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    Offseason Audibles Ep. 3: Andre Johnson Rumors with Guest Pat D. Starr

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    On the brink of free agency, Kyle Rodriguez is joined by special guest Pat D. Starr, editor of Scout.com's State of the Texans blog. With the Colts reportedly interested in WR Andre Johnson, we find out just how much the future Hall of Famer has left in the tank.

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    All Nations International Ministry

    Contact Evangelist Qwensul Cunningham (405) 314-8867

    Email qmatt28@gmail.com or calvin_c32@netzero.net

    From All Nations International is a 501c3 ministry



    (347) 215-9859

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    TSL Podcast: 2015 NFL Draft Prospect Josh Jones - Part 2

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    On today's special edition of the Total Sports Live podcast, Jovan Alford caught back up with 2015 NFL Draft prospect wide receiver Josh Jones from Missouri Southern State University for part two of their interview. In Part Two, Jovan will talk to Josh about his motivation to play the game of football, and the draft process going forward for him.

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    Florida High School Tennis Coaches Association perspective on High School Tennis

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    Our next UR10S Network radio broadcast will be Thursday, March 5th our guest will be Tarek Merchant, founder of ImReruitable, College Sport Recruiting. We will be talking about college opportunities and scholarships assessments. You can call 714-583-6853 or tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/ur10snetwork for our conversation.


    Thursday, March 12th our guest will be Marion Military Institute College tennis coach Chuck Wright, who will be discussing why this two year college might be the right place for your son or daughter to play college tennis. Yes, The Military college of Alabama has men and women tennis and coach Wright coaches booth.


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    Focus Change with Dr Ed

    in Lifestyle

    This is a special episode to let people know about entrepreneurial programs that they can get into and make money and help others. I have mentioned on the show that this is the age for entrepreneurs and that is true. If you are looking back to your grandfathers time and envisioning that you can put in your 40 plus hours a week -work for 40 plus years and then wind up retiring on 40% of what you couldn't afford to live in to start with -the times have changed -relying on a corporation or company or the government does not work as well as it once did. It really matters which activity you pick and which network you get involved with. Ours is dedicated to helping people to help people. We have strategies and plans that can benefit everyone -individuals, companies, for profits and not for profits.

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    Pwr2Blv Audio Book Reviews: FEEL The Fear & Do It Anyway!

    in Psychology

    BUY IT HERE...---- http://amzn.to/1wTt4HE

    Listen in by PHONE: -- GUEST CALL-IN
    (347) 855-8466


    Read us: http://HowToChangeMyLife.org/audio/
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    The book of choice is FEEL The Fear & Do It Anyway!

    The phenomenal classic that has changed the lives of millions of people around the globe

    What are you afraid of? Public speaking; asserting yourself; making decisions; being alone; intimacy; changing jobs; interviews; going back to school; ageing; ill health; driving; dating; ending a relationship; losing a loved one; becoming a parent; leaving home, failure, believing in yourself...

    Internationally renowned author Susan Jeffers has helped millions of people overcome their fears and heal the pain in their lives with her simple but profound advice. 

    An empowering and life-affirming book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway will help you triumph over your fears and move forward with your 

    Enjoy the call. AL

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    NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT - Old-School Natural Strength Training, Guest Osmo Kiiha

    in Motivation

    Host Bob Whelan, Guest Osmo Kiiha, For more information, please visit the website: MindForceRadio.com

    Natural Strength Night is an informative, humorous, sometimes a little raucous, good-time of myth busting and honest training information from the trenches. We strive to help everyone involved with old school strength training (without steroids) to not make some common training mistakes. Along with great information, you'll hear a fair share of steroid bashing, flamingo sightings, breaking goons, iron game history, and honest drug-free training information from various leaders and strength coaches in the field to help you get real results!  If your primary training information comes from reading "Muscle & Fiction" magazine we'll help get you straightened out. If you love high-intensity strength training, dinosaur style training and just like lifting heavy weights ... or loved Jack Lalanne, Sandow, Grimek, Peary Rader's old Iron Man magazine, Brad Steiner's articles, Stuart McRobert's Hardgainer, Iron Nation, Osmo Kiiha's The Iron Master, you will love the show. 

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    Guest: Olivier Melnick Discusses the New Anti-Semitism (NRB Exclusive)

    in Christianity

    Today we're going to air an exclusive interview that we did on the spot at The National Religious Broadcasters Convention last week.  We ran into Olivier J. Melnick who is the Northwest Regional Director for Chosen People Ministries and also writes at the website NewAntiSemitism.com   

    Olivier and I discussed the persecution of Jews today and also a little bit about prophecy and the end times.


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    Join Me Issachar Bey along with my Special Guest Jim Shawvan a Certified Astrology Professional with 44 years of experience.  Jim offers numerous types of consultations:"Lifelong Issues and Current Issues"; choosing dates and times for important actions; horary questions; relationships; relocation; and travel.  

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    Hard Starboard Radio: A Week Of JASmius On KCAA

    in Politics Conservative

    November 23rd, 2013 began a streak of three guest-hosting gigs in four weeks.  I never did receive an adequate explanation for Mr. Gibbs' month-long attack of sloth (which is to say, I don't remember what it was).  But you know me, I'm always willing to help, especially if it means getting the hallowed gold-pressed latinum KCAA microphone all to myself until I start growing as accustomed to the center seat of the starship Pistachio as the host.  Kind of like "Captain" Riker in Best of Both Worlds.

    Yes, that's foreshadowing.

    Live podcasts resume Tuesday, March 10th.

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    There's A Rock For That! Dusty White, Astrology & Zodiac Stones

    in Self Help

    There's A Rock For That! Host Tarot Dactyl welcomes guest Dusty White to the show.  Have you ever wanted to know a little bit more about astrology than what your daily horoscope column reveals?  Then you're in for a treat!  Dusty will share his vast knowledge of astrology and some of the basics that you don't have to be an astrologer to understand.

    Dusty transforms astrologers and Tarot readers (beginners, professionals, and experts) into Zen masters of the metaphysical arts. He is the author of several books on metaphysics including The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--Ever!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets. A native son of southern California he now lives in the emerald forest above Santa Cruz.

    The Crystal Guests on this episode are the Zodiac stones.  Tarot Dactyl will discuss the history of how they came to be associated with the astrological signs and ways in which they can be used.

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