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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in Politics Conservative

    Today we will be focusing on Immigration and how the Administration is failing to protect America and Americans.

    We will consider my latest articles and much more!

    Today, June 26, 2015, CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization) posted my article, “Prosecutorial Deception: The $21 Billion DHS Betrayal” in which I focused on the testimony of the DHS Inspector General at a Congressional oversight hearing. That hearing and the Inspector General's testimony was also the focus of my June 24, 2015 FrontPage Magazine article: “Obama’s Actions on Immigration Lack Accountability » An Inspector General’s warning about Obama’s amnesty insanity.”

    We have a year and a half of this administration remaining.  Certainly much can happen in the next 18 months.  What we also should now be focusing on is how the Presidential candidates are likely to address the monumental failures of the immigration system that undermine national security, public safety, and the plight of hard working Americans and our nation's economy.  So many other issues are also getting hammered- yet most mainstream news organizations fail to properly cover what is no less than an immigration crisis. 

    My program will not mince words- Please tell your friends and neighbors to tune in!

    Democracy is not a spectator sport!


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    Dealing With State Regulations

    in Marketing

    Are you finding it difficult to find out what regulations in your state govern the activity of your business?  Listen in as Video Broadcast Services President, Marcia Hawkins and Vice President, Kyle Clouse discuss resources and tools that you can use to find out about regulations that govern your business in your state.

    Learn more about Business and Law Regulation at https://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/starting-managing-business/managing-business/business-law-regulations

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    What is Our 20/50 Strategy?

    in Marketing

    The Sport of Winning is a daily show that you can count on to educate you on new techniques and strategies that will bring your business to greatness.  The Sport of Winning is an intricate part of Video Broadcast Services 20/50 strategy.  Listen in as Video Broadcast Services President, Marcia Hawkins and Vice President, Kyle Clouse reveal what the 20/50 Strategy is and how your business can participate and thrive with it.

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    Full Sport Press: NBA Free Agency 2015- 6.29.2015

    in Sports

    Starting July 1st, arguably the focal point of the offseason gets underway. Free Agency. Some players have officially opted out. Others will hold tight amid the breathless speculation about their futures. It’s not at the level of 2010 or 2014 but quite a strong free agent class this summer – especially in frontcourt positions. The question is… How many of the big names will actually end up changing places? We already know enough to make some educated guesses about the eventual landing spots of the league's most prominent upcoming free agents. Join @jaihov, @lock_tha_great and the producer of the show @howeezy26 as they discuss the hottest sports news of the past week and analyze potential landing spots for the 2015 NBA Free Agency class.

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    The Sunday Morning Brunch

    in Sports

    The Cornerstone show of Sport City is back to start your Sport week off right here in the Kitchen.  From Boxing to MMA to the aftermath of the NBA Draft we have it all here in the Brunch.  A few days away from July being here and the training camps and practices start to come together for some teams in the NFL we can touch em all.  Join the show with Chandler Knight aka Nostradamus, Brian "Breaking News" Hughes, Ignacio "Nacho" Silva and Tyrone Powell aka TP Tymeless for another one of those Food For Thought plates hopefully the people can do these dishes.  Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the SPORT CITY CHEFS AGAIN!!!!!  And if they don't know..... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!!!

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    andrew show

    in Sports

    what i am going too talk about is alot sports like football hockey baseball wreslting ufc and i going have music on it good too be back thank too all my fans

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    What Do CMOs Need to Make Digital Marketing Work? #BBSradio

    in Marketing

    Fractional CMO, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Leadership Keynote Speaker Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds to Master the Inner and Outer Game of business. 

    Breakthrough Radio is a global business radio show that delivers high impact & pioneering knowledge for leaders in business. Entrepreneurs, startups, sales/marketing/IT professionals join us every Monday.

    Jason Burby, co-author of Does It Work - 10 Principles for Delivering True Business Value in Digital Marketing.

    Chris Buckner, CMO FanReact a startup changing the game of sport fan interaction.

     Follow us with hashtag #BBSradio for the up to the minute business news.

    Ask your questions via twitter using #BBSradio.

     We love rewarding engagement. You are invited to visit radio show blog at www.WhoIsMichelePrice.com 

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    in Sports

    WELCOME TO THE ONE ONLY...GANGSTERS SPORTS..with aaron hernandez...LIVE FROM MY JAIL CELL...talking NBA,..NHL..MLB FANTASY SPORTS TALK...and of course.,..NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS..talk...TON BRADY DID NOTHING WRONG...let's talk sports today,,,LIVE FROM MY JAIL CELL...i talk all sports baby....WNBA...NASCAR...BOXING...I TAKE ALL CALLERS...who knows who will call my jail cell..THE GUARDS..say..let's paly cards...THEY GIVE ME TOOLS..and then i can break out people...SHARE THE SHOW PUNKS..twitter..facebook..TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS..or else..WHEN I GET OUT..you ar toast bitch..and of course..I AM PART OF THE SPORT CITY CHEFS..just ask...TP..hell yes

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    The Bettor's Box: An MLB Betting Podcast June 29

    in Sports

    Step inside The Bettor's Box as BangTheBook.com writer and personality Adam Burke talks about betting on baseball. MLB betting can be a difficult thing for most handicappers because it's a money line sport, played day after day, and there can be a lot of variance over a 162-game season. This show is about helping you become a better bettor on the bases and also provides some daily fantasy sports insight. This quick look at Major League Baseball features free picks, sabermetric stats, line movement analysis, and more.

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    Tha Weekend Wrap-w/'Iceman' John Scully & Ronnie Shields

    in Sports

    @wcsteelerfan, aka James E King III presents 'Tha PUGILIST KOrner, our weekly show dedicated to the art of boxing, on both the amatuer and professional levels

    Every Sunday, I'm joined by 'Iceman' John Scully, as we discuss the weekend's action and important upcoming bouts.'Iceman' John Scully (born July 28, 1967) is an formerly a world-ranked professional light heavyweight, he is now a boxing trainer and an analyst for the ESPN Classic television network.

    In November 2010, "Iceman" John Scully was inducted into the fifth class of the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino in Connecticut.

    Scully brings his sense of old school honesty and tenacity to Tha Weedend Wrap.  He's also currently head trainer, for the UFC Gym, Winter Springs, Fla.

    We close Tha Weekend Wrap with our segment, 'Straight Talk' w/ Elite Trainer Ronnie Shields. Ronnie Shields (born June 6, 1958 in Port Arthur, Texas) is a former professional boxer and has become a prominent trainer in the sport. He works out of the Plex Boxing Gym in Stafford, Texas.

    Join us as we discuss our renowned sport, both in and outside the squared circle, every week.

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    in Sports

         Did they score?  What's the time left, what period?  Damn how intensely we all get involved with the sport in our life.  For some it's hockey, for others, it's soccer.  Don't let golf fool you, just the walk alone with get you to sweat and if your game is off, you are headed for some serious headache time.  Bases loaded, SWING & A MISS he got 'em with a fast ball over the left hand corner.  And what did the NBA draft look like - yeah WHAT????? What is in store for us basketball fans next season?  Will GOLDEN STATE return?  Will KOBE play again?  Will WADE who they say is not getting signed back in Miami (they - THEY say) will he end up with his pal in Cleveland???? 347-205-9366.

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