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    sol searching

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    Jade Sol Luna

    in Spirituality

    Jade Sol Luna joins us to fill us in on what's been going on with his music, Luna 13, and what's going on in the cosmos. We currently have five planets in retrograde. 

    You never know what subjects will come up when the three of us get to chatting, so tune in to see where on the wheel we land.

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    Lecturas Espirituales Gratis con el Psiquico Ramiro Del Sol

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    Ramiro Del Sol es un psiquico y medium natural y superdotado, quien recibe mensajes de los Angeles y de los Espiritus. De cualquier energia, Ramiro lo puede interpretar. 

    Él primero descubrió sus capacidades a una edad muy temprana cuando los parientes y los antepasados difuntos comenzaron a visitarlo cada noche. Aunque estuvo intimidado inicialmente, Ramiro superó ese miedo y ha dedicado su vida a entender  las manifestaciones de actividad paranormal, metafísica, y compartir eso entendiendo con el mundo. 

    Ramiro desea comprender sus problemas y ayudarle a poner la luz en sus vida y apartar la oscuridad. El habla con mucha compasion y es profesional. El no hace un juicio de su vida. Ramiro ofrese un guia a su vida con el consejo sagrado. Por eso, sus clientes se pueden sentir seguro, calmado y asegurado que todo va a estar bien en sus vidas.

    Tienes preguntas? 

    Llamame o mandame un mensaje de texto 786-280-2616

    Mandame un correo electronico ramirodelsol@hotmail.com


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    Science of the Sol

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we discuss the winter solstice

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    Step 4" Made a searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Myself".

    in Spirituality

    Bible Verse:2 Corinthians 7:8-11

    What is a Spiritual Principle?.

    The spiritual gift is Strength

    Affirmation: I am the strength and fortitude to complete all that is mine to do."

    Here we are now in step 4, you show your willingness to trust. You are now making a searching and fearless moral inventory of your life, you are looking carefully and thoroughly at yourself, your thoughts, events, emotions, and actions of your life, making your inventory

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    Magic, Power, and Light: Bringing Your Best to Your Relationships

    in Spirituality

    There's an old rap lyric...Money Power Respect, its what you need in life. 

    Magic, Power, and Light now that sounds more like it. 

    We have all of these traits within each one of us. We may exude one more than the others. Or perhaps a combination. But what happens when that Power, that Magic, that Light connects with someone who allows that which is great within you to shine through even brighter. What happens when you join forces with someone who excels in those areas where you are lacking? The possibilities are infinite.

    Do you know what you bring to the table?

    Do you know your strength?

    Once you realize what you bring to the table, connecting with those who can and will propel you to greatness is inevitable. 

    We see it with our Masters. We've seen it in powerful friendships, business partnerships, and relationships. 

    Join us this Sunday as we talk about Power, Magic, and Light and how it translates into successful relationships of all kinds. 

    Blessings and Love from Spirit of Love

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    WWE Payback: Searching For Gold

    in Wrestling

    Fresh faces in WWE Challenge for championship gold at Payback,but will it be worth the chase?

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    Operation 144: Awakening the Divine Conscious Souls

    in Spirituality

    Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Acharya Kathy Gibson have been working tirelessly in assisting the Tybro Family on the spiritual path for well over a decade. (In this lifetime lol)

    Their mission goes far beyond assisting with individual spiritual awakening and growth of consciousness. They have revealed the importance of our collective awakening.

    Master Gibson has revealed that humanity needs 144 humans to be recognized by the God's as Divine Conscious Souls in order to show that we are ready for positive growth and change in this world. This is indicated by the ability of an individual to record the Sun blinking...yes blinking! 

    Spirit of Love dedicates this show to our Masters and all of the members of the Tybro family who have worked diligently to reach this milestone. 

    We invite those of you who have already received the beautiful  words "You have been recognized  as Divine Consciousnes soul #...You are know longer fit to incarnate in the lower worlds" to call in and share your journey to this achievement, as well as those of you who are still moving towards this goal. As Adept Thomas Osiris stated, "As one Grows, we All  Grow."

    We look forward to connecting with you all, with blessings in the Spirit Of Lov


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    in Entertainment

    With the ever growing demand for packaged shows, national recording artists Tony Exum, Jr. and Danny Kusz have teamed up to create the Power Sol Group.  This is a high-energy and soulful collective of industry-topping smooth jazz artists that are dedicated to innovating the smooth jazz industry and bringing a unique show to your next event.  On their own, founders Tony and Danny have created a unique blend of funk, R&B, fusion and jazz to create the new sound in smooth jazz.  The combination of these two artists create an unstoppable force that wow any crowd and have people on their feet the entire show.  The show is also scalable depending on the type of event.  If you would like more information, or want to book the Power Sol Group at your next event, email them at powersolgroup@gmail.com.  


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    Let's Talk! Art & Sol with the SONART GALLERY, Where Art Meets Hip Hop!

    in Art

    Join HMi Radio as we get aquainted with the Master of fusion art, with Naeemah Afi of Art & Sol Uptown Food Bar at SONART Gallery located in the state of "Brotherly Love." 

    Son Art Gallery
    7122 Germantown Ave
    Philadelphia Pa.

    Here's a writeup from the Philadelphia Sun on:

    February 26, 2016 Category: Local Posted by: Philadelphia Sun Staff

    By Kendall Alexander


    “When I do a series of paintings, I approach it like an album, each piece is a single,” says self-taught artist Amir Lyles in the back room of his florid gallery named S.O.N. A.R.T. 

    Since December 2014 the gallery has made 7122 Germantown Avenue its home and leaves visitors anxious to return. 

    Look anywhere on the walls and your eyes are enticed by bold images of musicians, civil rights leaders, or ordinary people surviving.  Roots music coming from in-house DJ Osiris’ turntables take sweet smelling incense helps you enjoy the Son Art experience—an experience owners Amir Lyles and Naeemah Patterson are honing daily.

    “Leave your reservations at the door,” Lyles said. We’re not by those books, we’re by our books.  We do it the way we do it.

    The name of the gallery is an acronym for “Something Out of Nothing, A Revolutionary Talent,” chosen before Patterson gave birth to their twin daughters.  Patterson endorses the space, encouraging Lyles to make the space universal for all talent.


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    How Do You Learn to Plan Ahead Rather Than Follow The Crowd

    in Lifestyle

    Have you really thought about how often you follow what is before you, reacting to work, and others, rather than lead the way?   Did you think you would grow up to make choices on your own rather than have adults telling you what to do?  Do you feel you became the person you thought you would become?  Do you think your partner really feels they grew up to be all they thought they would be?

    In a world of following systems, it is easy to lose your self, and, not know what is missing.  Can you remember the childlike happiness you had when you completed something on your own?  Can you remember the happiness you had as you created values that didn't exist before you tried to do something on your own?  Can you remember the pride you feld at you completed the task ahead of you?  Do you remember reflecting all of that happiness and pride to others around you as love, and, getting love back from them?  If so, awesome, If not, let's take a lookt at why you aren't feeling those feellings of joy!

    Would you like to know how to think more deeply about adding values to your life and the world around you?  If you are still searching for that "missing something" then, listen in, please.