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    if You Could End Somebodies Career in the music industry who would it be ?

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    tune In & talk to the host as they discuss who's career in the music industry they would end if they could & call in and tell us who's career would you end

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    Diane Martin - Author of "Somebodies Else's Baby....and more

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    Our very special guest will be the author of the outstanding book “Somebody Else’s Baby”, the brilliant author Diane Martin...The story of “Somebody Else’s Baby” in now in production to be performed in live theatre on July 26 at Thornton Fractional North High School. We will discuss Ms. Martin’s writings, the upcoming stage play and also talk with some of the cast. 

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    Email, Twitter, Instagram and Text. OMG, Sexting?  

    Instead of asking for your business card, people ask if your business is on Facebook.  Instead of asking what you do for a living, people search for your resume, title and profile on LinkedIn.  Wait, I don't need to talk to you on the phone; I'll just skype you. 

    Social media is dictating; even demanding that to communicate, reach or connect with people; we must be "plugged in."  But at what expense?

    Everyone of us has a conversation that we need to have, should have or wish we had with someone or somebodies.  We have all got concerns, issues and resentments.  Why aren't we having THOSE conversations?

    What is the fear; that we would rather "plug in" and share our "personal business" with people we've only met once or haven't seen in decades?  Or a person we've never met?"  

    But we are unwilling to have a meaningful conversation with the people we share a home with?  Our bed? Really!!!  

    Something's gotta change.  It's time!

    It's time to "unplug" and "plug in" to one another.  It's time to have the uncomfortable conversation you didn't want to have; be it professional or personal, sexual or spiritual.

    This is REAL TALK LIVE 216!  And we believe in keepin it, "REAL!"  So tonight, we say, "IT'S TIME TO HAVE THE CONVERSATION. Cuz the ISSUES ain't going away!

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    Are You Still In Love With Your Ex?

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    Do you sit around and ponder on the thoughts of you & you’re Ex getting back together. Do you make sure the communications are still open by holding onto their things? Know the signs of being sill in love with the Ex when it comes to dating. Digging deep into the topic this week our friends Comedians Cory “ZooMan” Miller would offer just about every dish one could want. Aside from being a headlining comedian and President Obama impressionist, he can sing, rap, dance, act and produce. He worked as a choreographer for Dallas Austin's group, the Highland Place Mobsters, taught and wrote for multiplatinum rap artist Lil' Zane. He co-hosted "The Mike Roberts Morning Show" on V-103. He’s appeared on Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam & Tour, BET Comicview, Comedy Central, WB’s Parenthood, Spirit Soul Comedy Tour, & Makeover Manor. Nick Lewis, is headlining across the Globe bringing laughter. He is a  comedian, actor & writer he has appeared on P Diddy Bad Boys of Comedy, HBO Def Comedy Jam, BET Comicview, WPEG 97.9 FM Morning Show, WGIV 109.9 FM Afternoon Drive & the 1994 National Gospel Play Actor, Lord Why Do I Keeping Choosing the Wrong Men? He has also performed on Carnival Cruise Lines, in Soul, Korea, Tokyo, Japan, London, England, & Rotterdam, Germany. Actor Marcus Tolbert lead actor in the upcoming movie "The Cellular Effect". 

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    jackolope quarantine

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    its goin down ima talk about jacolopes and ima go head and do it primetime why not somebodies gonna hear it live

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    SpokenHeard with Derrick Abyss Graham and Susan Dobbe Chase

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    A.B.Y.S.S. - The metamorphosis of the artist we call Abyss began while working his way up the tour scene in comedy clubs.  The poetry arena wasn’t really defined when he debuted to listeners in Jacksonville, FL. Abyss was determined to put stretch marks on the genre we now know as spoken word.  He tirelessly works on his craft, a self taught musician and scribe. Abyss also served 7 yrs on the board of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. He spends countless hours of community service inside jails, schools, churches, and community centers. Abyss received a Peabody Award for his appearance on HBO Def Poetry the “original series” Season 1, and returned to star on seasons 5 of HBO Def Poetry.  He was the first poet to appear on BET’s 106th & Park.  Currently Abyss has been casted for a recurring role on the “Somebodies”; the first scripted sitcom in BET’s history.  He’s has made other appearances on BET J’s Lyric Café, the 12th Annual Gospel Choice Awards, and numerous NACA/APCA college events.  Abyss also co-wrote a song with Rhonda Smith (Prince’s Bass Player).  He’s a published author, musician, activist, motivational speaker, songwriter, actor, mentor, etc. His list of accomplishments goes on and on.

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    Depression is not of God. There are people out there today that are having certain problems this christmas holiday and don't know that there is something better for them. That you don't have to live in the hell whole all your life. . . there are times when you just need to reach out when you don't feel like it and touch somebodies elses heart. . . times when you can't do what you want to do and you have to be flexible and not keep on going through depression. Depression will you ever get healed from it. . ? 

    What I have been through 

    What you can do to help that person 

    God is able to help you through this rough time. . Your life is not over. . my friend

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    Mr. Most MagNIFICENT Motherfucker!

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    Do you know that one (or couple) somebodies who behaviors are so outrageous that dreams of premeiring on the ID Channel dance in your head and inspires you to pen an award-winning song to accompany the episode? We have notebook lines full!!! Tonight, Tigga & ArmageDon will discuss, explore & expose titles, status, and the knuckleheads who let such irrelevance go to their heads, resulting in counterproductivity and other detriments that can potentially harm the Collective. All are welcome to join the discussion

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    Sai Browne rockin' on the radio with the cast of BET's Somebodies

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    Today Hadjii, who plays Scottie (and is also the creator, writer, star and producer) on the BET show Somebodies joins us to talk about how he went from author to televison producer in under four years. We're also joined by Kaira Akita who plays Diva - I am so excited to speak with her! Call in number 347-633-9113

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    THE JCHC SLAM AND DANCE SHOW is going through exciting change at the moment. We are introducing a *SPECIAL HOST* episode which we hope will gather steam into the future where we have special somebodies within the scene guest hosting a show. In the first of these shows we will have Sef Idle from the punk band, FALSE IDLE hosting the show. 
    Sef Idle is set to host the JCHC Slam and Dance Show on October 7th 2013. The episode will include a personal interview with the founder of Veritas Vinyl, Jesse Jeremiah, and music from bands such as Officer Negative, The Havoc, One-21, F4X, Dogwood, and many more.
    The show will also take a few minutes to recap the events of 2013’s Thumper Punk Records night. Sef Idle is the front man of the Christian punk band, False Idle. He has been involved with the C-punk scene as a musician and audio engineer for close to 15 years.

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    Angels on Air-Single Parenting

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    This Sunday morning Angels On Air opens a dozen cold case files,supporting twelve families in seeking justice for their loved ones.Learn the facts behind these unsolved mysteries and help reach the somebodies out there who who hold the key to solving these catastrophic crimes.This two hour special is sure to be a meaningful way you may devote your time to helping those who have suffered sustained-trauma....JOIN US!   Tune in on Sunday morning, April 14, 2013 for a 2 hour special from 7:30 am to 9:30 am Pacific Time Zone / 8:30 am to 10:30 am Mountain Time Zone / 9:30 am to 11:30 am Central Time Zone / 10:30 am to 12:30 am Eastern Time Zone…call in and join Angels On Air with comments and questions at (714) 333-3301   Angels on Air is a weekly radio program which promotes public/private sector partnerships and volunteerism as meaningful methods of eliminating crimes against children. Supporting positive projects and efforts which help to create safer communities, where our children may grow to meet and exceed their potential.   If you’re interested in having your organization, event or business featured during an Angels On Air episode please contact Kathleen Moore at 916-259-4396.Visit Army Of Angels on line at http://www.armyofangels.biz/

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