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    Sources of Income - Network Building

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    Welcome to Sources of Income. Join us as we discuss multiple sources of income and network building. This show is about acquiring abundance in your life and being successful with your small business. Join us for fun chat and some good coffee

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    Sources of Income - Knowledge is Energy

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    Welcome to the Sources of Income Radio show. Today is going to be the kickoff to a new daily radio show about aquiring wealth. This show is not just about wealth in money, but also in life and love. We have mixed the spirituality and the business aspects which is a must. Passion for your life is the ultimate goal, both in business and in your personal life. Entrepreneurs looking to have multiple sources of income most welcome!

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    Sources of Income - KISS

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    Welcome to Sources of Income. Join us as we discuss multiple sources of income and network building. This show is about acquiring abundance in your life and being successful with your small business. Join us for fun chat and some good coffee

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    Financial Sources

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    This show will highlight my Subject Tracer titled Financial Sources and available directly from the Virtual Private Library. The Financial Sources Subject Tracer™ will keep you on the latest path to maintain financial sources or give you the required guidance you need to stay at the leading edge of financial resources, sources and sites available over the Internet. We will also be reviewing the latest happenings from my blog during the last week. We will also discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V12N4 April 2014 highlighting my Web Guide for the New Economy and my freely available April 2014 Zillman Column featuring Script Resources On the Internet 2014 . You may call in to ask your questions at (718)508-9839. The show is live and thirty minutes in length starting at 2:00pm EST on Saturday, April 12, 2014 and then archived for easy review and access. Listen, Call and Enjoy!!

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    Mark LoMurray of Sources of Strength

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    Next week (November 9th), My guest will be the founder of Sources Of Strength.  This program is amazing and has leadership teams all across the country.  If you want to hear from the founder himself please join us!  His outreach focuses on Bully & Suicide Prevention. The Show with air at 8:30PM Central Time.  

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    Using extra-biblical Sources for Christian Research

    in Christianity

    Tonights program will feature a discussion on the subject of using extra-biblical sources for the purposes of research.Is this appropriate?

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    A Tale of Two Engines (and a Couple of Power Sources)

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    What's more impressive: a proposed engine that could power neighborhoods (and even individual residences) or one that could potentially take us to the stars?

    The answer isn't as simple as you might think. Engine technology is closely related to technology for producing energy -- both will have a huge impact on what we are able to do in the near and not-so-near future.

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon discuss the two headline-making engine developments mentioned above and also look into some intriguing new energy sources: stacking solar cells or drawing energy from the tides, 

    Tune in and explore.

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    Multiple Streams of Income: How to Create Additional Sources of Income From Your

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    answer is yes. The benefits of having of several sources of income include:

    1. It’s easier to create several small income producing streams over one large one. For example, it’s easier to create three streams that earn $1,000 than one stream that earns $3,000.

    2. It reduces the risk of being left without any income. If you’re laid off or one source of income drops, you have other sources to help you get by. Especially in home business, which has an ebb and flow, you can offset the ebbs through having more than one source of income.

    3. It helps you avoid boredom in work by having different things to do every day

    4. You can create income streams based on your interests, talents and passions.


    1. Take out a piece of paper and write your main business product or service in the middle to start a mindmap. If you’re a virtual assistant, you’d write VA in the middle of the paper.

    2. Create four spokes titled “Products,” “Services,” “Advertising/Affiliate,” and “Other” off of your main product or service.

    3. Create spokes off of each of these options with ideas on how you can make money at them.

    People who should listen to this show are home-based business owners, entrepreneurs, under-employed, coarre coaches

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    How We Can Create Neonicotinoid Free Food Sources For Bees

    in Environment

    There is a great deal of concern that our honeybees do not have enough food to eat because of the amount of pesticides being used. However, most homeowners do not realize that their demand for pristine lawns and continuously flowering plants that have low to zero maintenance are a huge part of the problem. The lack of food not only effect honeybees but other pollinators such as butterflies. Are we sacrificing sources of food so that our yards can be free from the site of plants such as clover, and dandelions, etc? Even roadside maintenance poses an issue as wildflowers and other beneficial plants are mowed down for aesthetics. Is there anything we can really do to keep our yards looking nice and not take away food from pollinators? In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Dr. Vera Krischik about how we can help pollinators by practicing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and take an active role in replenishing available food sources. Dr. Krischik is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Entomology at the U of Minnesota and an Extension Specialist in Landscape Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website.

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    Sources for Emergency Cash

    in Finance

    Whether you are starting a business or are already operating one, this episode explores ways that business owners can access emergency cash for funding their business.

    In order for a business to be successful, there must be aadequate cash flow in order to keep it running.  A business owner must be able to respond to opportunities to grow the business and to take action to remain compatitive.  Knowing where to acquire cash will help in time of need.

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