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    Shadows on the Wall Paranormal Radio travels to Haunted Scotland

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    On tonights show Len Miller and "Ghost Dude" JC Rositas are continuing their "Haunted Cities," with a trip to Scotland. They will talk Chillingham Northumberland, Victoria School Road, St.John's Tower, and Braemar Castle to name a few places they will talk about..


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  • The Other Side of Grief

    in Self Help

    The only radio show dedicated to the issues of loss and grief.

    This week's conversation will focus on lingering grief.

    For some of us, the reality of our loss remains and becomes the center of our lives  long after the experience of the loss.

    We will look and some of these situations and the reasons why  loss can linger as well as how to change it.

    Listeners are welcomed to call in.

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    "In Other Words…" Dr_Robert_B

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    My guest this morning has been to the places most of us only see on the news.  Dr. Robert Baxt works with for Doctors Without Borders and Project Hope, two of the wonderful groups that get medical care to people who have no other access to it.  He spends more time abroad than home.  He works in areas with wars going on.  He performs surgery in tents, where sterility is almost an option.  And he doesn't get enough time with his grandchildren.  Why?  Because he gets to change people's lives.  Bob and all the people who work for these groups, Physicians for Peace, and similar organizations work with people who are dying of diseases that don't exist in the Western world and perform what to us are routine surgeries, but that give these people back their lives. 

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    "SOME GOOD CRAIC " - EPISODE 103 - 1ST OF 2015

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    1/14/5 8 pm EST - SOME GOOD CRAIC RETURNS AFTER THE HOLIDAYS WITH ITS FIRST SHOW OF 2015 !  Craic Head Mike and Jonny Ra bring you the CRAIC to get 2015 off and running. The News from the Emerald Isle and some of the best Irish Music on the internet. Tune in at 8:00 pm EST on Wednesday Night 1/7/15 - Check Some Good Craic's Face Book Wall for info , and somegoodcraic.com  . All shows are in the archive. There is a chat room each and every week LIVE during the show. 

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    The Other Side of Grief

    in Self Help

    The only radio show dedicated to the issues of grief and loss.

    This week's conversation will focus on the meaning and purpose of grief.

    Often we see loss and grief as pointless difficult and an interruption in our perception of life.

    This can lead to avoidance behavior, depression, and victimization.

    Today we will explore the place grief and loss have in our lives and the paradox it presents to us.

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    Connecting With Loved Ones On The Other Side: Mediumship Readings Today

    in Spirituality

    Air date: January 17, 2015

    Description: Please call in if you have any questions about connecting with your loved ones on the Other Side or to see if a loved one wants to connect with you through Lisa today. The phone number is: (646) 929-0732.*

    *Please know this is a mediumship reading and Lisa cannot foresee your future. For more information, please visit: http://messagesfromtheotherside.net 

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    "In Other Words…" Rommie and Mike

    in Lifestyle

    Why is it your New Year's resolutions around fitness and weight loss resolutions never stick?  "This year is going to be the year I do it!", but it never is.  That may end this year, because today we talk with personal trainers at Rommie Wheeler and Mike Caplan, both from Brick Bodies Reisterstown.  They've got some ideas about that.  And good news: The two biggest issues are easily solved!  We talk about nutrition issued, too.

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    What's on the other side?

    in Paranormal

    tonight on whats on the other side I will give an update on the orlando death pond. Bo from for Louisiana will call in and give an update on the Cajun monster. Don't miss it tune in at 10 Est.

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    This, That And The Political Other

    in Politics Conservative

    It's a political mind flush. The president bounces from one topic to another. The House is one step behind, reacting to him rather than creating their own direction. The Senate waits on the House. The Democrats just wait. ... and the American people just don't seem to matter.

    How do we stop this crazy train? This run away railroading? This inevitable train wreck?

    Let's talk process. In order to act, we must know what is happening. It is fun to debate all these issues that evoke such passion, but if it all comes crumbling down does any of it really matter?

    Every two years, politicians lie to get what they need ~ our vote ~ in order to get what they want ~ our money. How do we stop it? Can we stop it?

    The answer to me is so simple .... which is why it is so difficult.

    Let's explore the potential power that WE the people actually have if we could only find some way to unite for a common cause against the current state of American politics.

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    UFC Fight Night 59 Review, UFC on Fox 14 and Super Bowl 49 Preview

    in Sports

    Good afternoon Sports Fans [!] 

    Tonight's show, Jay and Jesse will review this past weekends UFC Fight Night 59 (UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver) card which saw some notable highlights during the prelims all erased by Conor McGregor's antics (inside and outside the cage) 

    The guys will also preview this weekends upcoming UFC on Fox 14 (UFC on Fox: Gustafsson vs. Johnson) card which will preview the next challenger to Jon Jones Light Heavyweight Kingdom when Alexander Gustafsson will face off against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson in the Main Event.

    And lastly but not leastly, Jay and Jesse will review this past weekends NFL Conference Championships, debate on just how important the NFL Pro Bowl is to the fans and the players and of course, the most major sports Championship today, Jay and Jesse will talk, pick apart and predict Super Bowl 49 (Super Bowl XLIX) 

    All of that fun plus some more ranting and raving, so join us and have a good time [!] 

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    Sunny Dawn Johnston - "The Love Never Ends-Messages from the Other Side"

    in Self Help

    Sunny Dawn Johnston an internationally renowned psychic medium, teacher, author and motivational speaker.

    Since early childhood, Sunny has always known she was different and destined to do great things.

    As a teenager she possessed an innate wisdom and profound awareness of the angelic realm and Spirit world. While she fought those gifts for many years, Spirit ultimately won! We’ll love to hear about this story!

    Her latest book released in October of 2014: The Love Never Ends – Messages from the Other Side.

    AND! Sunny Johnston has been featured on many local and national television and radio shows including Coast-to-Coast with George Noory.


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