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    Attack of the Botnets!

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    Ever wonder how Google knows what’s on your website? Have you ever been infected by malware or a computer virus? Ever pondered how these spammers got your email address? I have one word for you: BOTs! The World Wide Web is crawling with them.  Spider bots to index your website, evil bots that can make you wish you never had a computer, bots that scrape the web for ID information, and bots that you can buy, but unfortunately break search engine rules, which then render your domain as an outcast in a sandbox kingdom that no one can find.

    During this episode, we'll discuss what bots and botnets are. We'll give examples of “Good bots” and “Bad bots.” And will further explain what they are, how they infiltrate into computers, tablets and smartphones, and then proceed to aggregate networks of digital devices to do the bidding of their cybercriminal masters. We'll also discuss different ways in which botnets are used to wreak havoc across the Internet.  Lastly, we'll provide links so you can check out to stay informed, along with providing steps you can you can take to protect your systems, including key recommendations of the top antimalware applications everyone should use to protect their digital smart devices from becoming prey to Bad bots and malevolent botnets.




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    In Search of Spamalot

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    Ever since the Internet was begun there have been a number of individuals who weren’t willing to play nice with all the other children. Specifically I am talking about spammers.  Spammers have been the bane of many people’s existence online, especially in terms of using the worldwide web as a kind of email assault weapon,.  How big of a problem is spam mail? More importantly, how can you defend yourself against the scammers and spammers that are looking to do you harm? This week we will show you the five things you need to do to keep from getting zapped by these nefarious email bombers.

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    Show 240: Are Yahoo Letting Spammers Use Your Email Account?

    in Internet

    Join your hosts Scott Bull and Jennifer Jacker-Bull as they discuss whether Yahoo are letting spammers use your email account or if they're at least aware of it as well as put forward evidence and theorise why this could be the case and also offer general tips and advice when it comes to email.

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    Blogging Ingredients: Plugins You Need for Blogging

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    Blogging Ingredients: Plugins You Need for Blogging. 

    Now I could tell you some very basic plugins you need but I am also going to share with you essential plugins you need to protect your blog. 

    So many bloggers out there struggle or are looking for plugins to help grow their following and I am going to reveal those to you. 

    You do need to know where your traffic is coming from, how to stop spammers, and how to actively get social. 

    All this can be solved with a few plugins. So tune in and down load this episode for the secret Blogging Ingredients to plugins. 

    To learn more visit Chef Katrina at www.TheChefKatrina.com

    To get your hands on here insider Blogging Ingredients coures visit Blogging Ingredients.

    Feel free to reach out and connect with Chef Katrina at 




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    Episode 41 Lets talk Geobag

    in Podcasting

    What's in your Geobag ? Listen in to see what all you might take with you on a geocaching adventure. We have experenced some difficulties with callers and chatters and we will not tolorate such nonesence. Anyone who wishes to be on the show will have to call the studio at (937) 541-5259 and be pre-recorded to appear on the show or we can call you if you leave your number in an e-mail asking to be on the show to keep spammers from distroying what we think is a good thing. 60 minutes of geocaching comments and stories. Join us as we discover new adventures in the field of geocaching every Saturday at 3:00 pm. Eastern time on Blog Talk Radio with your host - Hikerjamz and co-host - Kenny Gibb

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    How to deal with spammers in your online community

    in Social Networking

    In this show I discuss why it's important to protect your online community from spammers and how you can do that

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    21 Century Email - What's New, What Works, What's Scary!

    in Internet

    Email has been with us for a little more than a decade now and wow, it continues to evolve. Email marketing can be a big winner for those who know how to use it correctly. New innovations, tools and techniques will help businesses connect with customers like never before. By the same token, consumers will be "firing up the shields" to prevent spammers, criminals and other unwanted junk mailer from disturbing their day.
    If you are one of the millions of website owners who are looking for the fast lane onto the Information Superhighway, this is the show for you.  Hosted by professional Internet marketers Carl Weiss and Hector "The Connector" Cisneros, every episode is designed to cover topics, tips and technology that can make or break you online.
    The show also features guests who have developed software, apps, schools or sites that are designed to help you take your knowledge of the Internet to new heights.  Best of all, this show is interactive and listeners can call in live with questions for either the hosts or the guests.
    Tune in, turn on to this week’s episode, and learn how you can make the most of email in the 21st century.

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    WSJ Tech Briefing, Early Edition, Apr. 9, 2012

    in News

    AT&T staves off a walkout and Twitter sues spammers. Tom Ortuso reports.

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    Is There an Expert in the House?

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     Nearly since its inception, the web has been a haven for scammers, spammers and phishers of all stripes. With so many people online claiming that they are experts at this or authorities at that, many of whom are looking to get their hands on your wallet, how do you weed them out?   To help you get a handle on whose who online, we will enlist the help of Joanne Weiland of linktoexpert.com, as well as counting down the top 10 online scams of 2012.  Browser beware.

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    Social Media Edge - Bloggers Face New FTC Rules; Taking Back Twitter from Spammers

    in Social Networking

    For this episode, we were joined by Jean Ann Van Krevelen from EdgyEntrepreneur.com. We had a fun conversation about upcoming FTC rules for bloggers who give endorsements, along with a discussion of how to "Take Back Twitter" from spammers.

    @thekencook @jasoncrouch and @mikemueller share tips, tricks and tools for using social media. Learn more about local and hyperlocal and how to maximize your online networking.

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