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    Bert Martinez speaks with Robert Richman, Sonia Arrison and guests

    in Business

    Sonia Arrison best-selling author and analyst who has studied the impact of new technologies on society for the better part of two decades. Her book 100 Plus: How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, addresses the social, economic, and cultural impacts of radical human longevity. A national best-seller and listed as one of the “Best Books of 2012″ by the Financial Times

    Monica Reinagel licensed nutritionist and author of the Inflammation Free DIet Plan. She's also the creator of the popular weekly podcast, The Nutrition Diva. You've seen or heard her her on Dr. Oz, the TODAY show, NPR's Morning Edition, Oprah Magazine and in the nation's leading newspapers and magazines

    Robert Richman culture strategist and was the co-creator of Zappos Insights, an innovative program focused on educating companies on the secrets behind Zappos’ amazing employee culture. He built Zappos Insights from a small website to a thriving multi-million dollar business teaching over 25,000 students per year. His new book, The Culture Blueprint, is a systematic guide to how a workplace can help people grow, inspire amazing service, and ultimately drive revenue through amazing culture

    Steve Acho Detroit-based pop-rock artist that has seen over 3 million downloads and streams of his music, has been featured on local and national TV and radio, and performed across the U.S. and as far as Australia, Italy and Japan - including being featured on Japanese TV

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    James Hirsen discusses Hillary & Benghazi on Bill Martinez Live

    in Politics

    Hillary´s benghazi testiminy were NOT a home run as reported but an expose on her complcity in not being forthright with the Amercian people about Benghazi. As James Hirsen says testimony whispers and documents scream. The emails to Chelsea and others show that Hillary Clinton knew it was a terrorist attack from day 1. The question that now must be asked is why did the Obama administration advance the Benghazi attack narrative as a product of an anti islamic video? 

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    Bill Martinez Live 10/07/2015

    in Politics

    Jpin Bill for another episode!

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    Wizard Talk: Seven of Cups w/guest Sonia Perez Chaisson

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Wizard Talk with host Jason D McKean. Jason is a professional reader of the Wizard Tarot deck and will talk about the Seven of Cups. His guest today is Sonia Perez Chaisson, who is a lawyer specializing in Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense. She also is a National Speaker, a World Traveler and an Ocean Lover. Please join us!

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    Daytime after dark welcomes A Martinez

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcome ?A Martinez to the show for his 2nd time. he been on Days of our lives and also longmarie and also GH and LA law

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    Forgiveness The Way To Inner Peace with Sonia Nadina Haynes

    in Spirituality

    It is challenging to forgive someone who has done us wrong. But there is always a reason for what we experience from others. We are here to help each other to grow. Sometimes, forgiving someone who has wronged us is challenging. However, forgiveness does not mean forgetting it just mean taking the path to peace and finding love within yourself. It is a gift for growth and learning

    In this broadcast, Sonia Nadina speaks about the journey of forgiveness and how it can free us to experiencing a full and loving life. Sonia is a spiritual teacher, emotional healer and author. Contact Sonia for emotional healing, readings or to attend one of her life changing workshops.

    Website: www.soniahaynes.com

    Email: contact@soniahaynes.com

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    Channelled Guidance and Insights with Sonia Nadina Haynes

    in Spirituality

    A random topic is chosen today designed to help you remember who you are. You are a divine being. It is necessary for you to recognize the light within yourself so that you can heal. This gesture you perform for yourself will expand and heal not only your family but the planet as well. Love is the way to gloval balance.

    Sonia Nadina is an emotional healer, intuitive and author. She uses her gift to guide you to your truth which makes your delicious. For readings and emotional healing visit her website: www.soniahaynes.com  

    email: contact@soniahaynes.com

    Telephone: 778-786-1301


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    Sonia Nadina welcomes Kaariina Natalie Saarinen

    in Spirituality

    Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M.Ed. Coun, Founder CoCreavatars International, The Way of Family Council: NVC, Golden Reindeer Moon Lodge, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. A woman of the Great Lakes, Kaariina serves her ancestors with depth and despair
    with alacrity and lightness of heart, with joyous dances and divine orders. Born of a wild heart father and a leader of a mother, this Grandmother takes beings to the stars. Teacher of ancient wisdom, she continues to follow her heart.

    In 2009, she arrived at another threshold; and chose to commit to reversing the signature for nonhodgkins lymphoma.  She continues to empower others to take full responseability for health, whealth, wearth, wellness, wholeness and access these wisdom teachings.

    Join Sonia Nadina in what promises to be a powerful moment in time with this amazing healer and spiritual teacher. Check out her Youtube video below.

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    Open Your Spirit To Connect With Spirit

    in Spirituality

    When you were a child, you were able to see in to the space between dimensions. You were able to feel the love of the universe, this is why some of us felt that maybe we were dropped of and left here. In this episode, Sonia Nadina shares some of her childhood stories of her interaction with angels and guides. She will channel insights of love and light from your guides and angels.

    Do you walk with Archangel Raphael?

    Do you live in light and love through the intervention of Archangel Gabriel?

    How about your ability to overcome challenges that overwhelm you with the help of Archangel Michael?

    The messages of ancient wisdom shared through Archangel Uriel brings you understanding of yourself in the universality.

    Sonia Nadina Haynes shares wisdom and healing through transformative words of wisdom. Do you want to heal your life and relationships? Ask Sonia Nadina how you can clear your inner hurts to heal and have the amazing life you want. She is author of books on Amazon.

    Website: www.soniahaynes.com.

    Email: contact@soniahaynes.com


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    The Truth About Speaking Your Truth with Sonia Nadina Haynes

    in Spirituality

    What is speaking your truth? Most people think that speaking their truth is about being agressive in their words. It is necessary to understand what it means to express yourself from your heart without anger or fear. In todays show Sonia Nadina shares anout expressing yourself in a confrontation without anger. She helps you to understand the difference between living on purpose - acting in your personal power and living in fear - acting out of guilt and fear.

    Mini-readings and inspirational insights with emotional healer, Intuitive and author, Sonia Nadina Haynes.

    Contact Sonia for readings and emotional healing sessions at www.soniahaynes.com.

    Email: contact@soniahaynes.com.

    Phone number: 778-786-1301


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    Healing The Pain From Childhood Trauma - Do You See What I See?

    in Spirituality

    When we look at the world, we view it from our own filter. If we like what we see in ourselves, we will see the world as a magnificent, magical place for us to enjoy and explore. If not it does reflect our vision. In this episode, let's heal so that we can truly see cleary. 

    We are born on the planet in drama and emotional struggles. Our first moment was a painful struggle for our mother and ourself. This impacted us severely. Without knowledge, our childhood journey followed us into adulthood creating mental, emotional and physical disease. Sonia Nadina Haynes takes you on a journey of reflection and healing to change your unconscious story. She helps you to heal in a powerful way. She is an emotional healer who works from the energetic and emotional level to help you heal your physical pain. Sonia is author of The Power Of Money, How you see money is how you see yourself, Law of Attraction In Design, Oneness, Reincarnation, Separation and Integration, all available on Amazon. Sonia Nadina's website: www.soniahaynes.com. To book an appointment, Email: contact@soniahaynes.com Or call 778-786-1301.