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    Healing Through Soul Retrieval with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

    Healing Through Soul Retrieval: The Jenn Royster Show – Your Host Dr Jenn Royster shares her experience as a master energy healer on a powerful form of energetic healing called Soul Retrieval. This ancient healing art is thousands of years old and still used successfully today. Dr Jenn has retrieved many pieces of her own soul back and has helped many of her own clients with soul retrieval over the years. Explore this ancient style of mending the soul and how it can help you welcome home the fragmented parts of YOU. An amazing form of energy healing that just may be the answer your looking for to finally move forward. Do you feel like there’s a part of you missing?

    The Spirit survives no matter what has happened in our lives. This is a spiritual journey of healing traumatic events. Only when an individual is ready for this, should it be pursued. This is a not a choice someone else can make for you. Soul Retrieval is a spiritual journey of healing and is not intended to substitute medical treatment.

    Pre Recorded: Original air date Jan 15, 2015 on DreamVisions 7 Radio Network

    Learn more about Dr Jenn and download your free guided meditations at JennRoyster.com


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    Soul Retrieval w/ Konstanza Morning Star

    in Paranormal

    Friday, August 29th

    10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    Soul loss may occur in response to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; a molestation experience during childhood or being ruthlessly teased and bullied; a bitter divorce, a shocking betrayal, a sexual assault, a serious surgery, or a terrible car accident, to name just a few. The post-traumatic stress syndrome experienced by military veterans is a classic example of soul loss.

    In spite of all that is happening in the world right now, we all need to retrieve our souls and take back the power within!

    Konstanza Morningstar is an evidential psychic medium, who is dedicated to proving continuity of life beyond death in her mediumship readings. She is a gifted spiritualist teacher who will be joining us next Friday night to talk about Soul Retrieval….how we can take back our power after trauma. If you have suffered trauma or have a loved one who has…please do not miss this show.

    Show Call In # 661-244-9831

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    Soul Recovery and Soul Retrieval

    in Self Help

    Part Three of "Supercharge Your Inner-Chi"

    Our soul is the part of us that is eternal; the part of us that occupies our body when we are born and leaves when we die.  But when our soul flees while we are still alive we can feel like a shell of a person because; well, we are.

    What happens when our soul flees?  Is our soul really stolen or lost?  If so how do we get it back?

    In this episode of Pandora's Box we will explore these questions and learn tools and techniques to take back your power, your energy, your soul. 

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    Explore The Shaman Way of Soul Retrieval with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

    Dr Jenn discusses this powerful form of energetic healing called Soul Retrieval. It’s been around for thousands of years and still used today by Shamans for healing. Dr Jenn has helped her many of her own clients with soul retrieval over the years and shares her experience as a master energy healer. Explore this ancient style of mending the soul and how it can help you welcome home the fragmented parts of YOU. An amazing form of energy healing that just may be the answer your looking for to finally move forward.

    The intention of this episode is to inform you of choices available to you. Soul Retrieval is powerful but should be considered a choice of free will by those ready to bring home the scattered souls pieces. Soul pieces may splinter off to survive when we experience a traumatic event. Sometimes they don’t return afterwords. The Spirit survives no matter what has happened in our lives. Only when an individual is ready for this, should it be pursued. This is a not a choice someone else can make for you. Do you feel like there’s a part of you missing?

    Dr Jenn Royster is an Intuitive Couselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. Visit: JennRoyster.com to learn more and download FREE guided meditations. Free video class offer when you subscribe to newsletter.

     This episode has been PreRecorded: Orig Live air date 10/02/14 on 1230am WBLQ and Transformationtalkradio Network.


    Photo Credit: photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc


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    Learn Soul Retrieval and Spirit Wellness for an Inspired Life

    in Current Events

    Sandra Ingerman, MA, is a world-renowned teacher of shamanism and author of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self.  Sandra is recognized for bridging ancient cross cultural healing methods into our modern culture addressing the needs of our times.

    Feel like something is just off and you just cannot seem to find what is important to you in life anymore, do your days appear to be a process of actions without meaning and you just have no sense of value in a changing world?  What is speaking to you; your heart, soul or the peer group around you?  Have you had a life event that left you 'changed' or 'empty'?  With all attempts to fill your heart and that emptyness no longer work, perhaps it is time to look into your soul and bring it loved and nourished in each moment of your life.

    For more information about Sandra, her events, CD's, programs and books, visit:  www.sandraingerman.com

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    Soul Retrieval

    in Paranormal

    Join Rev. Sayge as he talks about sacred Shamanic Soul Retrieval and his most recent quest deep into the forests of Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada to learn about this important aspect of Shamanic work. If you have had trauma in your life and feel incomplete you won't want to miss this program.

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    Soul Retrieval..what is it?

    in Spirituality

    On tonights show Rosie is going to discuss the process of "Soul Retrieval".  
    Soul loss occurs as a result of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual trauma or abuse and any combination thereof. Parts of the soul literally leave the body because some events are too painful to endure while maintaining conscious awareness at the same time.

    Soul Retrieval is one way to restore and maintain our life force, and power, and this is an act where we are in fact locating our own life-force that has been displaced and reuniting the fragments we have either given away or lost. An important way to help maintain our personal power and life-force is not too conscious or unconsciously hold on to another’s life force.

    At the bottom of the first hour Rosie will be joined by Leslie Hale, Astrologist who will fill us all in about events playing out in the Cosmos this week.  It has been a roller coaster ride this week starting with the Supermoon so listen in for advice from Leslie on how to ride out the storm!

    The show is presented by Rosalea of The Psychic Meeting Place at www.pmp-advisors.com.  Rosie will be accepting calls the last hour of the show.  Be sure and call in early to get in the queue for it fills up rapidly.  
    The call in number is 1(714)888-7516

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*


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    Soul Retrieval with Penny Cohen, LCSW

    in Spirituality

    Penny Cohen is a psychotherapist and author of the book, “Personal Kabbalah." On this show we will be discussing the concept of Soul Retrieval: what it is, why it may be needed and how it works.

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    Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval ~ Cyndie Lepori

    in Spirituality

    What is Soul Retrieval? Soul Retrieval is a shamanic-based approach to remedy the condition of "soul fragmentation." Soul Loss or Fragmentation" is an extreme/spiritual disassociation that often occurs when one experiences trauma. In this trauma a part of the soul/consciousness/spirit detaches from the "self" (disassociation is a natural coping mechanism) and the soul fragment doesn't return without assistance. There are many mental, emotional and physical issues that may be a result of soul loss or soul fragmentation- That being said Soul Retrieval work is not meant to replace or substitute mental or physical heal care and treatment- During your session Cyndie will guide you (similar to guided meditation or regression) to locating your soul fragments and returning them to the present "self." Potential indicators of Soul Loss may include but are not limited to

    Memory Loss
    loneliness, feeling disconnected, or scattered
    consciously or subconsciously pushing people away

    Cyndie Lepori is a Retired RN,Ascension Reiki Master Teacher. She is currently a Physic Reader,Channel, Medium and Animal Communicator. She teachs Dolphin BubblePlayshops and develop tools for people to use and empower themselves. She is on the Spirit Rescue Team and Radical Joy for Hard TimesTeam.

    Dolphin Energy Practitioner/HealerLevel II. Certified by the Dolphins as an Emmisary to facilitateDolphin Attunements and transformational Weekends.

    Shewrites for Species Link Magazine. She wrote this Bubbles and BillySandwalker to assist the children and grownups to better understandthe gifts spirit and the dolphins have provided for us. Shecontributor to Whales and Dolphins Forever, soon to be released and aspeaker at the 2014 Dolphin Summit in Hi.

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    Cosmic Truth with Janine Regan-Sinclair & Patti Negri - Soul Retrieval 10

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday at 7pm (UK) BST, 11am PST & 2pm EST - Join Janine & Patti for live chat about Soul retrieval, personal insight, spiritual guidance & even healing over the airwaves. This is your opportunity to speak to the USA's No1 Psychic and No1 Medium and Tarot Reader in the World. 

    And if you haven't checked out Cosmic Truth yet, there are now around 30 shows to listen to on YouTube, all merging science with spirituality, with Janine interviewing Scientists, Doctors, Animal Communicators, Healers, Psychics and more. You will find some of the most prominent speakers of our time on her show, from Dr Bruce Lipton to Diana Cooper and Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton. Janine even interviewed Patti Negri way back in January 2014. Receive advice with your career, love life, soul purpose and live healing on air.

    www.crystalki.com   www.pattinegri.com 

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    Gerry Gavin – Soul Retrieval, Thur, Mar 14, 9:00PM EST

    in Spirituality

    On the show This Thursday, Gerry is going to talk about:•What is soul retrieval – how do people loose pieces of their souls•How is it done – in person and remotely.•What is the process like•What might I feel like after a soul retrieval•How do I know if I need soul retrievalDescription: In ancient and even many current indigenous cultures, there is a strong belief that your consciousness (or soul) can be detrimentally affected when an individual goes through a traumatic event. Often this can manifest itself in many different ways, from depression, to a feeling of emptiness, to more substantial symptoms like no memory of a specific period of time, repetitive negative relationship issues and even addiction. Our guest, Gerry Gavin is a Shamanic Practitioner and author of the newly released Hay House book “Messages from Margaret” which features channeled messages from the Angelic Realm.ABOUT GERRY GAVIN For over twenty years, Gerry Gavin has been working as a communication and empowerment specialist, helping individuals to reach their full potential by teaching them how to listen to their body, mind, and spirit. He does this through a combination of modern-day alternative therapeutic techniques and ancient shamanic practices.He is a workshop facilitator, speaker, life coach, medium, and creator of the very successful Angels & Shamans Workshop, which puts participants in direct communication with their angels and guides.Gerry lives on a small horse farm in New Jersey, with Gail, David, Wyatt, Annie, and about thirty other wonderful farm critters.www.gerrygavin.com