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    Who is a Soul Mate?- with Karen Winkelman

    in Spirituality

    Looking for your Soul Mate?  What is the criteria for a Soul Mate anyway?  How about a Twin Flame?  Karen will answer these questions and more during our interview during the month of love.

    A wise, passionate and expressive teacher and speaker, Karen is a lifelong spiritual seeker and student of metaphysics. She has helped hundreds of people in the US and internationally. She blends her deep and diverse training with her sense of humor and practical approach to spirituality into everything she does – whether it is at home, in a classroom, auditorium or private consultation.

    Karen is a Numerologist and Past Life Therapist, and a Wisdom guide experienced and certified in many different metaphysical and spiritual areas including past life regression, spiritual hypnosis, Tarot/Oracle cards, energy reading/healing, Reiki, astrology, mediumship, animal communication and spiritual counseling. 

    To learn more about Karen and what she has to offer, visit thelifecraftingguide.com.

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    Our Three Minds & Communication from the Spirit World with David Armstrong

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    Interested in learning more about 'Spirit Allies'?  Curious about how the Universe provides?

    Tune in to my discussion with David Armstrong and the fascinating information David brings to us after what he learned during a near-death experience.

    Are You Listening When Your Spirit Guides Speak? David Armstrong shares never before heard knowledge about the structure of our universe, structure of our three minds, and communicating spiritually. David shares how he communicates with the spirit world and how easily things fall into place when we are willing to follow the suggestions of our “spiritual allies.” He presents a strong message of how the Universe provides when we are aligned with spirit’s directives, rather than the directives of others. In addition he helps others to heal physically and emotionally and now thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally experience his amazing gifts. With the introduction of his new book, Messages from the Spirit World, he is now giving interviews and teaching to larger audiences around the world.

    David Armstrong is a healer, musician, businessman and author of Messages from the Spirit World. He wrote the book after having a near death experience and has much information to share with us about his experiences in the after life and how he came is write the book. When he had the near death experience, he discovered everything he had been taught about the universe, the spirit and the soul was false and misleading.

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    Intuitive Reading & Open Mic Coaching with Soul Crafting Coach - Karen Winkelman

    in Spirituality

    LIVE call-in show!  Call in and get a one-card reading related to your question in addition to a mini-coaching session.  Call-ins will be limited to 5 to 10 minutes per call.

    As a Soul Crafting guide, Karen is a transformation catalyst and spiritual teacher.  I am a pathfinding coach who can inspire you to move along a road where your soul can awaken.

    To learn more about Karen, visit http://www.thelifecraftingguide.com/about.

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    Human Design System-Blueprint for your Soul with Sandra Lee

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    Before you listen in live or to the archived show today - get your free Human Design chart so you can get a deeper understanding of Human Design for yourself.  Sandra will not be doing live readings, this is to help you follow along :)  Here is the link and it only takes 30 seconds   https://humandesignamerica.com/chart


    'Human Design is like a blueprint of your unconscious and conscious personality. It is a tool for aligning yourself in divine harmony with who you are. It helps bring clarity to habits and characteristics that you might already be aware of on some level but may not have fully grasped the “why” of it.'

    Listen in as Sandra and I discuss the concept of the Human Design system and why learning about your own human design can be an instrumental guideline for your life.

    Sandra's mission:  My mission with Miracle Inspirations is to inspire people to experience and appreciate the miracles of their lives every day. And to encourage them to spread the gift of that experience to others. Since 1993, through my bodywork and coaching practice, I have been privileged to assist over a thousand people in their efforts to feel better. Working with me empowers people to incorporate lifestyle practices that assist them in healing themselves. My work with people is alive and extraordinarily satisfying. Each day, I discover newly how miraculous we humans are, both as individuals expressing ourselves, and within our amazing bodies. Enjoy.

    To learn more about Sandra - visit http://miracleinspirations.com/

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    Curious about Numerology? with Karen Winkelman

    in Spirituality

    Are you curious about numerology?  What exactly can numerology tell us about ourselves?

    Karen Winkelman will be sharing her knowledge about numerology and its significance in our our life paths as well as for our businesses.

    Karen skillfully blends intuition, wisdom and metaphysical and spiritual teachings with practical guidance, compassion and humor to empower healers, holistic practitioners, creatives and heart-centered professionals to get unstuck, take back their power, own their gifts, and craft the life their heart desires.

    To learn more about Karen, visit her website at:


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    Soul Revolution Monthly Meditation - Root Chakra Meditation

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    Beginning in April, Soul Revolution Radio will begin a series of meditations designed for personal growth.  Personal growth is something lots of people are interested in but may be missing an integral part of the process....meditation.

    Starting with the Root Chakra, we will go through each chakra monthly.  In addition to the meditation there will be suggested exercises posted weekly on Soul Revolution's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/soulrevolution.  Stop by and 'like' the page to keep updated on the exercises and recommendations.

    The Root chakra is called 'muladhara'.  The color correspondence is red and it relates to our basic survival needs and sense of belonging.  The health of this chakra helps us feel confidant and secure - when we are struggling financially, filled with worry or always feeling insecure in a group of people then our root chakra is out of balance.

    This meditation, as well as other root chakra exercises, is designed to get and keep the root chakra in balance. 

    Spring is here and it is time for new projects....ready to grow?



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    Personal Growth Series - Solar Plexus Chakra

    in Spirituality

    As part of the personal growth series, Soul Revolution Radio is doing a monthly meditation. 

    This month, the focus is on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

    The solar plexus chakra is the center of our personal strength, willpower, self-esteem, boundary setting, warrior energy and transformation.

    The corresponding element is fire and the color, yellow.

    It is located just above the navel and below the sternum.  Heartburn can be the result of an overactive solar plexus chakra and its fire. 

    Fire purifies the past and energizes progress toward the future. 

    A balanced solar plexus chakra manifests healthy self-esteem, respect for others, feeling of confidence and joy, as well as daring and charisma.

    A solar plexus out of balance manifests confusion, low-self esteem, over exaggerated ego and depression.

    Physical issues related to an imbalance in this area are problems with digestion and liver problems. 

    Utilize this meditation to balance the solar plexus chakra and let the fire energy burn away and purify your 'I am' energy.


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    Personal Growth Series - Sacral Chakra Meditation

    in Spirituality

    As part of the personal growth series, Soul Revolution Radio is doing a monthly meditation. 

    This month, the focus is on the Sacral Chakra.

    The sacral chakra is the center of your sexuality, passion, creativity, and nurturing.

    When healthy, we are open to intimacy and comfortable with our sexuality.  We feel the passion of creativity and create beautiful works of art, new endeavors, or relationships.  It is also part of the 'mother' energy in each of us including men.  A healthy sacral chakra allows us to nurture others without feeling uncomfortable, it also allows us to seek nurturing from others without feeling needy.

    A sacral chakra that is too open creates an overwhelming personality with the need to control others either with our sexuality or emotional outbursts.  The obsessive need for attention drives us to act in ways that may not serve us in relationships to include romantic, work or friendships.

    A sacral chakra that is too closed can manifest as low self-esteem, sexual rigidity, relationship insecurity and stagnation.  When we are experiencing feelings of low self-worth, our physical appearance suffers and we become apathetic toward life.

    The element for this chakra is water.  The gemstones:  amber, hematite, quartz and orange calcite.

    This meditation is designed to balance this chakra and enable us to see areas of this chakra that may need clearing or building in order to obtain this balance.


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    Personal Growth Series - Third Eye Chakra Meditation

    in Spirituality

    The Third Eye chakra is located above the bridge of your nose between the eyes.  It governs the 'sixth sense' - intuition and other psychic abilities.  

    On the physical level, it governs the pituitary gland, eyes, ears,  and skeletal system.

    When balanced - clarity of thought and emotion; highly ethical; charisma; material things are less important.

    When out of balance - obsessive thoughts and actions, maniupulative, dogmatic, nervousness, tendency to over-think.

    The third eye chakra is our link between the inner and outer world.  It is also the chakra that assists us with understanding the big picture when witnessing events and other situations.  It allows us to tap into a Higher wisdom when coming to conclusions.  It is important to keep this chakra balanced as it governs our working mind and if it is out of balance, we can become delusional and overly fearful without the ability to gain a more balanced perspective.

    The color correspondence is Indigo and some of the gemstones associated are:  azurite, amethyst, sodalite, and celestite.

    Scents:  basil, juniper, passion flower, rosemary.

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    Learning the Major Arcana in the Tarot with Anmarie Uber

    in Spirituality

    Anmarie is back!  She will be going through and educating us about the major arcana cards in the Tarot deck.


    Anmarie was with us in March to give us a brief overall lesson of the Tarot so if you missed that episode click here to listen in.

    Anmarie Uber has worked out of 4 new age stores as a reader, healer and instructor. She currently offers several types of services including massage therapy, yoga instruction, tarot, astrology, numerology, mediumship, Feng Shui, past-life regressions and Clearing and Soul Completion healing sessions, among others, with 24+ years of experience in the above.  She has trained under Doreen Virtue as an Advanced Oracle and Tarot Reader; James Wanless as a Tarot Practitioner; The Western School of Feng Shui; and Denise Linn.  Her spiritual life relects the teachings of "A Course in Miracles."  

    Anmarie is currently working on a book project and designing a tarot deck.

    Her website is spiritcomm.net.



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    Communicating with Animals -Biologist and Animal Communicator, Marta Williams

    in Spirituality

    'When people learn to communicate intuitively it brings about a fundamental change in consciousness toward animals and nature. They see that all of nature is equivalent to humans in intelligence, feeling, and spirit. This then leads to a new dynamic, where people consider the needs of each individual and the viability of the whole rather than just being concerned about themselves. This is exactly the change we need to save our planet and ourselves.' - Marta Williams

    'If I could talk to the animals...' Remember that tune from Dr. Doolittle?

    Listen in to Soul Revolution Radio as I interview with Marta Williams - biologist and animal communicator.  We will be discussing her book 'Learn their Language' and get an idea of how animal communicators are able to 'speak' with animals and learn about their feelings and thoughts. 

    Marta has a BS in Resource Conservation from the University of California at Berkeley, and a MS in Biology and Systematic Ecology from San Francisco State University. She spent many years studying wildlife in the field, rehabilitating ill and injured animals, and working as an environmental scientist.

    Marta works full-time as an animal communicator, offering consultations for animals worldwide to help solve behavior problems, find lost animals, assist animals during illness and death, and bring people and animals and people and nature closer together. She is a proponent of natural training methods and holistic health care.

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