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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio talks Music.

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio  Host chats with audience about what is Real Music.  Peace.

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio

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    Real Soul Music Talk radio present part 2 of the discussion of where is hip hop.

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio talks Education.

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio Team Talks on the matter.  Host DJ Jano-G has two special guests tonight consists of Mr. Derick Evans and Young Author Mr. Tim Sanders.  We will discuss education in the black community and why do most black youth end up in prison.  Please join us for this dynamic talk and more.  Also don't forget the soul song of the day.  We are here to raise awareness not to judge. Peace.

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    real soul talk about everything

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    Real soul music talk radio presents a talk about llife as we know it.  Host dj jano g and co host mr. Yeyo will give a detail discussion. Please join the movement.

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    Real Soul Music Talk Host DJ Jano-G gives introduction.

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    We present to you Real Soul Music Talk Radio.

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    Cynthia's Soul Music

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    Cynthia's Soul music will be co-host by Minister Derell Eddings . He is a spoken word author and he has a new music project Titled "Amazing ,Beautiful . I had the pleasure of seeing this video on Facebook and had to have this wonderful man of God on my show. Please join us as we talk about all his ministries poet,musician and a minister of the word of God.

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio Host & Co-Host Reflect on 2013.

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio Presents to you a good reflection of thoughts on the year 2013.  DJ Jano-G and Mr. Ye-Yo give a young and older prespective on the matter.  Call-ins or welcome and once again We Do Not Judge.  Peace.

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    Cynthia's Soul Music

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    This week on Cynthia Soul Music will be faeturing the songress Laverne Lady Liberty Spruill. Lady Liberty recently released her first song called "Liberty".

    LadyVerne brings expertise and value to Gospel with her fresh approach to ministry. Coming from a musical family, she learned at an early age how God can use music to change lives. Her mother was a choir director and tutored LadyVerne in the ways of music ministry. LadyVerne traveled with various choirs and groups, from local events to The JFK Center and Carnegie Hall.

    LadyVerne debunks the notion that Christian Music and Ministry are boring and stagnant. She exhibits passion for Christ. When how she stays energetic and effective throughout her ministry and life, Lady Verne said, “Stay thankful, appreciative and grateful.”

    Being an independent Gospel artist is something she is proud of. She enjoys the freedom it affords her ministry. “We can still keep our creativity & let God move the way He is moving,” said LadyVerne. She wants to remain approachable no matter what arena. LadyVerne believes maintaining flexibility is important in order to be led by the Holy Spirit while ministering.



    Her CD single “Liberty” and its accompanying music video have made waves across the country and around the world with the help of YouTube and other social media. LadyVerne believes the track is a perfect tool for Mission Work. An artist with a heart for God’s people, LadyVerne plans to donate some of her CDs and DVDs to local libraries so that people can borrow her projects and receive a blessing.


    Find out more about LadyVerne’s Ministry by visiting her website: http://www.myPPK.com/get/ladyverne


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    A Good Choice in Oldies Music

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    Real Soul Music Talk radio presents a selection from a younger point of view of oldies music.  Host DJ Jano G and Co host Mr. Yeyo and crew will discuss a little of what oldies music really mean to us.  Please join the movement and we do not judge anyone. 

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    Back To Soul Music with Sade' & Knowledge on the ghetto truth Magazine in STEREO

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    'Music is Truth' ~ Gg

    Soul music developed in the late 1950’s and remained popular through the 1970s. Music at that point took a turn and continues to change today. It was a major force in pop music history thanks to labels like Stax and Motown and seems to be slipping out the hands of the originators of Soul music. Its popularity among Indigenous Americans made it a prominent part of the civil rights movement and on Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre0, we’re going to return to the great soul music of our culture. It’s Friday night, so get down on it and listen in on HLT0 and we promise to take you back to where music was a soulful experience.

    *Sponsored by African Americans Ain't African

    Hosted by Sade' and Knowledge

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    Our Beverly Nation Tribute / The 60's Soul Music Revue

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    Join us as we parlay down the road of good ol' sweet feeling tracks on the 744th episode of BevNat