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    SFI and the Southeast

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    SFI and the Southeast US has had an interesting interaction. Join us as Southeast Green interviews Jason Metnick, Senior Vice President, Customer Affairs, Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI Inc.)

    Jason has a third-party forest certification system in North America. The SFI® standard, one of the largest sustainable forestry certification programs in the world, is based on principles and measures that promote sustainability including measures to protect for water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk and forests of exceptional conservation value.

    As Senior Vice President, Jason works directly with companies in the wood, paper and packaging supply chain including forest landowners, manufacturers, merchants, wholesalers, converters, printers and end users to promote the SFI program and provide market access to SFI certified organizations. Jason also oversees the Office of Label Use and Licensing. The SFI® Office of Label Use and Licensing encompasses over 280 companies, universities, conservation groups and state agencies that represent over 250 million acres (more than 100 million hectares) of forestland across North America. The Office of Label Use and Licensing administers the rules and procedures for SFI on-product label usage.


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    Get to Know Southeast Green

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    Southeast Green Founders Sandra Cummins and Beth Bond speak with show host Lanada Chanel and share their vision to make Southeast Green a portal that connects business professionals and consumers to green resources and services available in the Southeast.

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    What do consumers think about energy efficiency?

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    Join host Beth Bond of Southeast Green as she discusses energy efficiency with one of the leading researchers on this topic, Suzanne Shelton.

    Suzanne is the voice and the vision of Shelton Group. Drawing on her extensive experience in energy and the environment – plus her 25 years in the marketing and advertising industry – Suzanne provides high-level strategic insights for our clients and speaks to audiences around the country about pressing issues related to marketing energy efficiency and sustainability.

    Suzanne founded Shelton Group as a one-woman copywriting agency in 1991 and turned it into a nationally recognized marketing communications firm, electing in 2001 to focus exclusively on energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition to maintaining her busy speaking and consulting schedule, Suzanne has served as a guest columnist for publications such as Fast Company, Green Builder and GreenBiz.com. Her insights about the consumer mindset on sustainability, the future of utilities and the changing energy landscape have been quoted in Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post and other top media outlets.

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    Speaking of Green - Communicating Green

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    Green Earth PR Network unites the extraordinary communication expertise of consultants respected for both knowledge and connections in the green community. I started this group to expand the intellectual capacity and creativity offerings available to each of our clients.

    My communications experience includes regional nonprofits, Capitol Hill, state government and green product manufacturers. Past and current projects/clients include: Milliken & Company, Forbo, Earth Share of Georgia, and U.S. Green Building Council. With a vocabulary that ranges from Alternative Energy to Zero Waste, organizations rely on my capability for writing clarity, communication strategy development and project management. Whether your audience is a nation or a neighborhood, we work to identify and achieve your communication goals. Focusing on details generates effective public relations strategies aligned with larger organization goals: What do you want to accomplish? How does your story differ from the competition? What are the top information channels for your audience? What resources are available and are you applying them to your best advantage? What are the perceptions?

    A master’s degree in environmental city planning combines with journalism training and more than 20 years in media, government, nonprofit and business settings. I founded Atlanta Green Communicators on LinkedIn to fill a gap in professional resources.

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    Southeast Region Technical Report to the National Climate Assessment

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    Dr. Chip Konrad is the Director of NOAA’s Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC), which provides operational climate service programs and expertise in climate science for the southeastern United States.  He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Konrad explores the spatial and temporal patterns of atmospheric processes/patterns and the multiple linkages of these processes/patterns to surface weather and climate variability. He has over 20 years experience monitoring and studying extreme weather and climate events in the Southeast U.S.

    Konrad serves as a co-principal investigator of the Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments, an interdisciplinary research team that bridges climate science and decision-making.  He was the lead author on the climate chapter of the Southeast Region Technical Report to the National Climate Assessment.  He has published articles in a wide range of geography and atmospheric science journals on topics that include heat waves, tropical cyclones, heavy precipitation, ice storms, high winds, and cold air outbreaks. His research is largely supported by grants from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

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    GCS - Green House Incubator - Retrofit America

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    Join us as we launch an eight series on the Green Chamber of the South's Green House Incubator program. We'll interview eight different incubator participants to learn about their companies and the work of the Green House Incubator.

    Geoff Berlin is the founder CEO of Retrofit America. He launched Company’s home performance contracting operations in its Atlanta market and and is now preparing to scale the business nationally. Mr. Berlin has extensive experience managing entrepreneurial ventures in the energy sector, technology-enabled services and software development.  In 2007, Mr. Berlin launched Carbon Plus Limited to develop emission reduction projects under the Kyoto Protocol in Ukraine.  In 1998, he launched the Hertz Rent A Car and Leasing franchises for Ukraine and managed the venture to a successful exit. Since 2005, Mr. Berlin was also Managing Director for Central and Eastern Europe of AMB International Finance, LLC in Washington, DC, where he developed large-scale investment projects with a focus on the energy sector.  From 2001 to 2003, Mr. Berlin was Chief Executive Officer of First Tuesday Ltd. in London, where he restructured the global operations of this business forum company that promoted technology and entrepreneurship, managing a network of licensees in 22 cities around the world. He began his career in strategic management consulting with Marakon Associates in San Francisco and then with Corporate Value Associates in Paris. Mr. Berlin earned an MBA degree from the Wharton School in 1988 and an AB degree from Dartmouth College in 1984.



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    Ocean Exchange - saving the ocean with smart ideas

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    Speaking of Green will interview this year's Ocean Exchange a couple of this year's honorees. 

    Dr. Tony Frudakis has a rich history as an emerging business expert and serial entrepreneur, focused on the commercial evolution of basic to applied science and disruptive technology development. He has public-company CEO experience, a background of successful corporate governance and SEC compliance, and is established as a cutting-edge science and technology thought leader.  Dr. Frudakis is a Ph.D. graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (1995), and a Phi-Beta Kappa, Magna Cumme Laude graduate from the University of California, Irvine (1989).  Since 1999, Dr. Frudakis has participated in the founding of four companies with technology innovations for genomics, homeland security, defense and clean energy.  In 2012, he started Okeanos Technologies to develop and market an ultra-energy-efficient desalination technology that might become the next paradigm shift in water treatment systems.  Dr. Frudakis is the author of 15 peer-reviewed scientific papers, a seminal textbook and 17 technology patent applications. 

    Mr. Anders Jansson is a Co- Founder and Ceo at Minesto. He has a proven entrepreneurial track record and has built up Minesto to what is today with offices in Sweden and UK. His focus on business development has gained traction on all continents, giving the company a global network within the renewable energy sector.

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    Your Child Deserves Healthy Green Schools

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    Healthy Green Schools is a all-inclusive school greening program to transform schools into safer, healthier and more sustainable environments for children and staff. Children spend a large part of their day in the school environment and schools are often full of harmful chemicals that are potentially damaging to health... especially industrial grade chemicals!

    The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently called for a major examination of chemicals found in everything from cleaners to personal care products and their impact on children's health, as only 200 of the 80,000 chemicals on the market have ever been tested for safety by the government. With 12% of children suffering from asthma today, 1 in 88 children being diagnosed with autism (in 2000), and childhood cancers, obesity, juvenile diabetes, premature puberty and other health issues on the rise, it is critical that schools search for ways to reduce the toxic exposure to children where they can. Healthy Green Schools makes this adventure educational, easy and fun!

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    GCS - Green House Incubator - Meet the Director Bernie Burgener

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    Bernie Burgener is the executive director of the Greenhouse Accelerator, where he helps to create local green jobs by advising and financially supporting startup entrepreneurs in green technology business ventures. Early in his career Bernie helped fund and grow businesses in various countries and industries in South America, working for a private investment company out of Lima, Peru.  He then worked for over twenty years with a water treatment company in Atlanta, leading its international business development.

    Greenhouse Accelerator:

    The Greenhouse Accelerator is a non-profit organization and provides its help for free, working with cleantech entrepreneurs over a period of up to three years;  it also provides seed loans, but does not invest in equity.  Its key objective is to help green entrepreneurs create sustainable local jobs and it measures its success along a triple bottom line:  its impacts on revenues generated, on sustainable jobs created, and on the responsible use of natural resources.  It is a community effort – the local community of successful entrepreneurs and senior executives who are willing to help a new startup succeed.

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    Update on proposed Shepherd Bend Mine

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    Join hostess Beth Bond, Curator of Sustainable News at Southeast Green, as she gets an update on the proposed Shepherd Bend Mine. The mine is mountain top coal strip mining which poses major threats to Birmingham's drinking water. Nelson Brooke, the Black Warrior Riverkeeper, will join us as we discuss the current status of the proposal, threats to Birmingham and ongoing efforts to prevent the destruction of the land owned by the University of Alabama.

    Nelson Brooke ~ Riverkeeper

    Nelson Brooke, a Birmingham native, graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with an anthropology degree. Nelson is an Eagle Scout and outdoor enthusiast who has enjoyed fishing and hunting along the banks of the Black Warrior River since he was seven years old. Nelson has been Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s staff Riverkeeper since January of 2004. He also served as Executive Director from August 2007 through December 2009. Nelson was named “2010 Alabama River Hero” by the Alabama Rivers Alliance.

    As Riverkeeper, Nelson patrols and photographs the Black Warrior River and its tributaries from the land, water, and air, looks for pollution problems, responds to citizen complaints, researches and analyzes polluters’ permits, collects pollution samples for laboratory analysis, educates the public about the beauty of the river and threats to it, works to empower stakeholders throughout the watershed, advocates compliance with environmental laws, works on finding solutions to pollution problems, and is a spokesman for the Black Warrior River watershed. Nelson runs our Riverkeeper Patrol Program and coordinates with our Legal Program when appropriate. Nelson is available to give educational presentations to your school, civic organization, or club.

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    Todd Wilkinson on Ted Turner

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    In writing his new book "Last Stand: Ted Turner's Quest to Save a Troubled Planet," environmental journalist Todd Wilkinson ventured deeper into the inner space of Ted Turner than any other before him. That inner space reveals a Turner who has largely been unknown to most people.  Last Stand has won national critical acclaim and has been widely adopted as an essential reading for conservation organizations, universities, government policy makers, businesses, and book clubs across the country. But as many say, "Last Stand" actually reads like an adventure story.

     Todd, who started his career nearly 30 years ago as a violent crime reporter in Chicago, first met Ted in 1992 in Montana where Turner has his flagship ranch, the Flying D, and where Todd lives today.  For the book Todd interviewed a number of noteworthy individuals including four Nobel Peace Prize laureates, Jane Fonda, Sen. Sam Nunn and many other major figures. Todd has been on a national tour promoting Last Stand and he joins us today from the wild American West.

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