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    Acclaimed Author Sol Luckman

    in Entertainment

    Next up on V&V Radio: Sol Luckman! The author of such internationally acclaimed works as "Conscious Healing" and the "Beginner's Luke" series, Sol's writings have been hailed as "paradigm-reworking" and "revolutionary." His ultimate goal: to show the reader that, as individuals, we, too, have choices and potentials and that there are no boundaries or rules to limit us. Don't miss this enlightening treat!

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    ENVISION THIS:  consciousness creates our world!

    Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and innovator in the field of ink painting as well as a critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. Sol’s paintings are expressionistic works on canvas and paper that inspire the imagination, uplift the spirit, and amaze the eye.  His vision of the world is deeply shamanic, as a place not wholly solid, but informed by a kinetic vibrancy that is fundamentally conscious.

    Sol’s non-fiction presents a conscious healing method called Regenetics, allowing us to potentiate our DNA.  He presents an unparalleled synthesis of modern and ancient healing wisdom for anyone interested in alternative medicine, energy healing, consciousness research, quantum biology, human evolution, or personal enlightenment.  Sol’s Conscious Healing is a bestselling, reader-friendly narrative that details his experience of chronic illness and miraculous recovery thanks to Regenetics.  It provides scientific substantiation for the work of alternative healers from many orientations, clearly and convincingly making the case for energy work in general.

    In his fiction, Sol calls on us to awaken from our mass cultural illusion before we self-destruct.  His newest novel, Snooze, takes us on a great adventure that opens our minds to the possibility that imagination, dreams, visions, paranormal experiences, and lucid dreaming may hold the keys to resolving the ecological, economic, social, and political deadlocks we are currently experiencing.  His Beginners Luke series illustrate the power of living in the imagination—for only through it can we reinvent ourselves and our world.

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    Art Of War

    in Education

     The power of Art / Art as a weapon

    Sol is a artist with a vision, therefore he is a visual artist. He prides himself as being one that pushes the envelope as it pertains to the traditional sense of what a artist should or should not be. He pushes the envelope on what a artist should or should not do as well. Under the fold of the EyEcOnOgRaPhY movement Sol specializes in creative imagery, mixed media art, collages, street photography, graffiti art, and custom portrait framed artwork with a twist. At the very core of his work is the ability to enhance and recapture the moving parts, the pulse, the heartbeat of vintage antique images. Family images, loved ones, lost ones, not necessarily the "celebrity" but the EyEcOnS of your own lineage. To find greatness one only has to travel as far as that old worn family photo album located in the closet, basement, or garage collecting dust. We are all EyEcOnS for we are all direct descendants of EyEcOnS. With that being the case, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY! Join Us as we welcome special guest Sol Ra El Bey to our radio show as he expounds on why and how art is a weapon. Call in at 323-870-3897 or login at www.blogtalkradio.com/usot

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    Love and Sex and Magic

    in Spirituality

    Knowing, connection, evolution, heart beat.

    Light, joy, oneness, intimacy.

    Holding up the mirror. Standing before one's reflection.

    Willingness to look into the depths of truth.

    Love, beauty, intense, delicate.

    A bond beyond this world.

    Breathe. Gasp. Grasp. Bold.

    I light a candle in honor of you.

    Touch, taste, feel, hold.

    Spirit seeking its match.

    Push. Give. Take. Pull.

    Who you once were fades into the shadows.

    A Divine, higher being emerges.

    Evolving into greatness.

    Words of Power. Divine Prayers at Sunrise.

    Intertwined in a spell of Epic proportions.

    Passion. Action. Faith. Vision.

    No you. No me. Not bound by the Illusion of space and time.

    This is an Experience. One beyond our wildest dreams

    Love. Sex. Magic.


    Join us. Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 11 Eastern for an intimate conversation about the intricacies and evolution of love, sex and relationships on the spiritual path.

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    Every Wed night @ 9pm, Join your host Coach Nelly B & The Moxie Gent Eli for Sol

    in Motivation

    Every Wed night @ 9pm, Join your host Coach Nelly B & The Moxie Gent Eli for Solution Focused conversation that'll make the rest of life your best life!

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    Week of November 6th Local news and views

    in Current Events

    GET into the Bradford Vermont Town Photo!!     Youth Hunting this weekend...

    Lower our school tax bill..no bond for solar pannels...there will never be a pay back

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    Special Guest: FL. Libertarian Senate Candidate: Augustus Invictus

    in Politics

    Meet Augustus Sol Invictus.  He is the Libertarian Candidate running to fill Marco Rubio's Senate seat.  Mr. Ivictus will discuss his campaign and his "Hot Topics" about the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. 

    Call-in Lines WILL be open:  646-716-7978

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    Friends and Family Day: Growing With and Without Your Support Team

    in Spirituality

    One of the beauties of growing spiritually is that it expands your capacity to love. The bonds that are made and the relationships that are built are cultivated from a place of acceptance, expansion, and joy. The ability to carry those high level emotions into the relationships with family and friends expands as well. The Light and Love you emanate will always return to you.

    Relationships between family and friends can also become a bit challenging to navigate at times. All relationships have their ups and downs, however there is a uniqueness pertaining to what is experienced as one grows spiritually.

     As students of Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Acharya Kathy Gibson, we have come to realize that our practices require a certain level of time and dedication. You begin to change and evolve.  As you evolve the people around you will go through also go through changes.  Some will evolve with you. Some will not. Some will be accepting of the life you live now and some may not be so accepting.

    It is all a part of the journey.

    We are excited to have joining us for this discussion on Relationships with Friends and Family, Special Guest Host, Joi Middleton.  As one half of Evolved Love, a platform  dedicated to the expansion of the souls capacity to love, we know that Joi will bring a beautiful and powerful insight to this topic.

    It is a blessing and an honor to have you share with us your experiences as well.  We Love You. We recognize you. We welcome you, to join us, Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 11 AM Eastern, In the Spirit of Love.

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    Mars,Men in Black, King Arthur, Current Events

    in Spirituality

    I can explain the following: Through our information about a technical innovation that we had received from the Sonaens, the Sirian scientists were able to register the Men in Black’s start, flight and destination coordinates which had been encrypted to such a degree that they could not be decrypted for a very long time.

    After having obtained the destination coordinates, it was detected that they lead to the planet Mars in the SOL system.

    Consequently, in the year 2006, Sirian security forces were mobilized who are in possession of space technology that makes it possible to switch between space and time configurations.

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    All Hallow's Eve with Augustus Invictus

    in Spirituality

    Augustus Invictus is a 32 year old man who is best known as a radical philosopher and infamous social critic. He is Managing Partner of Imperium, P.A., the law firm he founded in 2013, in Orlando, Florida. He is also running for the vacated seat of Marco Rubio and hopes to be Florida's next Senator. As some of you may remember, Augustus gained the attention of the nation after his opponents began a smear campaign by bringing his Thelemic religion to the forefront, and focusing on a ritual sacrifice involving a goat and the consumption of it's blood. Many were outraged and the opponents of Augustus Invictus didn't miss one opportunity to add insult to injury as they took to Face Book to deepen the wounds by expounding, erroneously, on the stories they had already given the media. Augustus was accused of being many dark things, and through many interviews answering the same questions over and over again, has managed to allay those fears. Last week, once again Alan Grayson brought up the Pagan religion of Augustus Invictus as if that's a bad thing. Augustus is addressing the War on Drugs and the War on Terror among other things, but all his opponents want to do is talk about his religion. Why?

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    Dies Mercurii Cypher - ESHA (means) LORD

    in Education

    What up 9MIND Sacred Sisterhood Klan and others? PPP upon we all and those we luv.

    Days of the week = Planets:

    1. Sunday  Sol (sun)
    2. Monday  Luna (moon)
    3. Tuesday  Mars (mars)
    4. Wednesday Mercurius (mercury)  
    5. Thursday luppiter (jupiter)
    6. Friday Venus (venus)
    7. Saturday Saturnus (saturn)

    Guess what ppl pick the most powerful day of the week to worship and HONOR?

    hint, hint, hint ....it's not SUNDAY!!!

    Now read your Bi` BEL (bible) and find out WHY....

    Let's get it innnn... http://www.sheknows.com/baby-names/name/isha

    DID YOU KNOW??? 

    That, ISHA (in indian aka sanskrit) means LORD?