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    A discussion with Ross County Common Pleas Judge Michael Ater

    in Politics

    A discussion with Ross County Judge Michael Ater about the Ross County Drug Court, and the Opiate Epidemic overall

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    A visit with Pike County Court Judge Paul Price

    in News

    A discussion with Pike County Judge Paul Price about the Pike County Ohio Drug Court, and the opiate/od epidemic overall

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    Jason is a product of some of the best schools in Georgia having graduated from Benjamin E. Mays High School, Morehouse College—alma mater of Martin Luther King, Jr.—and U.G.A. School of Law.  He also has a vast, wealth of experience that has prepared him for leadership.  He has been a senior prosecutor assigned to the Homicide/Major Case unit in Fulton County and Dekalb County.  He’s also served as the Executive Chief Assistant District Attorney in Clayton County and successfully prosecuted the murder of Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Daly, slain in the line of duty.  Jason also put his talents to use to defend those wrongly accused and over-charged.  He is a defense attorney has his own law firm.  Just as important as his technical abilities, Jason has the heart to lead. Let's welcome Jason Green to TRUTH TALK RADIO.

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    This evening, our special guest is Wade Starr, Jr. He was born in Clayton County and he resides right in Clayton County, Georgia. Currently, Wade Starr is the Executive Director of the Clayton County Housing Authority. Wade Starr's top priority will be to implement an agenda that will MAKE CLAYTON COUNTY BETTER in every way possible. Whether you have lived here a long time or not, it is clear to all of us that we are on the wrong track. I believe that the citizens of this county are not satisfied with pawn shops, and dollar stores. The residents of Clayton County don't appreciate seeing trash lining our streets. Homeowners don't appreciate their taxes going up every year while the value of their home remains stagnant.  We want to feel safe in our communities and in our homes. Mr. Starr has over 30 years of experience in business and experience in being cost efficient with big budgets. We do not want to become the next Detroit. 

    Mr. Wade Star is asking to lead Clayton County as the new Chairman of the Board of Commissioners because he genuinely cares about the people of Clayton County and his desire for Clayton residents are that they live in a safe, clean and prosperous county.   A county Wade Starr says, "we can be proud to call home". Wade Starr's motto is, " LET'S MAKE CLAYTON BETTER"! This will be a "power-packed" evening.  You don't want to miss this interview. Call in with your questions and concerns and they will be answered. The call-in number is, (516) 418-5667 at 7:30 p.m.

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    South Carolina Farmer's ,Historic 1,000 year Flood and challenge of Recovery

    in Politics Progressive

    Joining us on the show will be Gary Spires, Director of Governmental Affairs at the SC Farm Bureau and Christopher Sumpter 4th Generation Farmer in South Carolina.

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    SFTL 138: Turley Richards | Lily Maase | County Line Countdown

    in Entertainment

    if it's Monday night - then it's the the RK sho | join Russell Hinkle and Kevin Hale as they shoot with a variety of guests - totally unfiltered.  also, Chris Lucien - Manager/Bartender - joins us for The County Line Countdown segment.


    10:10 | Turley Richards - International Recording Artist/Performer/Producer



    10:45 | Lily Maase | The Rocket Queens - all female Guns N Roses Tribute Band



    11:10 | The County Line Countdown weekend gigs

    Jeni Carr (5.6)
    Rock Bottom Band (5.7)


    music/voice credits | Steven Clark & Jeni Carr

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    Leslie Miller-Terry is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She moved to Georgia in 1992. Leslie has been an attorney for 30 years and has practiced law in Philadelphia as well as Georgia. Leslie graduated from Temple University in 1981 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, major accounting. She began her career as an accountant with the fifth largest Trust Department in the United States at Provident National Bank. In August of 1983, she entered Villanova University School of Law. Leslie graduated from Villanova University School of Law in May 1986, where she earned her Juris Doctorate degree.

    Leslie Miller-Terry began her career as a prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney in 1988, after a two year stint as a tax professional at the Firm of Laventhal and Horwath. Shortly after moving to Georgia, Leslie continued her career as a prosecutor with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. While in the District Attorney’s office, Leslie prosecuted murder, rape, armed robbery, and a host of other felony cases.

    In January of 2000, Leslie became a sole practitioner in the Law Office of Leslie Miller Terry. Leslie’s office was located in Jonesboro, Georgia and she specialized in criminal defense. Leslie continued to practice law out of her Jonesboro office until she returned to prosecution in January 2005. In November 2004 Leslie was elected as the first African American and first woman to serve as Solicitor General of Clayton County. In January of 2009 Leslie returned to private practice. However, realizing her true passion for justice and desire to serve the citizens of Georgia.


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    Local Real Estate Market with David Kissinger

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is David Kissinger, a local Real Estate professional.

    David is a real estate lobbyist, web developer and professional writer in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He is the Director of Government Affairs for the South Bay Association of Realtors in Torrance. In this capacity he represents 4,000 Realtors in the South Bay and works closely with the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors – the nation’s largest non-partisan trade association with one million members – in order to help Realtors all over the U.S. help their clients buy or sell a home.

    This morning, we’ll be discussing the always hot, local real estate market – one of our favorite subjects!


    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit


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    Hour of Enlightenment-Ghosts and History of Augusta County

    in Podcasting

    Join Jake tonight as he discusses the history and haunts of Augusta County Virginia.

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    South Florida Attorney James "Randy" Ackley- Foreclosure is a Humanitarian Issue

    in Finance

    Over the past 25 years Randy has devoted his life to disaster relief and humanitarian aid having been employed at the American Red Cross and in charge of Presbyterian Global Disaster Assistance.   Randy has been on the ground when Hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina struck, responded to tornados and floods, faced armed conflict in Kosovo, economic collapse in Bulgaria, the Indian Ocean tsunami in South Asia and earthquakes in Haiti and Japan- all while keeping his membership active in the Florida BAR.

    When Randy says he can help save your home- he means just that.  Randy has helped save homes that are in the paths of Tsunamis, volcanos, hurricanes and wars- and even in more mundane venues- but equally dangerous areas- like court rooms.

    Randy has stated that home losses are the consequence of bad actions by banks that caused families to lose their homes.  Randy Ackley believes that if the laws on the books are enforced, families can fight back and avoid losing their homes altogether. While many people may still perceive foreclosure as similar to that of our grandparents’ day, Randy points out that many people now realize that contemporary foreclosure is often the result of failings, or outright fraudulent behavior, of the lenders and the industry, and that these are very different circumstances from the foreclosures of the past. 

    If you are in Florida and are looking for help with your foreclosure, especially your foreclosure trial, call James "Randy" Ackley at  561-594-5671 for a FREE CONSULTATION.


    Small Group Consultation (by phone) is scheduled for Friday April 29th at 3:00 EST.   

    You may self-schedule and make payment at: https://www.vcita.com/v/lendinglies