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    E.E.R.S: Syria Wardrums | Snowden Isn't Sophomoric

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    Tonight at 8pm ET on Ernest Radio Network, it's The Ernest Experience Radio Show.
    1st set:  The main topic is now the United States is beating the war drums for Syria.  Does the U.S. need to be the world's police?
    2nd set:  Our own Jane Hoffman called Edward Snowden a sophomoric flunkie, however Ernest takes her to task, and the very idea that telling the truth about the government is a crime.  The idea of freedom has been reintroduced by Snowden & Manning.  Why are people afraid of that?
    All this plus a tribute to the King of Pop (he would have been 55 years old today), NPR news, weather.com 3-day forecast, a great Listening Lounge, and much more!  Don't miss it

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    Country Female Newcomer: Hannah Bethel

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    Hannah Bethel grew up on country music and classic rock in the backwoods of Northern Michigan. At a young age, it was apparent that Hannah was a natural entertainer. She sang for anyone who would listen. She loved to make people laugh and think and feel the emotion of the songs. At fourteen she picked up a Squire acoustic guitar that her younger sister had ditched and soon after she was traveling the Upper Midwest, performing original music at fairs, bars, talent shows, coffee houses, shopping malls and country and western shows. Hannah self-released her first record at 17 and the following year she moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

    Hannah is an avid writer and co-writer. She has written with some of Nashville’s finest songwriters, from big names to newcomers. One of those newcomers is Momentum Label Group artist, Rachele Lynae. Hannah had her first song cut in 2013 with Rachele’s sophomoric single, “Fishin’ For Something”, which received extensive radio play across the US. Hannah has recently been named one of CMA Close Up’s Who New to Watch in 2014. 

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    Spiritual atheists? Beliefs and morality of the un-churched

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    The modern day definition of an atheist is a simple one: One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods.  
    “Not possessing a religious basis for morality, atheists are fundamentally incapable of having a coherent system of morality,” declares Conservapedia. 
    But when it comes to beliefs about deities and the people who don’t believe in them, it’s sophomoric to categorize people into rigid boxes and to declare that they have an inferior morality. As detailed on our official show page, there are non-believers who call themselves Spiritual Atheists, atheists who believe in karma and reincarnation, atheists who are interested in ghosts – and a lot of atheists who do indeed have a moral code.
    Fundamentalism can take all kinds of forms, whether religious, political or secular. It is characterized by a rigid adherence to religious or other principles and often marked by an intolerance of other views.  In our show tonight, two guests – who certainly can’t be categorized as “fundamentalist atheists” – will share their views on spirituality, deities and open-mindedness.
    Our central guests include a paranormal radio show host who considers herself an atheist and a scientist who doesn’t buy into traditional god belief, but studies the esoteric side of science along with hard core math and physics.
    Calls are welcome during this show, which will be something of an open mike forum.
    Please visit GodDiscussion.net for more information.

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    Who's Next On The Hitlist?

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    After last weeks "Apology Tour" we had record volumes of listeners and downloads. Therefore, we have decided that since there are so many deviants out there that actually enjoy being on the receiving end of B*tchy Mitchy's "sarcastic spew"; we are going to mix things up a bit and throw Krip into the "muddy waters" with B*tchy and see what happens.
    It's almost like a "wishlist of hitlists" as these two dudes already have their attorney on speed dial and have begun making list and checking it twice. B*tchy Mitchy and Krip will tear into some whiny sniveling a** p*ssywussywillows as they explore their new found freedom.
    Tune in to see if B*tchy Mitchy holds good to his promise of only using first names.....
    - B*tchy and Krip

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    Breaking The Rules with Todd & Ramsey: Love Potion #9

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    Breaking The Rules with Todd & Ramsey - Love Potion #9
    Get ready for the 9th show of this laugh-out-loud, no holds barred, talk radio!
    Join Ramsey & Nikki as she fills in for Todd who is on a top secret mission!  Guests and callers have fun trying to guess Where in the World is Todd?!?!  Stephanie fills in as producer, C.W. The Facilities Manager, and Angy from Lesbian Death Match are all in studio.  Join the sophomoric and sometimes silly antics of the crew joined by Moving Right Along with Alysha Tobul and callers including Overcash on the Town!
    Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook www.facebook.com/BreakingTheRuleswithToddandRamsey

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    w/Guest - Alternative Rock Band -You Vs Me - Indie Artist

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      In 2011, they re-crafted the You vs Me sound to be more aggressive, more melodic, more technical, and more awesome. Though the band – in its current configuration – has only been together since January 2010, they sound and feel much more focused, creative and ambitious than your average band of travelling musicians, producing 2 of their own music videos so far, one of which was done in Claymation, using over 27,000 photos to complete (and another on the way for “Raise the Dead”) and more on the way!   2010 brought Canada’s, You vs Me nationwide college radio rotation (charting at #1 at a few of them), 2 tours of the Ontario-Maritimes corridor and a 3rd on the way, a Feature on CBC Radio 1’s “Mainstreet”, (to name just a few credits) and now, You vs Me are now setting up to surpass that success with their Sophomoric EP release, “The Book of…”, follow-up to 2009’s, The Borrowed (Recorded at Toronto’s Phase One Studios and Produced by Bob Gallo).   Having been brought together by accidentally enduring a toxic chemical spill together in 2004, vocalist Chris P and guitarist Mykle Manyaci spent the subsequent years crafting the all-original, anthemic, pop-literate sound that would come to be known as You vs Me. “During the chemical spill, we decided to go jam at Mykle’s house. It wasn’t until then that we realized we’d grown up around the corner from each other. It all seems like the perfect script for a comic book,” amuses Chris P...........  

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    R&B Sensation J.T. "Ba'Bro" Johnson

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    Memphis, TN - J.T. "Ba'Bro" Johnson is rekindling the Memphis flavored, classic R&B sound with his latest heart throbbing sophomoric release, "I'm Doing Me," released on his own J.T. Productions. Positioned to revive the old school while stirring the airwaves, Johnson delivers a bold, seductive, down home sound that calls to Hip-Hop and R&B alike.
    With the success of his debut album, and now the addition of his latest CD, "I'm Doing Me," J.T. "BA'BRO" JOHNSON will be enchanting music lovers for many years to come! For more information about J..T. "BA'BRO" JOHNSON party on over to http://www.myspace.com/babromusic and catch his video releases on YOUTUBE by typing in J.T. JOHNSON I'M DOING ME LIVE.

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    STEVIE MACK RADIO - J.T. "Ba'Bro” Johnson: RnB Artist

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    For more funny: steviemack.com
    J.T. "Ba'Bro" Johnson is rekindling the Memphis flavored, classic R&B sound with his latest heart throbbing sophomoric release, "I'm Doing Me," released on his own J.T. Productions. Positioned to revive the old school while stirring the airwaves, Johnson delivers a bold, seductive, down home sound that calls to Hip-Hop and R&B alike.
    Comedian Stevie Mack is the Writer/Host of the Number One Online Comedy Talk Show!
    Live Monday -Thursday 6pm (PST)
    Live Call in: 646-716-6113 
    Get more funny at: steviemack.com

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    Hot Topic - Black Power: Michelle Obama

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    Socialism Is Not An Option ™ produces three great interactive, live Internet talk-radio shows.

    Our Weekly Sunday Program (4 pm, eastern) is the "Hot Topic" edition.

    The show focuses on political subjects through interviews, analyzing current events, discussing national and international politics, politicians and the laws that govern our country today. This is intelligent political analysis without the bells and whistles. This show is for serious political thinkers who want the truthful facts without the distractions. A new Hot Topic is featured each week and interactive discussion with our listeners is welcomed and encouraged.

    For the serious minded, the "Hot Topic" edition is your show!
    Why is Michelle Obama always so angry? She's not really proud of America.

    Michelle's sophomoric, college thesis had this to say about her being black: "Regardless of the circumstances under which I interact with whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second."

    While campaigning for her husband, she said that America needs to change our traditions and our history. And that we're going to have to "move into a different place" as a nation. Why? She spewed black power rhetoric at the NAACP that America is still "unequal."

    What is the real story behind Michelle Obama? Is her agenda even more socialist than her husband's? What "black power" theory motivates her? Learn the answer to these questions, and more, as we explosively explore what the real, radical Michelle is all about.

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    Fantasy Alarm Show -- Super Bowl Preview

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    Jeff Mans & Ryan Hallam cover the Super Bowl like only they can, with keen insight and sophomoric humor. Tonight the boys go over every aspect of the Packers and Steelers and give their predictions on what the final outcome will be when all is said and done.

    They will also go over their favorite prop bets for Super Bowl XLV and give tips on where to get the best odds and biggest payouts if you are betting on the game.

    Every caller to 347-989-1208 can play in our Ultimate Pool this year for a chance to win a $50 Wal*Mart gift card and Fantasy Alarm shirts, hats and other prizes.

    The guys will also be going over their top 5 all-time Super Bowl Memories and will take phone calls and read your emails and chat room memories as well.

    So tune in to the best Super Bowl Preview Show here on BlogTalkRadio and share some memories, have some laughs and win some prizes.

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