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    EPISODE #121

    In today’s episode we are talking about:

    How Type A’s can maximize the qualities of their personalities by working on improving their personal and relational flexibility
    Why being flexible in life matters for your success and for your happiness
    My opinion on Periscope and why you’re going to want to be following my ‘scopes!




    Because we all have it!

    In particular because I have known it all too well!

    And because fear CAN be overcome!





    T Paige!









    Patsy is a bookish woman who loves words and has a penchant for dark chocolate sorbet. Since spelling bees in grade school, childhood Scrabble games, right up to her current addiction with Words with Friends she has been known to spell it out, to say it like it is.

    Much to her surprise Patsy has written a stack of books that continues to light her passion for the printed page. And nothing pleases her more than to share her faith through laughter and tears and to encourage others to flourish.

    A former agoraphobic Patsy never imagined the expansive plans God had in mind for her. She just wanted to make it to her neighborhood grocery store and safely home again. Instead, for the past 35 years she has been traipsing throughout the U.S. and Canada, interspersed with trips to Israel and Africa and she has even spoken at the Pentagon for the Flag Officers Bible Study. Patsy has spoken to millions of women (and men) offering spiritual and emotional hope.


    [Tweet "It IS possible to find freedom from fear. Listen to my chat with @PatsyClairmont on how: "]


    Patsy has written books in several genres including devotional, fiction, children’s, and gift of

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    Everything w/KathyB, Chef Oliver,Dr. Julissa,Kristy McCarley, Susan McGhee

    in Health

    Source Nation! We're back again LIVE for Healthy Cooking & Living.

    At 6 Join Chef Oliver in the kitchen for another budget friendly dish that's easy to make & delicious to eat. What's on the menu? Lemon chicken orzo salad and a strawberry sorbet. You definitely want to listen in and check out the slide show at 6:15.

    ?At 7:15 Our Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Julissa (drjulissa.com) is back to share more information with us on living a Holistic Life.

    At 8:15 Tune in to, "For The Health Of It" with Host Kristy McCarley as she welcomes, Artistic Director of the Academy Of The Arts, Susan McGhee into the studio to discuss, The Role That Dance Plays In Helping You Stay Fit & Lose Weight.


    Call in and be a part of the conversation at 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    Whirl With Merle

    in Travel

    You'll never think of an ice cream pop as common when you've tried Buzz Bar, pops infused with real alchohol and not simply the flavor.  There are presently six flavors.  Larry King Heart Bar of berry sorbet and merlot wine. The Buzz Café of coffee ice cream and Irish Cream. Blitzed Berry with strawberry ice cream and rum.  Bourbon Street Chocolate has chocolate ice cream and whiskey. Citrus Berry Drop with raspberry lemon drop sorbet and lemon vodka.  The Drunken Cookie of cookies and cream ice cream with bourbon.  Vanilla Daze has vanilla ice cream with cognac.  Amy Freeman will give us the lowdown. . www.buzzbaricecream.com  

    Going to Charleston, South Carolina?  There are various tours going but Bulldog Tours has a culinary tour that not only takes you for the tastes of low country cuisine, gives you history of the area as well.  Kathy will take us on this tour. www.bulldogtours.com

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    My Mother's Secrets to Cranberries - More Than Just Sauce!

    in Cooking

    Canned cranberry sauce sales soar for Thanksgiving and there are many recipes in the internet for making fresh cranberry sauce.  But, it just won't feel like Thanksgiving in mmy house without Fresh Cranbery Pudding.  It is delicous warm or cold.  It can be a flavorful side dish, a delightful dessert, or slightly sweet - slightly tart snack.  We will also discuss Cranberry Sorbet, Sugared Cranberries, and Cranberry/Apple Cider

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    Get Your Prance On Ladies!!!

    in Women

    How to De-Stress With Finesse & Fabulous Food!!!
    Join me tonight with Special Guest, Elyse Wagner (CEO of My Kitchen Shrink) explains what Stress is and what it produces in our body.  What foods that actually create stress and which ones create finesse! 
    How does a simply berry lemon sorbet sound on these hot summer days?  Elyse has this yummy recipe to share and more!  
    How To De-Stress With Finesse & Fabulous Food!

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    The Southern Passion Lounge w/ Chef Amadeus

    in Food

    This week in the Southern Passion Lounge its all about the UNCF Cooking Series in Seattle Wa. stopping by is Lacie West the Area Development Director, Chef Wayne Johnson at Ray's Boathouse, Cafe & Catering, NW/Global Seafood & Featured on Iron Chef, Chef Lauren Walker - Private Chef & Cake Designer, Chef Claiborne Bell - Seattle Sorbets, Co-Founder Martin Barret - Sozo Wine, Kimberly Schaub - Beecher's Handmade Cheese
    Also stopping by is Stephanie Tastad of "Where To Eat Guide" Seattle
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    twitter: ChefAmadeus
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    Loretta McNary presents Visionary Ujimma Masani

    in Entertainment

    Loretta McNary Live is a premier blog talk radio show created for an empowered, active, and diverse TV, radio, social media and online listening audience. LML uses a progressive live call in format to target an ever expanding market of online listeners wanting an impressive menu of meaningful, insightful, and authentic conversations.
    Today our guest is Bri (Ujimma Masani) Ward.
    She is the owner of The Original Caribbean Ice, a sorbet company that employs youth and teaches entrepreneurship; and currently the visionary, in its third year, of Brothers Who Can Cook, an African-American chef event; that features national winners and contestants of network & cable chef shows; addressing the pandemic of diabetes in the African-American Community, to be held this May on the 5, at the Douglass-Myers Museum in Fells Point.
    Ujimma (whose name means Collective Work and Responsibility) is a devoted Pan-African Nationalist and active in a variety of cultural organizations, including W.O.M.A.N (Working and Organizing Making a Nation), interns as a counselor for Recovery In Community (a substance abuse clinic in South Baltimore), is a member of the Culture Players, performing the role of ancestor Harriett Tubman and candidate for a green belt in the Njia Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Program. 

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    Southern Passion Lounge

    in Food

    this week swinging by the Lounge at 4pm est will be Chef Sondra Tubbs from sweet's desserts in Galveston TX, Claiborn King of Seattle Sorbet, and Chef Shanita Mcafee of Magnolia's in Memphis. This should be a tasty conversation.
    follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/chefamadeus
    Chef  Shanita Mcafee: http://www.magnoliaskc.com/ 
    Clairborn King: http://www.seattle-sorbets.com/ 

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    1st HR Current Events
    2nd HR "PARTY TIME
    On the morning of July 15, an attendant entered the room and found Chuang resting on a table. After the attendant woke him, he stood, took a few steps and then collapsed, reports said. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a local hospital. The 18-year-old, who has only been identified by his surname, Chuang, is believed to have collapsed during a marathon session of Diablo 3. the five course meal Chef Yuri Hart cooked up was nothing like Roadkill Stew. It included a goat cheese crostini with a small piece of rat meat and a shot glass of gazpacho, two circles of rat and pork terrine over a deconstructed salad. Also featured was "Rat Two Ways"--braised rat and a roasted half rat over a sweet corn salad -- a rat-free lemon sorbet garnished with an edible flower, and finally, French toast topped with a slice of crispy rat jerky (head, claws, and all). Meet the new Mrs. Kim, a former cheerleader — or so it seems.The woman, identified as Ri Sol-ju, appeared comfortable in the presence of communist leadership and was even seen accompanying Kim two weeks ago as he paid tribute to his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, the founding father of North Korea, on the anniversary of his death. Shellie Zimmerman will be arraigned Tuesday in central Florida after a judge said she lied about her and husband George Zimmerman's finances during a bond hearing. “I know that if none of that would have happened, pretty sure that somebody in that theater, about 25 minutes in, realizing it was a piece of crap, was probably like ‘ugh f------ shoot me,’” Cook remarked.And Twitter Shot outs @goofybone and much much more call in 646-595-4136

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    Diabetes Roundtable Inspired by Alicia Keys

    in Caregiving

    Inspired by Alicia Keys 10th Anniversary of Songs in A Minor, Mr. Divabetic turns up the heat on diabetes self-care solutions featuring the Divabetic Angels of Diabetes Outreach, Mama Rose Marie, celebrity makeup artist Kiauna Hunt (www.mydivastatus.com) and real diva, Elsie S. of Beverly Hills, CA.  Plus, we’re dining out with a dietitian at Chipotle Mexican Grill in a menu review of healthy food choices and gather ringside for a Food Aisle Face-off between sorbet and frozen yogurt.  Tune in and call in to get inspired, to give a shout-out or to play Divabetic’s Diabetes Numerology Game.
    Divabetic was inspired by the late music legend, Luther Vandross and created in 2005 by Max ‘Mr. Divabetic’ Szadek, who, as Vandross’ assistant of 14 years, witnessed his boss, mentor, and friend struggle in silence and solitude with the diabetes and its related complications. Since its inception, Divabetic has presented outreach programs in 15 major U.S. cities, reaching hundreds of thousands of women, their families and health care professionals. Experience more of our GLAM MORE, FEAR LESS philosophy at divabetic.org

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    Basil MAGAZINE w/Chef Jennifer Booker

    in Entertainment

    Join you host of Basil MAGAZINE's Basil Radio Show, Chef Jennifer Booker and her guests show us how to EAT DRINK LIVE GIVE to the fullest!  This week's guests include, Road Craft Ice Cream Founder and CEO Keith Schroeder introduced his culinary prowess into the laboratory, and is now crafting exquisite ice cream, gelato & sorbet for luxury retailers and fine restaurants throughout the Southeast. James May is the founder, president and CEO of Wisdom Natural Brands®, maker of SweetLeaf® brand products and Wisdom of the Ancients® herbal teas. He was the first person to introduce stevia and yerba maté herbal tea to the U.S. in 1982, and he is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on these herbs. UrbanSocialites celebrates and promotes positive influences to enable cultural experience. Our Motto is based on exposure and the impact of cultivating oneself.  Freedom Style Sex Power Motion Color Everything.  UrbanSocialites magazine celebrates our journey for the best lifestyles
    Basil Magazine is a monthly magazine that focuses on food and wine topics, while adding appeal by including sections on health, lifestyle, kids and philanthropy. Basil's tagline: Eat. Drink. Live. Give. clearly reflects its concentrated subject matter.