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    Brunch Talk with Southern Gay Talk

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    Everyone has a past and the past can be a dark place for some and when your trying to move forward into the future you have to let go of the past but when the past wont let go of you it becomes an addiction. Untill you can admit you have a past and admit your past you can not overcome your addiction. When so many times in the past when the ones you loved the ones you trusted are the ones who hurt you its hard to allow anyone close it is a self protection that overtakes your life. 

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    Why Would You Love Your Addiction?

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    What if addiction is not about what you do but rather about what you are refusing to be?  What are you denying yourself?   "Love Your Addiction" provides a dialogue between you, the listener & Jyude Allbright, your host, so you can see, hear & feel how to love your addiction for what is has shown you about you.  Then, you can easily let it go if you choose or not.  These dialogues are for everyone and anyone who has found that the traditional 12 Step programs are not aligned with the spiritual beliefs of pure potentiality & limitlessness.

    Jyude can be reached at www.jyudeallbright.com & www.beingrecovered.net.

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    Southern Gay Talk is Back

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    We have gone through some changes and we have heard your voice. We are also taking over a new dating app that is sure to leve you wanting to join. 

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    Addiction- Is there a spiritual solution?

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    Yvonne Douglas is a spiritual healing coach who works with women who want to find inner peace and live a more fulfilled life living their highest potential. Yvonne provides a unique blend of healing modalities. With her powerful energy, and intuitive spirit, Yvonne helps her clients to heal on a deeper level, achieving transformation and greater levels of enlightenment.

    In today's show, Yvonne will join Lorraine to explore the subject of addiction, looking at the spiritual causes and solutions. Yvonne will share her experiences and offers her wisdom. It's going to be a great show!

    For more information about Yvonne and her work, please go to www.yvonnejdouglas.com

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    Life on the Rocks:Finding Meaning in Addiction & Recovery

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    Life on the Rocks:Finding Meaning in Addiction & Recovery with Peg O'Connor

    Addiction and recovery are, at their core, about the meaning of life. Life on the Rocks is the first book to address addiction and recovery from a Western philosophical perspective, offering a powerful set of tools sharpened over millennia. It introduces some of the core concepts and vexing questions of philosophy to help addicts and those affected by their addiction examine and perhaps transform the meaning they make of their lives.

    Without assuming any familiarity with philosophy, Dr. O’Connor illuminates issues all addicts and their loved ones face: self-identity, moral responsibility, self-knowledge and self-deception, free will and determinism, fatalism, the nature of God, and their relations to others. Life on the Rocks is an indispensable guide to the deeply philosophical concerns at the heart of every addict’s struggle.

    Peg O’Connor, PhD, is professor of philosophy and gender, women, and sexuality studies at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. She is the author of the popular Psychology Today blog “Philosophy Stirred, Not Shaken” and contributor to the Pro Talk series at Rehabs.com.

    Click here to purchase Peg's book from Amazon.com

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    The Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Amadeus

    in Food

    Welcome to The Southern Passion Lounge with your host Extreme Chef Winner Chef Amadeus. This is where the industry comes to hangout. This week will be talking about starting your business the right way. nothing says loving than having a successful business. Stopping by this week will be Angela Mealer of The Polished Professional 

    My good friend Lauren Little will drop by to talk about what Edible Arrangements has going on for Valentine.

    Tonya Thomas of Event One by Tonya will swing by to give tips on making that romantic day very special for your special someone. 

    In the Farmers Report sponsored by Abundant Harvest, we will have romantic healthy recipes for that speacial day

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    Globalization of Addiction (with Eva Angvert Harren)

    in Women

    Eva Angvert Harren is the creator of The BEAM LiFE Process that uses body-centered healing and recovery techniques to help people ‘Release, Restore, Recover and Come Alive'. Her techniques help individuals find relief from anger, anxiety, stress, addictive behaviors and thought patterns. Today’s topic is: Globalization of Addiction.   The opposite of addiction is NOT sobriety it’s connection. Tune in to hear more.



    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 



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    Eva Angvert Harren

    BEAM LiFE International

    Castro Valley, CA

    Beam Life Coaching




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    Ending The Silence About Sexual Addiction with Carol the Coach

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    Carol the Coach will be interviewing Jace Downey who has vowed to break the silence around the issue of sexual addiction. On the brink of suicide, she turned her life around and decided to break the shame and guilt that can be a secondary result of this addiction. Every week 100's of people tune in on YouTube and social media to ask her questions about her experience about this addiction. Listen in as you too feel the strength that she manifests. How could your life be differen if you decided to give back and turn your shame into strength?

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    Monday 9 p.m pst
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    On tonight's show we are going to be dealing with a topic that isn't necessarily easy but definitely needs to be talked about... Over the last few weeks we have received several letters from you guys asking how to deal with a partner who suffers from an addiction...? Is there ever a good time to leave the relationship especially if you are both of the Christian community? And how do you know when you have reached that point? Is there such a thing as a small addiction versus a large addiction and how do you know the difference between the two? As the spouse of someone with an addiction what role do I play in the recovery process? These questions and many more will be addressed on tonight's episode as we dive into "LOVE & ADDICTION"

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    Through Addiction with Love

    in Motivation

    Addiction: what is it? Who is an addict? What makes an addict? Are we all addicts? What is our addiction? What is your addiction? If we can be honest about our closet vices, our substitutes for removing pain, our escapes and secret pleasures, then, and only then, can we begin to look at our addictions and decide if we can overcome their affects of controlling our senses, or give in to the pleasures they provide.Some addictions can be healthy ones, or can start off as one, but if left to their own devices of blocking out loved ones and the rest of the world, these too can prove to be secret escapes derailing healthy lifestyles. So have you ever been aware of your addiction? What is or was it? Alan Charles wrote, "Walking out the Other Side"

    Moving from Addiction, through love is a great segue and healer...Dr. Jamie Turndorf, also known as Dr. Love, shares her emotionally moving, personal and inspiring story of how love never dies and her undying connection with her husband who died suddenly, and left her struggling to make sense of her life and their connection.Tune in and listen to this powerfully gripping story that will inspire even unbelievers into belief