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    Lessons from Teaching in South Korea

    in Education

    Michelle McTyre, a student teacher of Eastern Michigan University studying special education, recently returned from teaching in South Korea. She shares insights about the international experience, both in the classroom and as novice in international travel. The interview with Michelle is part of a larger discussion about how immersing ourselves in new and different cultures is a powerful way to accelerate learning and thinking abilities.

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    The Other Asian Country, South Korea (DMZ)

    in Military

    “There are so many people who died during the Korean War, and lots of monuments to commemorate them all across the country,” said Son Min Seok, an official with the Korea Defense and Security Forum, one of four South Korean groups that funded the monument. “But there is no monument to remember those who died after the armistice agreement.”

    The names of approximately 90 U.S. troops and 40 South Korean troops — all KATUSAs, or Korean Augmentees to the U.S. Army — are engraved on the monument, along with the message that the South Korean people “honor the souls of the fallen soldiers ... who died fighting the communists here on the peninsula for the peace and democracy of Republic of Korea.”

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    Interview Carole P. Roman

    Topics of conversation:

    Is being an armchair traveler as exciting as actually going places. How do you pick countries?
    How the web has opened doors for self published authors.
    Can anyone do this?
    Where do you see the series going?
    How this book mimics The Travel Channel.

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    If You Were Me And Lived in South Korea

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    Interview Carole P. Roman

    Topics of conversation:

    Is being an armchair traveler as exciting as actually going places. How do you pick countries?
    How the web has opened doors for self published authors.
    Can anyone do this?
    Where do you see the series going?
    How this book mimics The Travel Channel.

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    South Korea Takes Aim! ATHLETES: Domestic Violence & Murder

    in Entertainment

    -SOUTH KOREA VS NORTH KOREA? South Korea unveiled a cruise missle that is said to be able to hit the office of North Korea's leaders
    -ATHLETES: Domestic Violence and Homicides seems to be a part of Headline News daily, why are athletes struggling to maintain control of their aggression at home?
    -VALENTINE'S DAY: Fun Facts about Valentine's Day you may not know...
    Call in LIVE to be a part of today's show with  your comments or questions... 10am US Pacific Time - 646-595-3032.
    Anarckey Entertainment and the Brian The Hammer Show would like to wish our Sponsors a very Happy Valentine's Day, Thank you for your continued support...
    -Come Get it Records, Wayne D. CEO
    -Chronic Behavior, Eva Louis
    -NuSkin, Lenny Serrao
    -The Progressive Press, Emine Dilek

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    USA Vs. South Korea - World Cup Warm-Up

    in Lifestyle

    The U.S. national team begin their warm-up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with a game against South Korea.

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    Total Soccer Show 238 - USA vs South Korea Review

    in Soccer

    We review the USA's 2-0 win over South Korea through the medium of the stock exchange.

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    Feuerstein's Fire #178 & USA Vs South Korea Review Show

    in Sports

    Live Streaming Show discussing American Soccer. Our Clubs, Leagues, Players, National Team and other fabulous moments and discussing the Friendly at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California as the USA hosts their first friendly of 2014 against South Korea.

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    Adopting from South Korea

    in Parents

    South Korea has long had one of the most stable programs for international adoption to the US. We will discuss how to adopt from South Korea, how to find an agency that will place children in your state, and the future of international adoptions from that country. Our guests will be Susan Cox, an adult Korean adoptee and adoption worker with Holt International Adoption Agency, Nancy Fox, Executive Director of Americans for International Aid and Adoption, and Duk Kyung Um, Korean Program Director for Dillon International.

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    Travel and Culture with the US Army

    in Travel

    The November 6, 2014, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Lori D. Renwick, USA.

    After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel D. Renwick’s first assignment was a year tour in South Korea, north of the “no smile line” with the 2nd Infantry Division.  After promotion to Captain she was deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina in an Aviation Liaison position in Mostar.  After that deployment she attended Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course and was subsequently deployed to Qatar.  After eight years of active duty she transferred to the New Your National Guard.  Lieutenant Colonel Renwick then volunteered for a deployment to Iraq where she was a military police battalion intelligence officer.

    Lieutenant Colonel Lori D. Renwick has earned numerous awards and certificates throughout her 17 year military career, to include the Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal, one oak leaf cluster, Army Achievement Medal, 2 NATO Ribbons, and the Army Aviation badge.

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    North Korea commits a act of war

    in Politics

    Everyone in the whole wide world knows that North Korea's Dictator Kim Jong-un hates Sony Pictires, and movies.

    If you remember the last episode I pointed out that he did commit an act of war, by hiring or forceing hackers to hack into Sony pictures because he thinks he is a god. yes it is true that by doing this is an act of war, and yes the Korean War has never end. 

    The cold war between North Korea and the in truth the UN mainly the United States is now over as of this very date.

    As you can see I am not afrais of the dictator Kim Jong-Un,for I now would like to see the movie "Interview" At first I did not want to see the movie, but now I happen to want to see just what that idiot Kim Jong-un is afraid of?

    Yes the name for Kim Jong-Un is to be idiot, fool and rediculess. Let call him these names. 


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