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    Business InSight w/guest Sonny Fox

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    Bruce Starr hosts some of the most interesting guests on radio. Sonny Fox is my very special guest on todays show. Everyone 50 to 65 years of age living in the NYC metropolitan area knows Sonny Fox. He is an amazing guy for many reasons. He was a true pioneer of childrens Educational TV. He was host of the first weekly CBS-TV series to originate a live TV series, he was the Emcee of $64,000 Challenge, Producer of movies for TV and specials for PBS, VP Children’s programming NBC-TV, Chair of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and perhaps what he was most known for, the host of a weekly, four-hour children’s programming…Wonderama and Lets Have Fun, which set a standard for how to deal with young viewers, who was…all of us…listening to this show. He has written a book called “But You Made the Front Page in 2012 to help him tell his story. 

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    Coaches' Corner with guest Sonny Fox

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    <p> Tonight, I speak with my childhood hero, a legend in local New York children&#39;s television programming, Sonny Fox!&nbsp; Sonny impacted the minds of many youths back when he was the host of Wonderama on WNEW in New York, introducing guests like Senator Robert F. Kennedy to kids like me.&nbsp; He&#39;s now the author of a wonderful new book, &quot;But You Made The Front Page!&quot;&nbsp;</p>
    Buy it on Amazon:

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    Legend Sonny Fox on Life, Celebrities and the TV Industry

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    Sonny Fox, a war veteran/POW, journalist, TV host and TV producer, talks about life, celebrities, politicians, and everyone in-between in his new book, "But You Made the Front Page!: Wonderama, War and a Whole Bunch of Life."
    Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. Fox found his calling in radio as a freshman college student at NYU. At 18, Fox began his service in the U.S. Army during World War II, where he was captured and held as a prisoner of war in Germany. He survived to talk about the experience.
    Fox also worked as a war correspondent in Korea, and later became the vice president of NBC-TV and Chairman of the Board of the Television Arts and Sciences. His TV experience includes being the host of the TV game show, "$64,000 Challenge," and a guest host for "Beat the Clock," and "The Price is Right."
    He entered into children’s programming in 1954 as host of "The Finder," in St. Louis, Mo., and gained national recognition in 1955 as a co-host on CBS's "Let's Take a Trip ..."
    Through his work, Fox had the opportunity to meet the late Sen. Robert Kennedy, President Harry Truman, Bob Hope and other famous celebrities.
    In "But You Made the Front Page!:" Fox shares his behind-the-scenes experiences in the TV industry, as well as his life experiences off camera--revealing all of his joys, successes, struggles and failures.

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    The Sonny Thomas Show

    in Current Events

    Sonny covers the latest news and featuring guest: anti-Common Core activist Lynne M. Taylor returns to bring us up to date on what's happening. @CommonCoreDiva www.commoncorediva.wordpress.com

    Here are the links for the ESSA and the digital overload/intrusion

    1) This one gives a history of the Digital Promise (White House led) Initiative and how the ESSA will embed it and tons more: commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/essa-and-digital-overload


    www.SonnyThomas.com @SonnyThomasShow




    Visit our other sites in the Sonny Thomas rhelm:

    www.SpringboroTeaParty.com @SpringboroTea

    www.TheHMD.com @TheHMD

    www.CofCCOhio.org @CofCCOhio

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    Fantastic Fridays- w/Jazzie, Sterling Powell & Sonny on Louddmouthradio.com Ep:2

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    This Week's Episode #2: Fantastic Fridays with Jazzie, Sterling Powell & Sonny on LouddMouthradio.com 

    Today's Live Show is a Freedom Friday Conversation of the happenings and current events happening in Metro Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Florida and beyond!!! 

    LouddMouth Radio Network is an online channel covering everything from day to day life to all forms of entertainment- from comedy to film and all arts in between. LouddMouth Radio is your premier media connection created to empower, inspire & entertain. LouddMouth Radio Network is available on the robust app Stitcher Radio which reaches over 5 Million in car-dashboards and over 20 million I-phone & Android device users. Join in on the conversation by downloading the app and selecting "LouddMouth Radio Network" on Stitcher- plug & play and hear are archive shows. 

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    RFB Radio ~ What Happened to Canada?

    in Politics Conservative

    If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that the Liberals’ refugee rush plan has not gone smoothly. By imposing arbitrary deadlines and quotas in their foolhardy plan, they’ve run into logistical problems and compromised our security but instead of slowing down, they continue full steam ahead. (AND, this Administration is handing over our Military bases...)

    Love to Sue From New Mexico...

    A Special Thank You to Gunslinger...

    Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with your Host, Kel Fritzi.

    My Show where I am left to my own incorrigible devices... No apologies, Folks, as I am always fed up about something...

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    Ask to join our Facebook Page @ Infidels Are Watching


    "Mass Islamity ~ Stop the Insanity"

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    BDSIR NETWORK:The Soul n Sports Fox Sports 1340AM W/ Mike Knoxxx & the crew #TBT

    in Sports

    FOX Sports introduces the educated, passionate, and objective voice of sports talk radio that belongs to none other than Mike Knoxxx. The Delaware native, by way of Chicago has found his home in the DMV area. The hardcore podcaster has been making waves in internet radio since he founded the BDSIR Network 7 years ago; covering everything from Pro-Wrestling, the entire gamut of sports, as well as entertainment, Knoxxx brings barbershop-style talk to the airwaves. While Mike wears his heart on his sleeve, the devoted yet intelligent sports fan can appreciate the sometimes hot-blooded conversations between the host and The Untouchables as they delve deep into the current events in the world of America's favorite pastimes. Being a man of fairness, and a man of ethics, the show definitely doesn't shy away from lighting a flame under the biggest names in sports and entertainment in the event that they exhibit morally controversial behaviors. Listen in from 5pm to 7pm eastern standard time and be a part of the newest and most impactful voice in sports radio today. Soon enough, you will find yourself joining in with his signature ; ?How can you wake up and say to yourself, ‘I love me some me!' and don't love GOD?! That's crazy!? Listen to the Soul N Sports with Mike Knoxxx every weekday on WHAP Fox Sports Radio 1340 AM 5-7pm est

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    1DimitriRadio: Ted Cruz brilliantly plays Fox News. Ted out-Trumps Trump!

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    Dimitri’s Opening Monologue (from the LifePedigree.com studio)
    Campaign Cruz is calling out Fox News! I’ll tell you why that is such a brilliant political move, and why the other news channels have missed what Sen Ted Cruz is doing. And I’ll tell you how Carly Fiorina blew a golden, once-in-a-political-lifetime opportunity to be a relevant presidential candidate

    First Segment
    Jimmy LaSalvia, author of No Hope, Why I Left the GOP and Why You Should Too, names names about high-profile Republicans who have intense gay feelings - including a famous conservative woman with a bulging Adam’s apple who LaSalvia actually names during the interview, and calls her a … well, … er, … um, … fag-hag (his term, NOT MINE!)


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    Lakeview Centennial Patriots vs Rowlett Eagles Live Play-by-Play

    in College & High School

    Lakeview Centennial Patriots vs Rowlett Eagles

    Texas High School Basketball: The Rowlett Eagles play for the District Championship and the No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

    Hear the pre-game show at 6:30pm and the tip time is 7:30!

    Sonny Clark "On The Call"


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    30 Minutes of outrageous & chaotic comedy and unpredictablity, in fact its the only show on blogtalkradio that truly and totally defies description ! 
    Featuring the latest sports scores and headlines from fox sports 1 , along with hollywood headlines, the latest wrestling news and live calls and guests .
    Hosted by Steve 'The Baxman' baxley , Jay 'The Brain' Mann, 'Speaker of the house..the real deal ' Tom O Neal .
    PLUS 'The Afterglow' ,a recorded extra 10 minutes of bizarreness! 


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    Welcome Omni fans and listeners to tonight's episode of the Omni Game Terminal's main feature  and that's DEADPOOL opening weekend.  Tonight we are going to SPOIL the shit out of this movie.  Deadpool is such a unpredictable character that he greaced his entire life with.  I know its a lot to take in but all we can say is call in to us as you will be more entertained than your average video gaming shows.  

    Call in to the show if you've seen Deadpool's movie, if not avoid this show. Otherwise, get loose and enjoy the show at 8pm tonight (347) 884-9299. Part of the Tru Radio Network, Turn on, Turn Up and TURN UP