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    Omerta Facebook, Somali Execution, Paul George

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    From omerta to online: Modern mafia bosses break with tradition of generations of secrecy by flaunting wealth and power on Facebook


    Violent man arrested in murder of popular high school counselor smirks at reporters while being led away


    Three Somali men convicted of Al-Shabab terror atrocities are executed by firing squad


    Mom thanked Jesus after chokehold homicide ruling

    Hopes for Indiana Pacers star Paul George's recovery from horrific on-court scrimmage injury after doctors operate on his broken leg... but it could be 18 MONTHS before he is healed


    Thieves steal $1million in designer goods from Texas beauty queen's two storey 'she-cave' after she proudly showed off its contents on Good Morning America





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    The Mosque Visit - Union membership down - Jews not welcome at Berkeley

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    Hr1  Corey Prez Duncan gives us an update from Baltimore and talks racism. Corey says opportunity does not come & knock on your door, you have to make your own opportunities. Who's running for mayor in Baltimore? AND... did our president really just go to a mosque that's on the terror watch list? 

    Hr2  Recap on who's out of the presidential race... Santorum, Paul, & Huckabee. For now. Who's next?

    How safe are you feeling now about flying? In case you missed it, a man was sucked out of a plane after a suspected bomb went off blowing a hole in the side midair. Hopefully, the Somali's security is being scrutinized!

    "End homicide & end climate change, & we end murder. THIS, we know.” Thank you Sheila Jackson Lee. Do the people who elected her realize how clueless this woman is? She's a US Representative for Texas!

    HOW many government workers belong to a union? Union membership is increasing in govt jobs but declining in the private sector. What's driving that change? Guess who's going to be paying those lucrative govt pensions?

    Americans are terrorizing them because they CAN'T assimilate. If you can't assimilate, why are you still here? Didn't you come here to BE an American? Did she denounce the actions of radical Muslims? Nope.

    Hr3   Social Justice doesn't include Jews at UC Berkeley, even if they want to be an active member of social justice movements and progressive communities! So much for safe spaces!

    Libertarian writer/activist, Michael Hausam weighs in on the Donald Trump temper-tantrum nonsense following the Iowa primary. And how unprofessional of Ted Cruz to hand out voting scorecards.

    Most reviews about the movie "13 Hours" said that it was a flop. Catherine Herridge "fact-checked" it. It's performing better than expected. Shocker!

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    Jamiel Shaw II 17, Executed by illegal #45-15: #Trump2016; San Bernadino;& More

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    Jamiel Shaw, Sr On #JamielsLaw Radio this week, talking about the murder of Jas http://JamielsLaw.com; Donald J. Trump for President 2016 - Immigration Plan https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/immigration-reform; San Bernadino Islamic Terrorist Attack; The Somali refugee link to San Bernardino terrorist attack http://po.st/6BTwnQ; Jamiel on Fox & Friends to Endorse Donald Trump http://www.donaldjtrump.com/media/jamiel-shaw-i-stand-with-trump; 72 DHS employees who are on a Terrorist watch list http://tinyurl.com/jcd6nfd; LAPD; The Bad & the ugly side of illegal immigration http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp; Plus much more.  If you can, listen in.

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    President Obama will address the Nation from the Oval Office on "Terrorism In America" LIVE and Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana will cover the speech LIVE and give a reassestment as onn as the speech is over. Also the San Bernardino Massaacure that killed 14 and injured 21 will have a update on the FBI progress. Also USA Airforce attacks Raqqa, Syria and killed 32 ISIS members and wounded 40 others. Also FBI raids home of San Bernardino shooter friend and investigates purchase of Semi-Automatic Rifles. Also Minnesota Somali refugee terrorist connected to San Bernardino slaughter. Also Triple Suicide attack kills 27 in Chad by Boko Haram. Also 2 stabbed in Israel. Also explosions and bombs by ISIS kill a Yemen Governor and his 6 bodyguards. Also Donald Trump is going to Israel to visit Prime Minister Netnayahu soon. Also Biometric tattoos raise he bar in the RFID Mark of the Beast Technology. Tonght on Sunday Night LIVE with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. 

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    Talking Pictures with Somali Rose from Award-Winning Indie films.

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    Somali is based in Florida and has acted in features, commercials, and has directed short films. Today we will discuss the award winning "Immortal Island", which she also garnered a Best Actress nomination. 

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    Somali American Community in Minnesota

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    We are going to start to facilitate for Somali American communities to connect in the air as well as conducting  a seiries of topics on Somali American culture, challenges, successes and the current pressing issues such as the radicalization of young adults in our communities. All of these in the light of 10th Anniversary of the tragic day of September 11 2001. Some important leaders will be on the air.



    ( Sept 10th 2011  5.30pm )

    Join us on This coming Saturday 


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    Oscar De Vere Morris I was Navy USS America CV 66 84 88 four rears in the reserve.
    If you want you can chose any photos on the page except of the veterans holding the canes.
    Fishing on the Lake I got an old dead Cypress limb . I make art out of all kinds of wood. I took the limb to the shop and thought it would make a cool walking cane. People liked it I made more. I put hand made wooden gear shifter knobs on the tops . I decited since my sales skills are no good I would give them away. I chose to give them to veterans that are cane dependent. Made a facebook page. Made a video. Told everone to hit like . They did ,it went Viral. Now I have a back log of over 400 orders. Slowly getting help. But would love to see more help fro fellow Veterans. Its as most say Gods work. Its supporting a Brother or a Sister. In a time we feel pushed aside. We come together.

    Ron Breland U.S.

    Army Staff Sergeant Ron Breland (Ret.) served in the United States Army from 1990 to 2005as a DoD Certified Firefighter and a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Specialist. As a third generation firefighter, Breland realized early that his destiny was to serve. In 1993, Breland volunteered for the humanitarian-turned-combat mission in Mogadishu,Somalia where he engaged the enemy on his own ground. Unbeknownst to Breland at the time, he suffered a minor Traumatic Brain Injury after a truck explosion. He was also a Quick Reaction Force Member and thwarted a surprise attack on his basecamp by two Somali insurgents which he killed quickly during the “Battle of the Black Sea”. A tour to the war torn region of Kosovo would come later, in 1999, where then Sergeant Breland was hand-picked by the XVIII Airborne Corps Command Staff and named the Task Force Falcon Fire Chief, serving under then BG Carlos Sanchez. Breland successfully ran fire stations on three base camps in two countries while forging mutual aid agreements between the United States

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    Voice of Migrants Radio: Episode

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    African Media Association Malta is a new NGO bringing together African journalists who have come to Malta. The organisation has won start-up funding* for it's first project “Somali Media Malta”.

    The aim of the Project is to bring information to African immigrants in Malta, such as news, current affairs, information how to live in Malta, music and culture etc. The team has been formed by professional journalists who escaped persecution in Somalia to set up new life in Europe, and have gained legal status here.

    In the short term the plan is to set up a website and produce radio programmes to broadcast in Somali language on internet based Blog Talk Radio (or similar), and any Community Radio Network willing to co-operate. Somali nationals are the largest African immigrant group in Malta.

    Longer term, other languages will be added.

    Many immigrants from Africa are unaware of the One Radio show for them, Connect Africa, mostly playing African music, and in English language. That is the only radio broadcast currently in Malta for immigrants, broadcast weekly on Thursday evenings at 8 pm on 92.7 FM, on-line streaming at www.one.com.mt 92.7, and with podcast links to past shows – find Connect Africa Radio on Facebook.

    One objective is to seek consent of Malta Government and Agencies to enable new arrivals in Detention Centres, and those who have been processed and are in Open Centres, to be able to hear information in Somali language from the time of arrival in Malta. There is no such service at present and many do not speak English or Maltese on arrival.

    The young team are all under 27years old, as are most of the African immigrants in Malta.

    * EEA and Norway Grant Funding administered by SOS Malta NGO.



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    Somali Terriist in Portland Oregon???????

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    Somali Terrorist? call: 661-449-1435- Free in the USA @ 9pm Mountain time tonight!
    Welcome to Chum Chum Radio!

    Tonight we an exclusive cover about Mohamud Osman Mohamud

    Heart-breaking news has hit the Somali Community in Portland,Oregon. A young Somali University Student has attempted terrorist attack. The Islamic community are saying the portrait alleged attacker Mohamed Osman Mohamud painted of the Somali community is far from the truth.

    Many of us have no idea of who he is.But we do know he is Muslim and Somali man. To hear this devastating news is affecting our Somali Society as a whole.

    Will & Amaliana will interview Muna Farah, a youth Activist in the Somali Community in Portland, Oregon. Along side with her colleague Shamsa, Spokesperson. They will answer as much question as possible.

    Stay Tuned Everyone!!!