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  • Nehemiah Ben Israel talks about the Spell the black Man is Under Episode #

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    Nehemiah Ben Israel returns to talk about the spell the black man is under.   As he previously said, the black man is still a slave and as such acts contrary to what he was destined to be; i.e., an Israelite.  Tonight we will speak to Nehemiah about warring factions and how do a peaceful people avoid invading forces.      

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    Spell Casting 101

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    Episode 2; Continue from episode 1 with Candle Magic, and beginning of Herbal Magic,the powerful enegies they add to a spell & the ways to use them.

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    Spell Crafting: The Facts & Fallacies

    in Paranormal

    Do you have a strong fascination with all things magical? Ever wondered what spells were all about or the difference between "Magic" & "Magick"? Does it drum up, for you, frightening images of witches from times past stealing hair and nails to create voodoo dolls or hex bags? There's more to this art than what the entertainment world uses to engage your senses. Learn how a spell works and why it works, and by understanding it's uses, how it can be used as a means of healing and bringing positive elements into your life or the lives of others.

    Join Rev. Maria D'Andrea and Mimi as they take a look at a very ancient art and how it works, and many of the fallacies that surround this topic. Rev. Maria is an internationally known psychic and shaman from Budapest, Hungary, and author of many books; one in particular is "Heaven Sent Money Spells" which can be purchased on Amazon.com. Mimi is host of a web based show called "MQuest TV" on Youtube that explores the world of the paranormal and spirituality.





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    Lessons from within The Monk Who Cast A Spell

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    Sharon was born in London, has an LLB Law Degree and practised as a Solicitor until 2012 when she became Manager of her Son’s business.

    She ran a writing competition in 2011 and published an Anthology of selected entries raising funds to buy bread for children in Tanzania.

    Sharon has a passion for history. She has had poetry published and writes the Hope and Dreams Blog. She wants to raise awareness of basic human rights, including a child’s entitlement to education and love.

    Love belongs to everyone
    It’s the love between us that matters the most..
    Perhaps those who refuse to worship our God aren’t evil after all, if they know of love?
    He had lost his soul…
    He was desperate now for his life to change
    I’ve broken my vows…
    The old Gods have been with us for longer than we remember. Why does the Abbot think we need another?
    She tasted of the forest, the sky and the sun, an enchanted night. The kiss deepened at his insistence
    Durstan couldn’t see the opulence of the jewels on the golden crucifix; only a confused image of Beth and Ailan, a woman’s limbs tangled with his.
    It’s strange how love works. We have to learn its ways and hope that we have enough time to get it right
    She loved the Monk too much not to help him
    Love was the only magic that night…
    He felt himself drowning in the scent of her skin, the memory of Beltane.
    May the Gods and our Ancestors go with you, and ensure that it’s not too long before we meet again.

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    Spell Czechoslavakia

    in Education

    Have you ever been in a situation when you just can't stand the person you are with - either working with or living with?

    It helps to remember that Love is the most important ingredient of success; without it, your life will echo with emptiness (John Mason).  

    We were born to love.  Which baby looks like a born natural killer?  If you smile at a baby a baby will smile back.

    Even when we go through difficult times, it is important to remember, we were born to love.  And difficult people many times are people who don't know how to love or people who are hurt.  Natually, you can't win them all.  But it is important that regardless you continue to grow and become the loving person that God meant you to be and you will never be sorry!

    Tonight's lesson is "How do I spell Czechoslavakia."

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    PWN 2015.4.2: Spell Out the Vote and other political issues

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    In Nebraska we just had our primary for the 2015 elections season. We're also moving into the 2016 campaign season. KaliSara and RevKess thought that this would be a wonderful oppoprtunity to talk about your rights as a voter in the United States. With Spell Out the Vote they plan to share information on how to vote, where to vote, why to vote, and how various states in the Union have made it easier (or harder) for people to vote. Everything from the "hanging chad" to Obama's proposal to make voter registration mandatory.

    In part your hosts will talk about some of the candidates in the 2016 season, but the main focus of the show will be on the voter. What they can and cannot due when it comes to voting. As well as talk about the difference between not voting and making a political statement at the polls.

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    How Do You Spell Success?

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    On today's program Arthur will be speaking about success. He will guide you in finding your ancestors to these important questions. What is the measure of success? What is your attitude about success? Are you willing to be a success? 

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    Spell Casting 101; Mojo Magick

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    ***Due to my Son's Birthday Camp Out This Friday the 13th, tthe next broadcast will be Fridays the 20th of June @ 11:00pm GMT, sorry for the incovience this might cause.

    Blessed Be!

    Episoed 3:

    Mojo magick

    Creating a Mojo Bag

    Herbs for Mojo Bag

    adding Crytals, Gemstones, & Objects.

    Charging & Consecraton





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    Moor Light Radio present the host Black Massiah-ras hu speaking on the law of language. Join us as we look at entomology of word. We will take a look st the meaning of word and exsplore just what it is you mean when you open yho mouth. At 6pm ct 7pm et we're going to build and think over this. Lines are open at 347 850 8030 tune in FAM.

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    PTRN~Ask A Witch (Results Equal Efforts)

    in Spirituality

    8:00 p.m. central ~ Ask a Witch with Lady Brigid and Kazan Clark (A.K.A. Mama Bear), is all about sharing, teaching, learning and having fun! Join us every Monday night at 8 P.M. Central time. To join in the discussion, call: 347/308-8222 and press 1 to be a part of the show.

    Tonight: Results equals efforts. Having to work at those spells to get what you want. If spell didn't work, maybe it's due to being lazy, just not meant to be, or not having proper tools.

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    Casting Candle Magick

    in Spirituality

    It's Earth day!!! What things do you like to do on this day? We will share with you a few ideas and tradtions we like to do in our homes.

    Ever wonder what went into casting a candle spell? Lady Destiny and Mistress Dax will guide you through a spell and give you some tips of things you can do when spell casting.

    Stay tuned to see who is our first The Element of Magick Radio Show giveaway! Enjoy the lovely pictures that were entered in our slide show.