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    ENVISION THIS:  consciousness creates our world!

    Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and innovator in the field of ink painting as well as a critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. Sol’s paintings are expressionistic works on canvas and paper that inspire the imagination, uplift the spirit, and amaze the eye.  His vision of the world is deeply shamanic, as a place not wholly solid, but informed by a kinetic vibrancy that is fundamentally conscious.

    Sol’s non-fiction presents a conscious healing method called Regenetics, allowing us to potentiate our DNA.  He presents an unparalleled synthesis of modern and ancient healing wisdom for anyone interested in alternative medicine, energy healing, consciousness research, quantum biology, human evolution, or personal enlightenment.  Sol’s Conscious Healing is a bestselling, reader-friendly narrative that details his experience of chronic illness and miraculous recovery thanks to Regenetics.  It provides scientific substantiation for the work of alternative healers from many orientations, clearly and convincingly making the case for energy work in general.

    In his fiction, Sol calls on us to awaken from our mass cultural illusion before we self-destruct.  His newest novel, Snooze, takes us on a great adventure that opens our minds to the possibility that imagination, dreams, visions, paranormal experiences, and lucid dreaming may hold the keys to resolving the ecological, economic, social, and political deadlocks we are currently experiencing.  His Beginners Luke series illustrate the power of living in the imagination—for only through it can we reinvent ourselves and our world.

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    Acclaimed Author Sol Luckman

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    Next up on V&V Radio: Sol Luckman! The author of such internationally acclaimed works as "Conscious Healing" and the "Beginner's Luke" series, Sol's writings have been hailed as "paradigm-reworking" and "revolutionary." His ultimate goal: to show the reader that, as individuals, we, too, have choices and potentials and that there are no boundaries or rules to limit us. Don't miss this enlightening treat!

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    SOL System Radio with MJ - Polyamory and Homophobia

    in Self Help

    We're getting into topics that people are uncomfortable with talking about. 

    Why monogamy is stupid. Why so many people are lying about being "faithful" to their partners. 

    And why the Black community is so afraid of homosexuality.

    And what does Malcolm X have to do with this?

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    SOL System Radio - Debut Episode

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    This is the debut episode of SOL System Radio with your host, MJ. MJ is an energy healer and the founder of SOL System Tantra, as well as a songwriter and blogger. Tonight's show answers the questions "Why Black Power?" and "Why Tantra?".

    MJ delivers his Truth raw and uncut in a way that only he can do it.

    You can read the accompanying blogs at http://completeconstructivechange.com/2015/01/30/why-black-power/



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    MINGX - 02/12 "True Life Experiences," Atlanta & King District - Benjamin Graham

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    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." MINGXMEDIAGROUP welcomes, Mr. Benjamin Graham - Atlanta's "BigMouthBen," from Homeless to King Historic District "Business Owner."  

    "Ben is a business owner, entertainer, & motivational speaker - It’s no surprise that Benjamin has a love for music that has lasted for over 30 years. Benjamin begin playing classical music on the string bass at the age of 12 and the trombone at the age of 15. He did not stop there he moved on to writing and performing rap songs as a teen. Ben took his love of music to University of Georgia where he majored in journalism and made a name for himself as a DJ for the college radio station as well as the neighborhood parties. He also opened up for the popular group De La Sol. While in college Ben started his own company Profitable Publishing in which he released his first CD titled “Live Your Dream”.

    After 20 years of drug abuse, stints of homelessness under the Auburn Avenue & Fort Street Bridge, and multiple arrest, Ben decided enough was enough. He was ready to win in life.  He left the drugs behind and started moving forward.  Determined to tell his story and encourage others to win in life, he rode the famous Yellow Bike around the streets of Atlanta eight to ten hours a day selling chips and soda, cleaning windows and parking lots to finance his dream. Benjamin’s ingenious leadership and marketing skills on the inner city streets of Atlanta not only helped financed his company but conveyed the importance of an honest day’s work to achieve one’s dreams."

    A show like "No Other," MINGXMEDIAGROUPBTR!

    WeOn BlogTalk Radio! MXMGBTR!



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    Jade Sol Luna

    in Spirituality

    We're Back and so is Jade. We will be also touching a bit on Februalia, Imbolc and our opinions of the Superbowl controversy. 




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    O dia que o Senhor fez / The day the Lord has made

    in Christianity

    Desde o nascimento do sol até ao ocaso, seja louvado o nome do Senhor. Salmos 113:3
    Sábado 31, 4h da manhã (meia noite Brasília)

    Since the sun's birth until the sunset, the name of the Lord be praised. Psalms 113: 3
    Friday, 30th, 11pm EST / 10pm CST / 9pm MST / 8pm PST - USA

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    Wes Morgan Gospel Recording Artist

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    It could be his powerful, soulful voice, or his refreshing delivery that makes inspirational artist Wess Morgan such a thrill to bear witness to. Or maybe it’s because he has walked on a rough path—one that might have made another falter—that makes his music so moving, so unique, and so unforgettable. But one thing is for certain, Wess, by the grace of God, has proven that he is strong, resilient, and one of the most talented and anointed gospel / inspirational artists of this generation.

    Born in Mississippi, but raised in Tennessee by an extremely musical family—his parents Joseph and Yolanda, both pastors, sang in and out of church—Wess knew at a young age that music and God was destined to be an integral part of his life. Along with his siblings, he began traveling with his parents, as they ministered the word of God through music, teaching, and preaching in churches across the United States.

    But at the age of 11, Wess began experimenting with drugs and alcohol, eventually becoming addicted to cocaine and finding himself in and out of juvenile detention centers for most of his teens and 20s. It was while in jail, and about to be sentenced for seriously injuring his friends—in a horrifying car crash in which he was high, drunk, and speeding—that he spoke to God and God actually answered him. “I just cried out to God and asked Him to forgive me for what happened and to help me get straight,” Wess remembers. “I asked Him for a strategy and He spoke one word to me and that was ‘accountability.’ And I’ve been clean ever since.” Pursuing a singing career had always been a deep desire for Wess, but his addictions kept robbing him of the chance. After he beat his addiction, he finally went into the studio with Tre Corley, the pair ende up writing and producing Wess first sol project, "Look at Me Now!

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    Un Nuevo Sol-Bilingüe – Bilingual - Tópicos Variados-Spanish-English

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    Bringing you information about business, global international trade, politics, legislation, community, culture and entertainment. A bilingual Spanish English Spanglish show. Presentandoles información acerca de negocios, comercio internacional global, política, comunidades, cultura, y entretenimiento, en Español, Inglés y/and Spanglish.

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    BeSimply...Food Alchemy {SOLFood}

    in Food

    Join 'She' and Sarah Lim as they connect to SOL Food. Thoughts and pics about the meaning of food in our lives. Sharing her passion for truly GOOD food!

    Sarah's Mission

    Seeking Food with SOL! Seasonal Organic Local :)

    Food grown under the Sun to feed your Soul!

    Music by Earth Prayer Ena Vie

    Connect with Sol Food Facebook

    Connect with
    Suzanne Toro

    Bare Naked Bliss
    Meditations-Audio Book
    BareNakeBliss e-book

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    A Kind Voice on Music; All music Re-cap

    in Music

     Welcome to A Kind Voice on Music.  This Musical showcase spotlights Music.  Oddly fitting but somehow a rare delicacy on our program to have an all music show.  We are honoring those who have shared their music and kind voices with us all through playing the music that they chose to share with our listeners.  We will play their music and reminisce about the time they shared with the show.  We will highlight the stylings of Subterranean House Band, Matt Haeck, Sol Driven Train, Tacoma Narrows, Midnight Snack, Laura Light and The Bread and Butter Band.  Feast your ears on this and tell a friend, they won’t want to miss it..  Enjoy!  

    Hosted by Tyler Wolf.

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