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    FSL60: Miles Christi Religous Order

    in Christianity

    Sean and Stacey share their memories about the Miles Christi religious order, which is featured in a new documentary, "Miles Christi: Solders of Christ in America."

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    in Paranormal

    come join us, as we discuss all things paranormal, we will be interviewing chief exorcist, Archbishop Ron Feyl

    "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, agains spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:1012.

    The Battle is here. God's people are being attacked even as I cry out for more warriors to help, but very few will hear the call or for some reason won't respond. The saying that "many are called and few are chosen" does not apply to people who call themselves true disciples of Christ.

    "And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease." Matthew 10:1

    Why do so many priests and bishops exclude exorcism healing from the body and soul of a person calling out for help as part of their ministry? An archbishop once said to me "I have more to place my attention on than worrying about training my priests on exorcism." And another bishop said to me "No, we don't do that. It's not part of our ministry."

    We need to wake up. You see the state of things happening in our world today, lack of morals, disasters one immediately after another. If you are a true believer, bishop or priest, Christian men or women, Christian ministries of all jurisdictions, you need to know that God needs you as His solders who are willing to fight the good fight. The big question for all of the clergy who are the servants of Christ is "What are you waiting for?

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    A time to remember our heritage for Memorial Day

    in Christianity

    We have a sermon on our spiritual heritage to share tonight. First, we want to remember a select group of brave young men and women.  Those that gave all with their full measure of devotion to serve their country.  This is not a time to remember those that came back from our military conflicts.  But, I have to admitt that I do.  This is not a time to rejoice in the victory of battles won.  But I am sure that for some they will.  In my minds eye I can see those flag covered caskets of young men and women who died far from everything that they loved.  I can see the fathers with small children who lost their wife, the children who lost a parent, the parents who lost a child. I can see expectant mothers that lost a husband, and the surviving solders that lost a friend and comrad in arms.  We, as a people, have the tendancy to feel emotion, and then forget as life goes on.  I am thankful that our leaders set aside a day to give honor, and cause us to reflect on the cost that is paid for our freedoms.  It was not free and not cheap! For many, the nightmare of having to become both mother and father to their children's everyday life. I cannot imagine how a parent can work through the loss of their child so far away from them.  How do the solders that returned deal with the survivors guilt and face the family of those that returned?  I cannot even imagine how you deal with the brutality and swiftness of the loss.  Tonight, we give honor to those that paid the cost of our freedom with their life.   How do we give honor to them; remember their sacrifice and reach out to those that were impacted the most by their loss.  We are going to start the show with a song, and while it's playing I ask that you join me in a prayer for these families. Where are limited in ourselves, but GOD is not! 

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    Hump day with the prophet

    in Current Events

    92 Million Americans unemployed, Palestine attacks U.S. Embassy in Israel, Robot solders,Obama is a Halfrican, Robert Reich, Obama bullies, Normalizing Pedophilia, Pot Tax Colo, Kanye West leaving USA

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk with Daniel Ballard

    in Art

    My Guest this Thursday, September 26th at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk is Daniel Ballard of Precious Metals West, who returns to the show. We'll be talking about "purple gold" and much more!   About: Since 1984 Precious Metals West / Fine Gold has been the custom and manufacturing jewelers’ resource. Refining is just the start of our skills, products and services. Not only do we make products like casting grain, fabricating grain sheet wire and solders… In addition, our research team has made breakthroughs we all enjoy today. Please note we do not process refining for the public, mines, or electronic scrap. We process jewelry and related materials only.    First, we pioneered cadmium free solders. This is old news now as all of our competitors have followed suit. Next, we developed the world’s first ever plumb platinum solders. These are now used all over the world and recognized as the best platinum solders ever. Then we applied that advanced metallurgy to gold solders and created the lowest flowing 14kt solders so jewelers can stay “plumb” and fix the most delicate items.    When white gold became extremely popular, we worked up advanced alloys and golds that do not require rhodium plating. When MJSA committed to a “White Gold Task Force” the first meeting was held in our factory and included our people. That project resulted in a set of reliable standards for white gold color internationally.    For more about Precious Metals West, visit www.preciousmetalswest.com/.

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    the campaign begins

    in Politics

    The NAACP attacking NC 
    The monument in alabama being taken down
    Rights of southerns 
    How to fight the NAACP 
    The next battle field

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    Gather Round w/ Ruthann Amarteifio

    in Current Events

    Gather 'Round w/ my guests and I as we discuss this world we are living in
    Sarit Jacobsohn starts things out w/ 'Eye On Israel', discussing the apartheid state. w/ Guy Batavia, an activist, for Palestine, in Israel-----They also talk about all the young people being kept prisoner for refusing to fight in this immoral occupation----
    Then Bilal Markis, www.miraclecomeback.com, returns, bringing Elvis Thao, www.elvisthao.com, with him.  They'll be talking about the miracle that kept Bilal's son alive after a vehicular accident----Elvis has written and sang a song "46 Pints" about this event----and, Bilal has produced it. We'll talk of what it has begun and how many lives have been changed by it.  Join us for some fresh inspiration!

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    Hard Starboard Radio Weekend

    in Politics Conservative

    Giant killer tornadoes are a greenstremist's best friend; the flaming wreckage of the American economy takes refuge underground; jihadis celebratorily behead British solders in full public view, and O's response is another "historic" retreat to the Land of Make-Believe; and voter suppression is just fine as long as the "right" votes get suppressed.

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    Patti Sherwin is back for Readings, Meditations and more

    in Spirituality

    We are being called 'one an all' to be better , to do better to see better . to love better. To stand up and be the true and powerful being's that we were meant to be . So what is power ? It is not anger it is love . Like  Mother Teresa  when she asked the solders to stop fighting, and they did .A gun  is what we have been dragged down to see as power. It is what we are moving as a whole to see to  SEE as hate .The negitive energies that we have let run our minds are getting smaller. The more we see love the more we become love. Love will always win , light will always prevailed. This is what we have to see and not let any thing but that thought be the truth .
    I am getting deep tonight let spirit help clear away any negative thought patterns . The readings will be based in A powerful energy tonight . So if you are wanting a new start , a new way . call in  and let spirit take you to a NEW WAY OF BEING ..
    Patti Has been a healer and channel for spirit her whole life she can see patterns and help you get to the belief of what is keeping you stuck .
    Call in early to be in the Q

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    How Long Will We Sit on the Fence?

    in Spirituality

    God Kingdom regards that we will fully devote ourselves to His purpose and mission. We cannot walk in a state of mutuality. As solders we must be on our post and stand in our God given position; advancing His Kingdom in the eart. Amen!

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    National Able Network with Jim Dodd

    in Self Help

    Director, Veteran and Employer Relations
    Jimm Dodd joined National Able Network, Inc., in February 2011 as director, Veterans Program. Mr.
    Dodd has extensive leadership and management knowledge and an impressive military record.
    Currently he is serving as the commander for the 710th Area Support Medical Company located in
    Chicago, Illinois. His previous assignment was the project manager CBRNE Consequence
    Management Response Force, U.S. Army, responsible for the medical implementation for military
    homeland security mission where he implemented a logistical support system for ensuring
    equipment availability and developed training programs to meet 100 percent compliance with
    national and federal requirements. Mr. Dodd managed and procured mission critical equipment and
    identified logistical shortfalls.
    While serving as Company Commander, he served as senior advisor and trainer, ensuring the unit
    was prepared to complete assigned or assumed missions. Mr. Dodd managed the maintenance and
    operational readiness of vehicles and support equipment valued in excess of $4M. He served as a
    medical officer, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, U.S. Army. Through his
    forward-thinking, Mr. Dodd developed standing protocols for emergency treatment of solders for
    Afghan National Army and a training plan to ensure medical personnel were trained for mission
    readiness. As Battalion S1/HR Manager, he met all deadlines with 100 percent completion of required
    personnel records; prepared and deployed three (3) companies for Operation Enduring Freedom,
    ensuring 100 percent deployable personnel strength. During Operation Iraqi Freedom Mr. Dodd was
    responsible for leading a medical company that provided battlefield treatment and evacuation of
    injured service men and women throughout theater of operation.