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    The Kent County SPCA has accused two of the INH crew of lible, and past and ongoing efforts to defame the Kent County SPCA, board of trustees, employees and executive director thereof. 

      Since a specific example couldn't be provided here's a prior episode pre-recorded earlier when the show was called Dr. J and Douggiestyle. 



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    The SPCA Three

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    The Kent County SPCA has threatened to arrest two of the Independent News Hour crew and has possibly made false allegations against Doug Beatty, Catherine Samardza, and Carol Furr.   In order to intimidate us into Silence KCSPCA General Counsel Steve Schwartz seems to be threatening legal action. We stand for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and Delaware's Freedom of Information act.  Join us as we explain why we belive that Steve Schwartz Esquire is one simple minded individual. Callers welcome. News by Wolf. 

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    Unlimited Life - Katie Cleary Peace4Animals

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    Join us for 1 hour at 1:00 PM Pacific and 4:00 PM Eastern Time

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling.

    Nicole is known internationally for sharing her amazing secrets and remarkable knowledge on stage, screen, TV and in books throughout the world.

    Please visit Nicole's website:


    About Peace 4 Animals
    The vision of Peace 4 Animals is to have a world that lives in peace with all animals around the globe and to one day eliminate the endangered species list and restore the endangered population from only a few decades ago which have been depleted from corporate greed, deforestation, poachers, the fur trade and many other factors - all of which are human related. Peace 4 Animals' goal is to increase awareness and educating the public to put an end to the mistreatment and abuse of animals all around the world. Peace 4 Animals helps to pass bills and raises money to nurture wild, domestic and endangered species from poachers, corporations, and the illegal Black Market Trade of animals

    About Katie Cleary
    Katie Cleary is a known animal rights activist, supermodel and actress. Katie is perhaps best known for her involvement in banning the sale of fur in West Hollywood and her appearances on NBC's Deal or No Deal. She has also made numerous television and film appearances including NBC's Chuck. Iron Man 2, CMT's Working Class, America's Next Top Model and more. Cleary has raised tens of thousands of dollars for organizations such as HSUS, Much Love Animal Rescue, SPCALA, Wildlife Way Station, and more.

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 34

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    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guests will be Capt Yocum - NJ SPCA  &  Jeff Coltenback -Founder, President at Paradise Pet, Inc and Founder, Director at Pitty Rescue, Inc.

    What Constitutes Animal Cruelty?  Acts of violence or neglect made against animals are considered animal cruelty. Examples include overt abuse, dog fighting, and being neglected or denied the basic necessities of care, such as food, water, shelter, sanitation, grooming and veterinary care.  Neglect is the failure to provide an animal with the most basic of requirements of food, water, shelter and veterinary care.Neglect is often the result of simple ignorance on the animal owner's part and is usually handled by requiring the owner to correct the situation.

    Patrick the Dog Starved -Thrown Away As Garbage

    The 22 story apartment building is equipped with garbage chutes on each floor for tenants. Someone had no more use for this dog. They had starved it to near death, put it in a garbage bag and threw it down the garbage chute. A maintenance worker cleans out the bin every few days and on Wednesday, March 16th, they were cleaning out the contents of the container to go directly into a trash compacter. The bag moved a little and the worker opened it to find a moribund dog inside -- pathetically thin, cold and near death.

    http://njspca.org/  NJ  SPCA  The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was created in 1868 and is the second oldest SPCA in the country. Its agents were established as Law Enforcement Officers in charge of investigating and prosecuting all persons involved in animal abuse and neglect. 

    Our mission today is the same as it’s always been. Through the tireless efforts of our highly trained and professional law enforcement personnel, we are making a difference…one animal at a time.

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    Pet Radio- Headlines: Small Town Municipal Animal Shelter Raided by State Health

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    Helmetta is a very small town in New Jersey. In 2011, under the direction of the Mayor, an animal shelter was built to not only take in strays and abused animals from the township, but for a fee they offered their services to 10 other surroundig town. From the shelters begining it ws plagued by complaints of unsanitary and unhealthy conditions, animals being euthanized without evr being put up for adoption, adopting out animals without being vetted, spayed or neutered, and even adopting out sick and pregnant dogs and cats. The New Jersey SPCA apparently agreed and issued citations against the shelter six times.Still nothing happened and as the years went by, it apparently only became worse... until a local news station did  series of reports and the sheltrs own vet. went on camera to blow the wistle. In November the NJ health department and the NJ SPCA raided the shelter nd closed it down for health code violations amd the town council turned the shelter over to the SPCA for temporary administration. According to sources the SPCA found the conditions and health of the animals even worse than what they feared. And this bizzare story continues with some questioning the Mayor's role in this.

    Two people involved in this case are joining us. First Martin Mondoker, a local activist will share with us this whole story from his standpoint, and  Michelle Dawn with Homeless Animal Lifeline, a rescue who was allowed to pull cats from the shelter and witnessed first hand the conditions inside the shelter.

    Join us to hear how a few dedicated people refused to have their voice ignored and made a difference.

    Please visit our web site and Facebook page


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    Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, Where Are They?

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    Wednesday November 5th, 2014 at 6:30pm EST Corrie Anderson, Haleigh Cummings, Jon Benet Ramsey are the cases we will be working on as well as other Leo cases. Chelsea Bruck is now missing from Newport, Michigan. we will be profiling her case. As I stated a few times now there will be breaks in Leo cases for the next year and a half. I had already predicted this and mentioned Morgan Harrington's case a week prior to the break in her case. Join Us tonight on Blog Talk Radio.

    Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Numerologist, Radio & TV Personality working on Missing Persons, Doing Charts & Parties For over 30 years. Psychic Fair Promoter, BA Forensic Psychology From State University of New York, www.lindacrystal.com Over 185 Artices Published on Yahoo Voices, Author of 2 Books:  "Who Killed Mandy?" and "Mary Broad" (Reincarnation. Producer of Calendars, Tapes, all artwork and production.

    Call In Now. Speak with a Professional REAL Astrologer! Linda Crystal

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 11

    in Pets

    This show is hosted By Debbie Dahmer

    Special Guest will be Capt Yocum from the NJ SPCA

    What Constitutes Animal Cruelty?  Acts of violence or neglect made against animals are considered animal cruelty. Examples include overt abuse, dog fighting, and being neglected or denied the basic necessities of care, such as food, water, shelter, sanitation, grooming and veterinary care.

    Neglect is the failure to provide an animal with the most basic of requirements of food, water, shelter and veterinary care.Neglect is often the result of simple ignorance on the animal owner's part and is usually handled by requiring the owner to correct the situation. If the problem is not corrected, the animal may be removed from the neglectful person by law enforcement authorities. In some cases, the owner will simply turn the animal over to authorities because they no longer want the responsibility.

    Intentional Cruelty  is often more shocking and usually an indicator of a serious human behavior problem. Intentional cruelty is when an individual purposely inflicts physical harm or injury on an animal. 

    The NJSPCA has trained investigators with the authority to arrest and prosecute those individuals who have deliberately maimed, tortured or even killed animals.
    Someone who is violent towards animals may be violent towards family members or other people.
    Enforcement of Animal Cruelty laws is the primary responsibility of the NJSPCA and it's investigators. We handle complaints daily in all 21 counties throughout the State.

    Many people who witness, or hear about cruelty, are not aware that legal action can be taken to help stop the problem. Companion animals are covered by the State of New Jersey's animal cruelty laws. Generally, animal cruelty can be divided into two categories: Neglect and Intentional Cruelty:

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    Corruption at Kent County SPCA? Memorial day origins

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    A recent audit of the Kent County SPCA found serious problems with compliance to DEA regulations regarding tracking controlled substances.  A citizen watchdog group has sent a packet of complaints including two incidents where cases of drugs with street value went missing to nearly every elected official in the State of Delaware including the Governor's office.   The official stance of the Governor's office is that KCSPCA is a private non profit and we'll have to take it up with the board. We reveal what the press and government in Delaware Don't want you to know.   Dr. Issa discusses the historical origins of memorial day. 

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    "have cops declared war on the family dog."

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    The number of police shootings is on the rise and we are going to have conversations about one of the biggest investigations going on in America, right in my own backyard, in Rochester New York.

    Gary Brockler's dog Diablo was shot by police officers, and animal and dog activist Teddy Loria will be our guest, explaining what happened that night and also the great depths they went to, to investigate and work towards justice for Diablo.

    Chris White will also bring former police detective turned dog trainer and shooting investigator Jim Crosby,  on as a guest to give more insight on what is happening in society with these dog shootings,and how the investigations are handled, and hopefully give us information on some of his own encounters with the investigation of some shootings. Chris, Janette and I would like to get the education out there, and maybe come up with answers on how to resolve this problem and get the numbers and percentages down .

    call in and talk to us we want to hear what you have to say! (646)716-6583

    As always if you can't catch the show live it will be archived.

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    The Rob Nugent Show - Is A Tennessee Shelter Going From No Kill To Kill?

    in Pets

    This week I will be speaking to ex-volunteers about the way a certain Tennessee shelter has changed its caring ways, jumping on the band wagon of not keeping adoptable dogs around and disposing of them when its not convenient for the shelter.
    Is our perception of 'life on the inside' a true reflection of how it really is?

    Tune in this week to find out more.......

    Show live : Thursday August 28th @ 4:30 EST

    To call the show if you would like to comment , question or contribute the number is (001) 646-716-6583, live chat room open 15 minutes before the show