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    The Spirit World, Walk-Ins, and Ancestor Worship

    in Spirituality

    Tune in to the Oracle Speaks tonight at 8pm EST to hear renowned Canadian clairvoyant Douglas James Cottrell and co-host Matt Scherb discuss the Spirit World, the walk in phenomenon, communication with spirits, and ancestor worship.


    Call in with your own walk-in stories or questions about communication with the spirit world! The number to call is (718) 766-4421.

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    The Spirit World as illustrated by Clarence Larkin!

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    Conversations with You!

    With Loren and Arjeana Due, Ministers of the Gospel!

    Administering, Chatting, Communicating, Counseling, Discussing, Educating, Interpreting, Inner Healing, Listening, Ministering, Preaching, Seeing, Speaking, Shouting, Spiritual Transforming, Talking, Teaching, Worshipping!

    How to get in touch with us:

    JOY Christian Center

    P O Box 18

    Victorville, CA 92393

    Telephone: (760) 951 9484 Office


    Email: propheticnetworks1@gmail.com


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    David Armstrong - Messages from the Spirit World: Awakening Your Soul

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    Join Andrew Aloha “Live” with David Armstrong in “Messages from the Spirit World: Awakening Your Soul”

    Sunday, 28 June 2015, 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    A Spiritual Image Productions Event

    In three simple sections, healer and channeler David Armstrong explains the fundamentals of you and the Universe. He begins by explaining the structure of the Universe and its dimensions. Secondly, he covers the spiritual mind, and how you can use it to create a better life. Lastly, he deals with spiritual communication, the ways you can speak with the spiritual world..……for more on this story go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/Andrew_Aloha_Live

    For more on David Armstrong & “Messages from the Spirit World: Awakening Your Soul” go to www.davidarmstrongonline.com

    For more on Andrew Aloha go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/AndrewServices.html

    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ www.davidyoungmusic.com

    For More Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    Dreams & the Spirit World with Melinda Carver

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    Have you ever wanted to contact loved ones who have passed on?  Maybe you just want to understand your dreams?  Psychic Medium Melinda Carver will be talking “Dreams” with us today on Attune Magazine Radio.

    Melinda Carver is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient Psychic Medium receiving and passing on messages to YOU from Spirit Guides, Angels, and Deceased Loves Ones. Melinda uses a mix of Psychic Ability and Spirit Messages in her readings. She can see the living around you and connect with your energy. She also offers Tarot & Oracle Readings, Psychometry (readings jewelry or metal objects) and Dream Interpretation. She is available for Private Readings in-person, or via Telephone or Skype, Spirit Salons & Parties (at your home), Workshops, Lectures, and Classes.

    Melinda is the host of Positive Perspectives Radio, which has featured international bestselling authors Dr. Steven Farmer, James Wanless, Donna DeNomme, Rasha, and George Noory.  She is the creator of her own line of magical products - Melinda's Positive Products - magical products & manifestation tools, raise your vibrations, attract positive people, events & items into your life. See her products in the "Products" tab. Melinda is a Universal Light Minister providing House Blessings & Space Energy Clearings at homes, offices, farms, restaurants, bars, spas, hair salons and other locations. For a full listing of Melinda's appearances (classes, psychic fairs, expos), see the "NEWS" Tab.


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    Take A Journey Into The Spirit World

    in Paranormal

    Most people are familiar with the concept of channeling the deceased.  In the past I did channeling for many years.  I have found a better approach to communicating with a deceased loved one, Spirit Guides and even Angels, which I call Guided Journey into the Spirit World. Using this method I am able to take people into the spirit world through astral projection.  In this process you are able to see and talk directly to whoever is waiting for you in the spirit world.  Join me for this exciting program and I will explain this different approach to channeling.  Join me April 22 at 9:00 PM ET.

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    Connecting with the Spirit World with Christopher Reburn

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    Ever wonder what it's like to connect with the Spirit World? Want to learn more on how you can connect with the Spirit World? Listen as Christopher shares some of his own memorable experiences connecting with the Spirit World and ways on how you can better your own connection with Spirit.  

    Get your signed copy of Christopher's new 'A Lightworker's Journey' CD by visiting his official website at http://www.reburn.org

    Want to learn more about your spiritual journey? Consider taking one of Christopher's intensive development courses! Details athttp://www.thepsychicspirit.com/spiritght.html

    Visit Christopher online to book readings, view tour schedule, prayer and healing center, and much more at http://www.reburn.org

    Become friends on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/christopher.reburn

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    Modern Day Psychics, a Close Look at the Spirit World

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    We are living exciting time in history, and, depending how you look at it, scary too. The world is changing fast. Some say that this is it, that we are approaching the end of the world. Others are of the opinion that this is the end of the world, as we know it; that the infrastructure is falling and that there is a big awakening going on.

    Yet still, some others think that this is just a consequence of pollution, abuse of resources; social and financial inequality and which it will keep on progressing the way it is. Finally there are some people that see nothing out of the ordinary, just natural evolution, really nothing out of the ordinary going on in their world

    Whether any of these groups of people are right, I see more and more interest in the Spirit and occult world. In social media, and even in mainstream media, we see discussions about indigo and crystal children, shamans, light workers, Reiki masters and the like. As a society we are getting infused with terms and theories, prophecies and predictions, most of which are rather confusing, and, for some, too far fetched to even pay attention to.

    In order to bring some light to all these we have invited Cassandra Fulton and Catherine McCormack to the program. These two lovely ladies are psychics, having worked in the spiritual world for many years now. They are lively and have a lot of interesting things to say about the days that we are living. They will be clarifying some of the questions that some of us may have from a perspective of the spirit world.

    Please help me welcome Cassandra and Catherine, to a program full of surprises and perspectives

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    A Spiritual Thanksgiving with Medium Laura Lee

    in Spirituality

    Special guest, Laura Lee, popular professional and "radio-medium" is back on the show by popular demand. Today she will inspire us to have a spiritual Thanksgiving. She will also be taking your calls and giving free readings. Please call 424-220-1801 to speak live  with Laura.

    Laura Lee has the incredible gift of being able to access the link between the physical and spiritual worlds. She can see, feel, hear, and know what the other side needs to communicate with the living.

    Laura Lee, popular, loved and enjoyed by many listeners every time she comes on the show, has partnered with Randi Fine, the host of A Fine Time For Healing, to be a monthly guest.

    Save the date and call in early for a chance to speak to Laura.

    As promised, here is the link to the book Laura recommended  today Secrets of Attractions: The Universal Laws of Love, Sex and Romance

    For more information about Laura Lee, please visit her website http://www.MediumLauraLee.com

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    Following on from our first part which can be found by following the link below to our Youtube channel I hope to give the rest of the story as to how my Brother Jonathan has guided me from the world of spirit since his passing in 1999 which has led me to an understanding of our siritual nature as human beings havng a physical experience here on the Earth. 

    During this one hour special I will be talking about 

    Dealing with grief and the passing of a loved one
    Early signs spirit show when they are around you. 
    How spirit appear in dreams 
    How life is constructed into timelines based on probabilities. 
    Spirit guides and spirit teachers
    Basic tips on how to explore your own soul purpose
    and much more

    So please feel free to join me. - you can check out Part 1 of this 2 parter by heading over to.


    Or check us out for more content at http://www.spiritualworlds.co.uk

    This is our first episode hosted on Blogtalkradio of Pathways to healing, however many more will follow, please follow our show for more content still to come :)




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    Divine Guidance and Healing with your Angels ~ The spirit realm

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    Hi come chat with Amy Clair. This week Amy Clair will be talking about connecting with the spirit world and interacting with those that have passed on. Amy is an Intuitive and abuse survivor, she enjoys assisting people in their own lives with healing and giving them loving guidance from thier angels. She will be giving divine guidance and healing to those that call in. She also gives tools for healing and tools to have a healthy happy life!! Come join the fun and talk about the divine, miracles, love, friendship, relationships, career and healing. Please join the chat and call in!

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    Bridging Spirit with Jody and Linda

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    On tonights show we will be discussing our most memorable encounters with the spirit world. We will be speaking  from a paranormal investigators experiences and encounters as well as a mediums. What have they showed us? How do they communicate? What video or photos have you captured upon your encounter, Come and share all you have. We hope you call in and tell us about your memorbale experiences as well. Join us live at 8 est Wednesday night listen and share all your experiences.