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    The murder of Malcolm X, the exile of Robert F. Williams, who was forced the flee to Cuba with the combined terrors of the FBI and the minions of Southern justice snapping at his heels, and the exile of the late W.E.G.  Du Bois, who, in the sunset of a valiant life, made three symbolic gestures as a final legacy to his people (renouncing his American citizenship, ‘returning’ to Africa to become a citizen of Ghana, and cursing capitalism while extolling communism as the hope of the future) —these three events on the one hand, and on the other hand the award of a Nobel Prize to Martin Luther King and the inflation of the image to that of an international hero, bear witness to  the historical fact that the only Negro American allowed to attain national or international fame have been the puppets and lakers of the white power structure—and entertainers and athletes….

    It is against the back ground of the traditional role of the Negro entertainer and athlete in racial crisis and the rebellion against that tradition — that the Muhammad  Ali— Floyd Patterson fight for the heavyweight championship must be viewed."  Soul On Ice by Eldridge Cleaver 

    "Malcolm X knew that he needed a prominent ally to help him launch a new organization once his permanent suspension became public.   It so happened that Cassius Clay, scheduled to fight Sonny Liston  for the heavyweight championship of the world, was a good friend of Malcolm X, one of the few people Malcolm X ever invited to this house….." JUdas Factor Karl Evanzz

    "The broad support for Muhammed Ali among negroes had nothing to do with the black Muslims’  racist ideology.  Even the followers of the late beloved Malcolm X, many of whom despise Muhammad Ali for the scurvy remarks he made about the fallen Malcolm….." Soul On Ice

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    Skyline Raiders vs Rowlett Eagles Play-by-Play: Texas State Playoffs

    in Football

    Skyline Raiders vs Rowlett Eagles Play-by-Play

    2015 Texas State Playoffs

    Sonny Clark and Bill Serna On The Call!

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    General Hospital Recaps w/ Shady & Heather

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    Welcome to General Hospital Recaps where Shady & Heather will recap the week in Port Charles. Join us as we sit down & talk about Sam, Jason, Elizabeth, Helena, Nikolas, Hayden, Tracy, Dillon, Paul, Ava, Sonny, Carly, Morgan, Michael, Sabrina & more! Want to know what is happening in Port Charles? Tune in and take a listen as we not only talk about what has happened this past week but what is to come in the future. Want to hear more? Then tune in every Saturday Night at 6 pm est, live here on BlogTalkRadio!

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    It's Sonny at Night

    in Pop Culture

    In this premier episode of It's Sonny at Night our host Sonny Clark, along with cohosts LoneLaugher & GT, will theorize about the future of humanity and also discuss some of the advances the scientific community is currently working toward. 

    We will also play some of Sonny's hand-picked tunes and invite callers to briefly join in on our discussion. 


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    in Current Events

    Sonny gives you the low-down on the ho-down on current events and issues



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    UK vs Duke, Mark Story, UK & SEC Legends Sonny Collins & Derrick Ramsey!

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    Tune in as the fellas talk all things Kentucky Wildcats and then some! Vinny and Terry will be joined by Lexington Herald-Leader columnist Mark Story at 6:15. We'll discuss UK's football loss to the Vanderbilt Commodores, the basketball win over the Duke Blue Devils as well as a little NBA and NASCAR conversation.

    At 7:00 we'll be joined by two of the baddest Kentucky Football players the program has ever seen: Former UK RB Sonny Collins and QB Derrick Ramsey will join us. You don't want to miss it. 

    Tune in, call us at (845)277-9373 or tweet us at @CatsTalkWed!

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    Brian Freeman: Takes center stage: with WEST 57th

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    At times a ghost can come in handy when you need one. Imagine being able to talk with your father’s ghost, get his take on things and help running a publishing house that he left to you. But, Julie Chavan is anything but usual. She is headstrong, impulsive and often finds herself in situations that she wishes she could avoid. Like owning West 57th the publishing house that is how her own responsibility and the thought that it might go under is something she does not relish. Debts owed. Only one book being launched with and author that is anything but conventional or even talented.  King Royal is brash, drunk, enjoys saying outrageous things in public, reciting limericks and short poems and often finds himself in wild and strange circumstances. But, just what is behind King Royal’s behavior and what secrets does he know about Sonny, Julie’s father that could change everything?


    Owning this company is just one of the daily troubles dealing with her overbearing mother Cherie who wants to orchestrate and run her life hoping she will chuck it all, marry her ex-finance, deal with her wild best brined and find her way to Los Angeles and running her production company. Everyone thinks that they know what Julie should be doing or want. But, what about Julie? Fran Lewis: Host


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    Inside MLB - Keuchel Beats Price, Gray for AL Cy Young

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    Today on Inside MLB brought to you by Barrata's Landscaping we will be discussing many topics including Keuchel Beats Price; Gray for AL Cy Young, Red Sox Still Hold Keys to Blockbuster Trade Market, It's Been a 'Hell of a Ride' for Big Papi, Settling AL MVP Debate; Once and for All, Meet MLB's Next Breakout Korean Star, and more! Fans please call Barrata's Landscaping at 412-531-2364 and tell them Benson sent you so we can keep providing you with quality shows on a daily basis.

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    Sonny Onoo comes back to Turnbuckle Turmoil

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    Sonny Onoo makes his way back to Turnbuckle Turmoil. He has been one of the favorite people of many podcasts to interview and we're happy to have him back. He was one of the top managers for WCW in its heyday. He was the master of the selfie years before that term was invented. He continues to be seen on shows and at conventions. He's coming back to Turnbuckle to educate us a little more. It's also the college wrestling season so you know we'll be discussing that with him again. Pull up a chair and get ready to be entertained again by Sonny Onoo.S

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    Greatest Performances in Boxing: Sonny Liston









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    That Being Said - The Couch Potato Sports Show

    in Football

    That Being Said - The Couch Potato Sports Show

    A look at all the games today.

    Join me Cuervo Tarvin and mabe more.

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