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    Soul Dancer: Author of Pay Me What I'm Worth!

    in Spirituality

    Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and Guru - Soul Dancer (a.k.a. Soul Can-Opener!) joins the show tonight!  During this exciting hour of radio, you'll find out how to start getting PAID WHAT YOU'RE WORTH!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions and join the fun!   

    Soul Dancer enjoys a unique birth name as well as a life as a private spiritual teacher, coach, key-note speaker, live-talk radio show host and syndicated columnist.  Soul is the Founder of Soul University and author of Pay Me What I'm Worth.  His life journey includes earning a masters in social work and a bachelors in human relationships from the University of Minnesota.  His travels take him to 20+ countries to receive training and offer teaching as a social working, monk and shaman!

    Pay Me What I’m Worth is blossoming into local to global grass roots movement to reduce stress and increase confidence. (Heads-up!  Soul is hiring and paying people to teach the exercises in this book. Call for details.)  He produces live, Blogtalk radio shows focused on helping listeners and callers learn, laugh and grow with ease and grace.

    For more information on Soul Dancer call 312 268-0000 or visit his website here!   

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    Honoring Your Worth And Discovering Your Most Positive Group With Soul Dancer

    in Motivation

    The Entrepreneur Power Hour Interviews Soul Dancer. Soul Dancer is a world renowned monk, author , shaman, social worker, author , and coach! He also teaches a course called paymewhatimworth  and has a radio show on blog talk which is geared at helping individuals discover their own worth through personal developement. Soul shares his beginnings of how he became an entrepreneur as well as some powerful information on how paymewhatimworth has helped the interviewe's. In addition Soul also offers a powerful exercise you can do to find the most positive people in your life!  

    1.How did you become an entrepreneur?

    2.Tell more about what you do and some of the highlights of your career?

    3.Give 3 tips for anyone who like start doing what you are doing? (or how what your doing can help them on their journey)

    4. What has your experience as an entrepreneur been like so far and what advice can you give to our audience or other new entrepreneurs to stay motivated in order to become successful?

    5. Where can we find you online?

    To Find Soul go to https://paymewhatiamworth.com or call 312-268-000

    To Visit The Entrepreneur Power Hour Go To http://www.theentrepreneurpowerhour.com


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    Soul Dancer

    in Business

    Guest 1 -  Soul Dancer is the Founder of Souldancer Network, principle teacher of souldancing and author of Pay Me What I’m Worth.  Soul facilitates life-changing retreats.  Souldancing awakens one’s inner wisdom to resolve and dissolve doubts, guilt, shame or worry. Pay Me What I’m Worth radically upgrades your sense of worth on multiple levels.  He shares, "When are you going to walk YOUR talk?"


    Guest 2 - Gaudia Chevannes Aquart is a successful international entrepreneur, for the past 30 years.  She specializes on assisting others to transform their life, health and prosperity.  She shares how to always surround yourself with the right people and to never quit on your goals, dreams and aspirations.

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    Winter Solstice 2015 Guided Journey: Rest & Release

    in Spirituality

    Winter Solstice marks the arrival of Winter for many, Summer for some.  Celebrate the change of seasons with our 30 minute guided journey to explore what needs a rest and what needs to be released.

    You host, Soul, a shaman in four traditions, monk of three orders and social worker (masters level) create these journeys to help you learn, laugh and love with more ease and grace.

    Click to visit Soul University for more no-cost on-demand classes when you sense it's time to grow!

    Click this link to access hundreds of on-demand shows packed with professionally produced, college-level class materials.

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    Music: Continue Life, Meditation Impromptu 01, Ambiment, Drone in D, Aretes by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

    Thanks for listening!

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    How friendly is change for you? A conversation with Soul Dancer

    in Spirituality

    Join Anna Banguilan as she talks with Soul Dancer as they talk about change, perspective and a whole lot more!
    Soul Dancer enjoys a unique birth name as well a life as a private spiritual teacher, coach, key-note speaker, live-talk radio show host and syndicated columnist. Soul is the Founder of Soul University and author of Pay Me What I’m Worth. His life journey includes earning a masters in social work and a bachelors in human relationships from the University of Minnesota. His travels take him to 20+ countries to receive training and offer teaching as a social worker, monk and shaman. He enjoys living and teaching how to live a culturally competent, spiritually awake and aware life.

    Connect with Soul Dancer:


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    Law of Attraction ~ A conversation with Soul Dancer

    in Spirituality

    Soul Dancer enjoys a unique birth name as well a life as a social worker, monk, shaman, key-note speaker, live-talk radio show host and syndicated columnist. More? Click for more on Soul . . .
    12-12-12 Surprise!!
    We will also be joined by LionFire, a Shamanic practitioner with over 20 years experience working within a variety of Shamanic traditions. Known around the world, LionFire is a White Shaman “Two-Spirit” of Norse and Celtic heritage. A bridge between generations, orientations and traditions, he is a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoko, Tibetan, Raku and Shambala traditions and he is also certified in acupressure massage.
    More on LionFire http://lionfire.co/bio

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    Soul Dancer: A Monk On A Mission To Care For Caregivers

    in Caregiving

    Come meet an ambitious monk who's on a mission to take care of caregivers locally and globally.  Learn how Soul Dancer will help you earn an income by eating a meal or reading a book all the while supporting his massive mission.    Click this link to learn more about this mission.   Dial in to (646) 478-3716 to ask frank questions.  Be prepared for frank answers!   After this show, to receive a FREE month of Soul University access, leave a comment or question in the comment box below.

  • SOUL GUIDANCE & MEDITATION with Master Peggy Werner

    in Spirituality

    Be happier and healthier in 2016 with Master Peggy Werner!

    DIAL (347) 996-5260 @ 25 minutes after the hour to speak with Master Peggy. Please visit: www.facebook.com/MasterPeggyWerner

    Master Peggy Werner is a Tao Channel and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. She has studied with Master Sha for over 15 years and is a spiritual representative and direct disciple of his teachings and healing abilities.

    As such, Master Peggy has very advanced Soul Healing, Soul Teaching and Divine Direct Soul Communication abilities with a highly developed Third Eye and authority to read all levels of the Akashic Record of past, present and future lifetimes to serve others in the areas of Health & Healing, Looking & Feeling Younger, Vitality, Self-Love, Relationships, Business, Finances and every aspect of life.

    Master Peggy not only offers readings to guide others with their issues, she also has been given the authority and ability to offer Divine Karma Cleansing (which is very rare) to remove the blockages which are causing them. Many have found these techniqes to be very effective.

    Master Peggy is one of the founding spiritual leaders at Master Sha's Soul Healing Center in San Francisco, where she shares the wisdom, knowledge and practices she's learned directly from Master Sha in her own unique way and serves clients around the world though weekly classes, workshops and private consultations. To inquire about a private consultation please call to Tao Healing Center at:


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    Body 'N Soul w/ Ty Slatter (Episode 4) Ft. Sterling Hicks (Production Assistant)

    in Radio

    Body 'N Soul is hosted by Ty Slatter, an Artist/Songwriter & former college Radio Personality (Midnight Soul, WCRD). Body 'N Soul will be airing Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 6-7am. Guest Speakers will be interviewed Mondays, New Music will be presented on Wednesdays & on Feel Good Fridays, Ty will be playing tracks to get you ready for the weekend! Listeners can call in to give feedback throughout the show to allow the listeners to help make Body 'N Soul better every week! Body 'N Soul's Hotline is (929) 477-2779 

    This Week's Exclusive Interview Is With Sterling Hicks aka DJ Sterlz Producton Assistant at WTWO News (NBC, Terre Haute)

    Follow Sterling On Instagram @DJSterlz3rd4low & Facebook Sterling Hicks

    Follow Our Host On Instagram, Twitter & FB @TySlatter

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    How to Use the Power of Intention!

    in Self Help

    Is there a difference between 'intention', free will, and your everyday thoughts? Why is Intention different from simply 'making a choice'. How can you intuitively recognize conscious and unconscious intentions? What's a 'Soul Contract Intention?' Ready to really co-create your life? Then don't miss this MIND BLOWING show as Robert explores the 'Anatomy of Intention' and how you can harness its power! To speak to Robert LIVE dial 818.495.6927!

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    Ascension Soul Wisdom W/ Rev James - Free Readings Monday

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Ascension Soul Wisdom - We all know things cannot stay the way they are. We need to step up and become world changers. I am here to help. I have done readings for many many years. Call in early to get a free reading.





    Disclosure Policy:

    This is done for entertainment purposes,

    It is very important that you do not live your life from a reading or channeling .

     A reading or channeling  is to assist you to determine choices, that you feel are in your best and highest interest.

    I have the right to provide a service to a client or not.  

    No psychic is 100%  accurate- I have a high accuracy rate, but only God is perfect.

    I am not a doctor and you should never cease medical treatment except if you are medically released .