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    What The Hook Gon' B ? With Sonny Scroggins

    in Current Events

    Sonny Scroggins is BACK...with the Obama Legacy Tour; talking to everyONE about a National Holiday. He Challenges OUR Generation to Inspire Future Generations.
    Yours in Christ, Sonny Scroggins

    Call-in Number: (646) 652-4304

    Raymond is a renown author of which his books are being sold all over the world. His first book which is a bio of his life is looking to be turned into a movie it is entitled, "It Still Exists Today". He also wrote "Women Tell What Men Should Know" this books expresses the thoughts of some of the greatest women in the world, Dr. Margaret T. Burroughs founder of the DuSable Museum the first African American Museum in the history of America in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Clara Luper civil rights activist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Dr. Janet Mays walked with Winnie Mendela, Dr. Abeana Brown founder of eTa Children's Art Institute in Chicago. Sitting Judge Cynthia Brim of Chicago, Retired Judge Mary Thomas of Chicago, Sitting Judge Deidre Monroe of Gary, Indiana, Sitting Judge Julie Cantrell, Crown Point, Indiana, Sitting Judge Shelia Moss of Crown Point, Indiana, Sitting Judge Mary Boneventura of Crown Point, Indiana. Women of Education, Celebrites such as Darryl King (102.3), Maureen Forte (1570am and Probation Challenge), Stephine Dunn(Production Manager 106.3), Delese of (Kids Korner), and Church Mothers.

    Major Christian's most recently released books are "My Book of Passion Exclusively for Women" this is one you will not be able to put down and "Poems of Spiritual Praise" this book will captivate your very heart, mind, body and soul. It will awaken you to the importance of worship.

    Call-in Number: (646) 652-4304
    I Challenge my Generation to Inspire Future Generations.

    Yours in Christ, Sonny Scroggins

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    EndZone FalconZone Super Pro Football Show (7-30-15)

    in Football

    Join Jeremy, Reggie, and Coach Hill as they talk about Jen Welter, Tom Brady, Jonathan Martin, plus in FalconZone they debate the best QB in the NFC South!

    Special Guest: "Voice of the Texas Revolution and Rowlett Eagles" Sonny Clark!

  • Celebrity Matthew Tiger Impersonator Interview Gary Olinger aka Sonny Bono

    in Entertainment


    Gary Olinger, Tribute Artist to Sonny Bono, is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    In 1978, as a college student, he was working at a Woolworth store, when someone came up to him and commented on how much he looked like Sonny Bono. Since then, the comments about looking like Sonny Bono have never ended. Early on in his life, he has always had an entertaining personality and has been involved in theater and entertainment.
    In 1969, he cultivated his talent as a magician and titled his magic act: "The World Of Magic With Mysto."
    In 1982, he became a minister and traveled throughout the country preaching the Gospel in many churches until 2002.
    In 1997, he moved his family to Washington state and settled in the Seattle area.
    In 2004, he was inspired to fulfill his destiny as an entertainer and pursue a new quest as a tribute artist to Sonny Bono. His inspiration came when he went to a Legends In Concert performance at a local casino. Kelly, who is a tribute artist to "Cher", called him on stage to sing with her as Sonny Bono. Together, they sang the song "I Got You, Babe" and moved the audience to a standing ovation!
    Since this time, he has made many personal appearances and performed as Sonny Bono, and has become a recognized and loved tribute artist.
    From Gary's own words from his heart: "It is a great honor for me to give tribute to the great entertainer, Sonny Bono." call In 7/28/2015 at 11pm Est 347-327-9117 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tigerlookalike

  • 2015/16 Rowlett Eagles Pre-Season Show

    in Football

    Come on in and let's talk about your 2015/16 Rowlett Eagles football team.

    Sonny Clark and Bill Serna will be talking about an important year, not just for the team but players.

    Get started with your coverage of the Rowlett Eagles on The Couch Potato Sports Show.

    You will hear it here first! Let's Go Eagles!

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    RevolutionZone: Texas Revolution (CIF) Season Finale: Special Guest: Sonny Clark

    in Football

    Jeremy "The Impact" York brings you his unique take on everything Texas Revolution of the Champions Indoor Football League! Tonight, he is joined by "The Voice of the Revolution" & "Hardest Working Man in Sports Radio" Sonny Clark for the season finale of RevZone! 

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    Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim's Funeral- Live

    in News

    Officer Sonny Kim's Funeral Live in Cincinnati Ohio. Sonny served for the CPD. News coverage live

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    The Sonny Thomas Show

    in Current Events

    The SONNY THOMAS Show is a hard hitting, in your face, making you think radio program from long time activist and music promoter, Sonny Thomas LIVE every Thursday Night!


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    Sony Allen, President of National Association of Seadogs, Nigerian in Japan

    in Education

    We are honored to reach the president of NAS , Mr. Allen Omoruyi Sonny.  He leads approximately 1000 Nigerians living in Japan.  When he was asked “Who is sponsoring the organization?” he answered “ourselves” candidly suggesting the hardship of living in Japan as Nigerians.  As an organization to support women and children in Nigeria, SWACIN is glad to know the Nigerian organization in Japan to say the least, as we have searched them throughout Japan past two years!  He has graduated from University of Bennin, Nigeria, earned BSC (Mathematics)  After working for Ministry of Education in Nigeria for years, he got married to a Japanese woman, and now runs personal computer sales business.  He says, his organization, “National Association of Seadogs (NAS) is a registered Nigerian charitable and humanitarian organization, founded by  a Nigerian playwright and poet, Wole Soyinka and six other students in 1952. Mr. Soyinka was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature, the first African to be honored.  It began as a University Campus group but has grown into an international organization with branches in 36 states of Nigeria overseas including Japan, South Africa, UK, Republic of Ireland, USA, The Netherland and Canada. NAS is dedicated to humanitarian and charitable endeavors within Nigeria and whatever society the members find themselves.”

    Hideko Nagashima...Host of the Show

    Tinuoluwa Adelegan...Co-host of the Show 

    See also Our Radio Show Site

    Stay tuned!



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    General Hospital Recaps w/ Shady & Heather

    in Television

    Welcome to General Hospital Recaps where Shady & Heather will sit down & talk about the week in Port Charles. Join us this week as we talk about Hayden, Nikolas, Liz, Jason, Sam, Tracy, Ned, ELQ, Sabrina, Carlos & so much more. Join us as we discuss the General Hospital twists and turns, including the the shooting of Duke Lavery & Carlos Rivera, Sean pleading Guilty, Maxie & Nathan being woken up by Franco, will we ever see Ellie & Spinelli again?, and the retirement storyline of Anthony Geary has begun! Talk with us about who should come back and what is happening with Ric, Elizabeth, Jason & so much more

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    Louddmouth Radio: Supreme Court Rules All 50 States Legal Same Sex Marriage

    in LGBT

    June 26, 2015 The Supreme Court Rules All 50 States Legal in a historic 5-4 decision. LouddMouthradio.com & MayDay Equality host the No Ordinary Love LGBTQ Wedding Ceremony weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida June 25-27, 2015. Sonny & Jazzie reports live from Tampa Bay and what this means for LGBTQ nationwide. 



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    Troll (1986)

    in Entertainment

    A wicked troll king in search of a mystical ring that will return him to his human form invades a San Francisco apartment complex where a powerful witch lives.  That's right!  We are going to tackle the 1986 movie, Troll!  Troll stars, Sonny Bono, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Noah Hathaway, and Michael Moriarty!  Troll was directed by John Carl Buechler!  Join us for Troll!

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