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    Prophets for the New Age with Carl & Nancy Showalter

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    Access the dynamic connection to divine power within you!  Do you wonder why it is difficult to manifest what you want, even after practicing spiritual disciplines? Hear our guest speaker, Mark Myers, as he shares and discusses the fascinating and enlightening world of spiritual cosmology and how humanity has lost track of its divine destiny.  Our present state of spiritual evolution has diminished our means to manifest abundance, fulfillment and meaning in our lives.  Let’s explore together how we can regain the fullness of our spiritual heritage, re-align ourselves to our divine purpose and reach the fullness of all that we are destined to be.  Be with us for this exciting voyage of enlightenment and discovery!
    Radio by Renford welcomes the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network to our network of shows.  We will air two recorded shows a week at 3:00 PM CST.  Each Friday and Sunday will feature a different host/show from the DV7RN.

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    The Truth According to ArchAngel Michael & Devra

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    Devra has been a professional intuitive life coach for over 30 years. Her unique connection with ArchAngel Michael since the age of 6, provides a multidimensional view of what is happening in someone’s life.  She does not channel Michael... he speaks directly with her. Many times in readings other people’s spirits, guides, or relatives that have past over will also give her information and join in. They read your energies, guides, spirits, and occasionally your loved ones who have passed over. With this approach your reading shifts as you shift. The moment you change what you are thinking the dimension of the reading changes, too. She hears the words from Michael and your assistants and relays them directly to you. Devra has studied and worked with what she describes as Dragon Energy for the last 18 years. She says, “Dragons are a major part of the spiritual world that time has forgotten or have been ignored as simple folk lore. They are strong, powerful, and present in our lives if you just tap into their energy.” The ancient Celtic and Druid traditions understood that the god/goddess spirit created dragons to do good works.” Devra believes that there are 72 pleats of time going on simultaneously, in what many call multi-dimensional living. A gift of using dragon energy is the ability to move with a person through those pleats as they shift in thought and action during a reading.Devra believes we all have the gift of sight, but sometimes we are too close to a situation to read it clearly and without emotions. That’s when a reading from an outside source is more accurate. Most importantly Devra is a real person living in the real world. She’s direct and says exactly what she hears. Her goal is to provide you with information that will allow you to move ahead in all facets of your life.

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    SELF TALK and BELIEFS do matter

    in Self Help

    My guest today is Eldon Taylor the Author of “I Believe": When What You Believe Matters!”
    Eldon’s book “I believe” explain in details how our beliefs influence our lives in every aspect of it. He takes us on a journey of self-discovery and in every chapter he guides us toward greater self-understanding. 
    "YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY" Audiobook on Amazon for low price:http://amzn.com/B00BTLUDYM

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    Overcoming Fear Mind & Fear Consciousness

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    Join Steven nd Kevin as they discuss the ideas of Fear one of the most powerful creative forces that the human is able to produce. Call in and offer ideas for living in today's world and share why fear has no value to it. This is the journey of consciousness.

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    Smoke - Native American Musician

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    Each date booked is unique, as is every venue, school, conference, and festival that I attend. It is my goal to provide our Native youth with a message that not only inspires and motivates, but also shows that through dedication and perseverance anything is possible!

    As a whole our Native culture has been affected severely by Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Teen Pregnancy, domestic abuse, and many other issues such as bullying and Gang violence. Now not every issue I mentioned above are topics I have to touch base on, although several schools and youth advocacy programs I have worked with have expressed their concerns in these areas! This of course is why I insist on speaking directly with The Principal and or School counselors to provide you with the best possible engagement.

    To add to the resources I provide, I not only visit the school to Speak and or perform,

    • I also like to meet individually with each classroom for a Q&A session, autographs etc.

    • Of course…Eat Lunch with the students…I get hungry on the road!

    In addition to all this, I also provide a “Real Life” workshop to a handful of “at risk youth” that you may have a specific concern for. Now during this portion of my visit I go into the reality of action and consequence. It is here where I discuss in more detail my personal hardships, as well as my dedication to achieve what many thought I never could.

    “Oppression is a state of mind,” and I firmly believe that each one of us was born with a natural talent, and if harnessed and embraced we can do anything we set our minds to. This is what I share.

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    Tonight's show deals with racial & religious conflict. Religions will be under the microscope & the N word is used, so if you want to listen join me,,,, if you plan/intend to be offended i cannot stop you!

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