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    Gay's PSA

    in Self Help

    Today on Gay's PSA, I will have Sophia White on the air with me. She is an author, radio show host, motivational speaker and so much more! At the beginning of the month, I began a new series for the month of April wherein I have been featuring incredible authors from the State of Mississippi. I am so excited and proud to end this series with my childhood friend, classmate and author of "Don't Judge Me By My Shoes"!! 

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    Is what you're feeling really attracting more of it, to you?

    in Spirituality

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    This week is INTUITIVE COACHING live on the show! Call in for coaching on ANY personal or business matter!

    It is often said that ‘like attracts like’, with concepts such as the law of attraction, and the idea that we create our own reality. But is this really the case? If so, how come there is so much suffering in the world? This week in addition to live coaching we explore the ‘law of attraction’ and the relationship between our thoughts and the reality we experience.

    Call the coaching line (818-495-6930) - between 9.00am and 10.00am MST - on ANY personal or business matter- this is an opportunity to receive masterful coaching in the moment leading to a shift in perspective that can quantum leap your life!


    Get Anya's books on Kindle at Amazon:

    In The Light of A New Day: Enlightenment for Everyday Living

    GEMS for YOU: Daily Gems of Wisdom

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    Showcasing the Projects & Practices of Sophia Jones, Jon Emmett & Sarah Green

    in Spirituality

    Questions? Comments? Connect with show hosts: Teal Gray & Tui Snider. Be sure to follow @TGWWradio on Twitter!

    Join Teal Gray & Tui Snider for a lively discussion with Sophia Jones, Jonathan Emmett & Sarah Green:

    Jon Emmett has gifts of intuition, creates beautiful leather work and sacred pieces, & is a practicing Shaman. Jon says, "Walk The Mist is the walk between the spiritual and the physical world. This is the place that we long to be, feel a deep calling too, and miss so much. It is your journey home."

    Sarah Green is a natural born healer. She is a gifted intuitive and psychic, as well as a shamanic practitioner. In addition to clairaudience and clairvoyance, Sarah's innate empathic gifts include being able to locate the source of physical illness as well as following the roots of emotional imbalance to their beginnings, so that healing can occur on all levels.

    Sophia Jones is dedicated to helping her clients find their path toward a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle. Her techniques include Sound Therapy, Reiki Healing, Past Life Therapy, Holistic Healing Counseling and Intuitive Readings.



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    #270 Dave the Mystic with Medium and Channel Sophia Rashkin

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, April 18th at 8pm MDT with guest medium Sophia Rashkin.  Sophia has been self-employed for 19 years. During this time she was a real estate broker for nine years and then went on to be a partner in a successful internet marketing business for ten years. 

    Sophia left that business because of a spiritual calling...

    Now Sophia works with only 100% light spiritual energy: psychic/medium/channeler/spiritual guidance and mentorship/transcriber of source energy. She also channeled a curriculum around releasing/clearing vows from other lifetimes. 

    She is now working on two more curriculums called:  “Working on yourself 'WITH-IN' a relationship”  and “Parenting the cosmic conscious child; mislabeled ADD, ADHD, autistic.”

    Sophia hosts a meditation/metaphysics group in Denver called YAMM (Younger Adult Meditation and Metaphysics); and she also started two in Southern California (San Diego/Encinitas and LA area), one in the San Francisco and one in NYC. She has been guided to start six more cities throughout the U.S. in 2016 and will then expand from there internationally.

    In the second half of the show, Sophia will be providing five minute mini-readings for callers.

    Sophia can be contacted for readings or spiritual energy work. She does remote work through video communication and phone internationally. Please see the following:






    Thanks for listening!

    -Dave the Mystic

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    Gateway Radio interview with Sophia Stewart "The Mother of the Matrix"

    in Paranormal

    Tune in today@9pm EST.Call in to listen (646)929-2484. Our guest is Sophia Stewart creator of the matrix &terminator films.

    Sophia Stewart “Mother of the Matrix”

    Stewart's epic story created two of Hollywood's biggest franchises, the Matrix and Terminator movies series and trilogy.Two dates are important when you consider these three lawsuits. 1981 when Fox got the script treatment and book. The second theft was in 1986 when Ms. Stewart answered a magazine advertisement for a science fiction script that the Wachowski brothers were going to make into a comic book. Years later, Ms. Stewart contends, her vision hit the movie screens on March 31, 1999 in the form of Matrix. In fact the Wachowski brothers used a verbatim quote from her book to introduce the film which was later removed after an FBI investigation into the criminal copyright infringement was initiated.

    When I first spoke with Sophia Stewart a few months ago in April 2012, she was most gracious with her time and forthcoming with the complex details of her lawsuits. The legal documents involved could make your head spin. She shared some of them with me.
    When Stewart saw the Matrix, she recognized her work right away and called the legal department at Warner Brothers on April 1, 1999. According to her, they knew exactly who she was and therefore, one would assume, they knew that her work had plagerized. “They offered me money right off the bat,” she says. She had also kept a copy of the original Wachowski ad which ultimately became one of many aces in the hole. “The ad is what brings it all together,” she says. “The ad is what says I told the truth.”

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    Mystic with Alzheimer's Disease, Burl Hall, discusses his personal journey

    in Spirituality

    Burl Hall and Merry Hall are the authors of Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.

    Burl Hall is an author, online radio co-host of Envision This, philosopher (lover-of-Sophia), mystic, and retired counselor. 

    He writes with the editorial assistance of his muse and wife, Merry Hall, a retired teacher, author of Bringing Food Home: The Maine Example, and co-host of Envision This which connects listeners to visionaries of a more resilient, equitable, and Earth-friendly future. The www.blogtalkradio.com/envision-this

    Together they enjoy grandparenting, permaculture gardening at their home in Sabattus, Maine, and meeting and profiling visionaries to interview on their radio show.

    Visit them on the web where they blog, post about their radio guests, and converse with folks:www.envisionthismedia.com

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    Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

    in Sports

    Wednesday night on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio my guest will be John Milne. Actions starts at 9pm EST. Also I will have Sophia Palat an attorney  we will be talking about the UAL / WAL lawsuit that has been in the news as late and also She will also be speaking about the WAL Marketing & Merchandise Profit Sharing Agreement. So if you're wondering about that contract you signed listen in tonight action starts at 9pm EST.


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    TheDavidBowersAwards w/Sophia Radisch, Buttered Soul, Darrell Nash, Rockstar101

    in Music

    Join us for our April show with guests:
    -Canadian singer/songwriter Sophia Radisch
    -NY classic rockers Buttered Soul
    -2-time CMG Global Songwriter of the Year Darrell Nash
    AND another installment of Rockstar 101 with Anthony 'Zee' Donaldson of Street Rock Mafie talking about using video shows to promote your music

    Log into our BlogTalkRadio podcast and call in to talk with us and our guests at 347-945-7137 (Live presentation only)
    Join us live online or on podcast ANY time. And tell your friends.

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    Heed The Call Of Sophia PROVERBS (1:20-33)

    in Religion

    [In Greek, the word for wisdom is sophia. To emphasize wisdom's personification as a woman, we'll use the name "Sophia" as we examine the text for our lesson (Pr 1:20-33). Notice first of all...]

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    in Spirituality

    Eye overslept or so eye thought... then eye looked at the clock it was 4:05 pm... pm... pm... let that register... it took me a good 10 minutes to bee fully back into my body... and informationg began to flood me...and eye began to assimilate it... as best eye could...All these very PROFOUND THOUGHTS ... way beyond what eye have ever experienced before... doing as eye am told... Eye am sharing with you... right off the bat... was told to do it this way... so everything flows... live... if possible please leave me feed back in the comments area... eye am very curious how this is recived...

    thank you 


    Mutha Wit Wisdom



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    Paranormal investigator, producer, director MATT LYTLE on-air LIVE!!:)

    in Paranormal

    Join Paranormal Investigator, Producer and Director MATT LYTLE on-air LIVE with The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli on LiveParanormal.com, THIS SATURDAY, 4/9, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm primetime U.K. GMT!!!!  Listen and chat LIVE:)