enable people to become emotionally and financially free. Visit her websites at http://ddnard.com and www.compassofnow.com

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on Facebook, visit our website and follow us on Twitter.

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    Angel Air Radio invites Spiritual Healer Heather Olsen and Insightful Jon Rosser

    in Spirituality

    Anita Mayberry, host of Angel Air Radio, invites special guest Heather Olsen and Jon Rosser to share how, what, and why spirit has effected and come into their lives.  Heather is a spritiual healer with very interesting journey as to how spirit presented itself to her and how she breathes it everyday now in her life. Jon Rosser has a very deep yet comedian energy filled with love, truth, and insightfulness.  He says and speaks his mind on how he feels and what is now of most importance in his life.  Tune into connect with these beautiful souls and their words of light. Calls will be taken in this show! 773-897-6206!

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    Embodying Your Purpose with Ken Stone

    in Spirituality

    Ken Stone "The Soul Archaeologist" is an Internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Founder of the Academy of Spiritual Leadership and Mastery.

    With his ability to energetically re-tune a person’s body, mind, and spirit Ken has helped thousands of people around the world remember and experience their Divine nature – from Spiritual Messengers exploring greater resonance, to people suffering from physical pain and emotional challenges, to people wanting to transcend knowing spiritual truths to actually experiencing them.

    After discovering his spiritual gifts in the fall of 2007, Ken let go of his ideas of what he thought his life would be and embarked on a radical journey to embrace his purpose. In the process, he went from being an unhappy mortgage lender and distant and unengaged father, to being a present, authentic parent, living a joy-filled and spiritual life, witnessing and encouraging Divine expression every day.


    Ken has spoken along-side such luminaries as Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and many other powerful spiritual leaders.

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    Master Elisabeth: Open Your Heart to Receive Compassion, Humility and Love.

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    Master Elisabeth Koch is a disciple and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, a world renowned medical doctor and Soul Healer, Spiritual Master and a Divine, Tao, and Source channel.


    As a certified Divine Direct Soul Communicator, Master Elisabeth has highly developed spiritual capabilities including the authority to read in the Akasha-chronic.


     Master Elisabeth Koch currently leads the only Love Peace Harmony Institute (LPHI) of Master Sha in Europe. She teaches - with a lot of joy - primarily in the Frankfurt LPHI and also private consultations in person or via telephone. In January 2012 she received the great honor to be appointed as a Divine Channel by herself. By using the powerful techniques of the soul mind body medicine she experienced unique heart opening and life transformation, especially for emotional balance and healing of depressive moods. She dedicates her life to universal unconditional service for all human beings mother earth, and all souls.


    Master Elisabeth Koch currently leads the only Love Peace Harmony Institute (LPHI) of Master Sha in Europe. She teaches - with a lot of joy - primarily in the Frankfurt LPHI and also private consultations in person or via telephone.


    Soul enlightenment is an amazing and extraordinary opportunity for every soul and everyone soul journey, it is an honor beyond words, comprehension and imagination. Grab the opportunity.

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    Spiritual Healer, Colby Wilk

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    Originally a counselor/coach, Colby Wilk recognized that there was a power beyond traditional therapeutic methods that could shift what seemed unchangeable — the very core of a person. Through spiritual and theta healing, Colby teaches participants to create a powerful, magical relationship to themselves and to life. Colby trains others to be their own teacher, to access spiritual states and to overcome blocks. In addition to classes and in person and remote sessions Colby offers FREE healings through his website: http://HealThroughSpirit.com. Tonight, Colby discusses his remarkable career as a spiritual healer.

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    Master Robyn: My Soul Healing Miracles Journey For Healing Animals

    in Spirituality

    The purpose of channel is to assist humanity in learning how to apply the teachings and wisdom of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Many are searching for the deep love, forgiveness, compassion and light with which the Divine Channels offer their teaching and guidance. They will need the practical techniques but will return for their love, forgiveness, compassion, and light.


    My heart kept insisting that there had to be another powerful way of offering my healing services to animals. Master Sha's teaching was the answer. Not only did Master Sha offer me the wisdom and techniques to help me empower others to heal themselves but he also offered me many special blessings so that I was able to offer Divine healing blessings to humanity and animals.



    The longer I have studied with Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha, the more wisdom and soul healing miracles I and my animals have experienced. I am forever grateful that Master Sha has not only saved my life but he has also saved May - my dog's life. He also prolonged my beautiful cat, Uma's life, she lived until 21.5 years of age and received many blessings along the way.

    Blog’s Title: My Soul Healing Miracles Journey For healing Animals

    Blogger: http://soulhealingforanimals.blogspot.com.au/

  • update on life with the White Jamaican Healer

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    update on life with the White Jamaican Healer

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