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    Eat Cholesterol, Drink More Coffee, but Cut Back on the Beef and Soda ...

    in Weight Loss

    Every five years we have a new U.S. Dietary Guidelines and some of the revised recommendations has big business ready to appeal and consumers are celebrating. Part of the growing problem with obesity and nutrition- and lifestyle-related diseases is the confusion around what to eat, what's good and what's bad. In this episode of Diet Free Life with Robert Ferguson, you'll better understand the potential impact of these proposed changes and how you can take control of your nutrition and live your healthiest life.

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    Collective Fashion Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Collective Fashion Radio

    Join Nick K, Sarah and guests at 7pm ET / 4pm PT as they discuss:

    * Mens Spring staples

    * Quick fixes for your daily wardrobe

    * Womens all year round staples

    * Plus Size women staples

    * Ways your applying your hair care products wrong

    * Ways you can use baking soda as beauty products

    * EOS lip balm

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    SLZE Sports LIVE from the Basement Capitol North - 3/3/15

    in Sports

    Tonight... We'll discuss the dominance of Rowdy Ronda Rousey, name our SLZE of the Week, talk some more "Mr. NBA Franchise", and it's time for our annual SLZE Food Bracket leading up to March Madness!  We've done Candy, Chocolate, Soda, Cookies... what will tonight bring, check it out at 9:00pm (ET)!

    Listen in as Coach Scott, Sweet Lou, D.Nash and Zo tear apart the sports world.   Listen in for the weekly segments where we crown our SLZE of the Week, Scotty Doesn't Know, the Floyd Brewing Company Hot Seat (done outside of football season), our picks for the week, and the Sound Off, Send Off!  Also, the fellas are proudly the radio voice of the DC Rollergirls! 

    Call In! Let us know what you think!!

    We go LIVE every Tuesday night at 9:00pm from the Basement/Penthouse Capitol of the World.  Check out the website: www.SLZESports.com, like us of Facebook, follow us on Twitter @SLZESports and check out the DC Rollergirls when they're live at the DC Armory: www.DCRollergirls.com

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    Things that shouldn't irritate you but... probably do

    in Prayer

    Have you ever gone to erase a pencil mark and the eraser made more of a mess? Have you ever wondered why the first signs of a hiccup bring most people into sheer panic? Measure your heart rate the next time your GPS mentions the words, "Recalculating." Inquiring minds want to know why 50% of chip bags are mostly air or no matter how much you curl, tease, flat iron, or gel that one piece of hair has a mind of its own? How do you feel when you open the refrigerator only to be greeted with empty containers or try to open a soda can and the pry device breaks off? When trash sits centimeters from a garbage can does this scene make you shake your head? Does it get underneath your skin when the cereal box is opened upside down or when you are running late and find yourself behind a group of racing cyclist that keep you at a steady speed of 12 miles per hour? 

    What do we do? How do we deal with things that nip at our heal?

    Listen to this show as we help each other off the ledge!

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    021715 The Vince Anello Show - Open Mic

    in Politics

    021715 Coffee Shop Report

    Well, what most people are talking about at the coffee shops is the long stretch of cold weather we have had and with no end in sight.

    In the publication Buffalo Rising, there is an article about development in downtown Niagara Falls.

    At the same time The Investigative Post had an article by Charlotte Keith titled Falls Hotel Subsidies Defied Recommendations.

    The article discusses recommendations made by consultants who produced a 2011 study regarding IDA subsidies for low budget hotels downtown

    Niagara Falls City Council is having a Council meeting tonight .Let me give you some of the highlightsBesides change orders to the skating rink will eventually cost the city $11 million, the city Council is considering some self improvement efforts

    A measure from Council chair Andy Touma that would move the time of council meetings back and hour, meaning that the administrative session would start at 6 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. and the legislative session would begin at 7 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.

    the city Council is taking a poll that has a list of six questions regarding city government's performance on various issues. The poll is listed on the Niagara Falls city Council Facebook page and copies of it can also be found at the clerk's office as well as the billing and collections office.The City Council's Financial Advisory Panel has been announced. The names listed on the agenda item are: Janet Baker Scott, Francis Soda, Dr. Jay Walker, Doreen O’Connor, Carmen Granto, Samuel Granieri and Lawrence Cook II.

    My listeners know that I've been very critical of the budget process as long as I've been on the radio. As a private citizen I've been critical of the budget process for the last seven years. The city Council should draft legislation that would establish a spending policy for Casino Revenues and legislation that would establish a rainy day fund.

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    MINGX - 02/12 "True Life Experiences," Atlanta & King District - Benjamin Graham

    in Education

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." MINGXMEDIAGROUP welcomes, Mr. Benjamin Graham - Atlanta's "BigMouthBen," from Homeless to King Historic District "Business Owner."  

    "Ben is a business owner, entertainer, & motivational speaker - It’s no surprise that Benjamin has a love for music that has lasted for over 30 years. Benjamin begin playing classical music on the string bass at the age of 12 and the trombone at the age of 15. He did not stop there he moved on to writing and performing rap songs as a teen. Ben took his love of music to University of Georgia where he majored in journalism and made a name for himself as a DJ for the college radio station as well as the neighborhood parties. He also opened up for the popular group De La Sol. While in college Ben started his own company Profitable Publishing in which he released his first CD titled “Live Your Dream”.

    After 20 years of drug abuse, stints of homelessness under the Auburn Avenue & Fort Street Bridge, and multiple arrest, Ben decided enough was enough. He was ready to win in life.  He left the drugs behind and started moving forward.  Determined to tell his story and encourage others to win in life, he rode the famous Yellow Bike around the streets of Atlanta eight to ten hours a day selling chips and soda, cleaning windows and parking lots to finance his dream. Benjamin’s ingenious leadership and marketing skills on the inner city streets of Atlanta not only helped financed his company but conveyed the importance of an honest day’s work to achieve one’s dreams."

    A show like "No Other," MINGXMEDIAGROUPBTR!

    WeOn BlogTalk Radio! MXMGBTR!



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    THE BRYCKKHOUSE "Food Stamps Or Food Rations?"

    in Entertainment

    Food stamps help needy families all over the United States by supplying subsidies to buy food, helping them make ends meet. However, a recent controversial measure is being considered to supply food rations in lieu of cash subsidies due to the "excess abuse of food stamps". Meaning, families are using food stamps to buy items that are not considered "wholesome goods" such as soda, junk food, expensive seafood, etc.) is this a credible claim or another government tactic to further tighten the constraints already sanctioned by federal assistance?

    Join Bryckk Wilkes and LaKrush Hearts as we chop it up over "Food Stamps or Food Rations?" and talk about how this would effect our society. Tune in on Sun. Feb 1st @ 7:00 pm EST by calling in to 805-830-8320 or log into our chat room at www.phonefantasyradio.com Click on the 'TUNE IN LIVE' tab and listen through your laptop, PC or tablet. See you there!!!

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    Taking my body back with host Marshika Pazant

    in Christianity

    Join me and mu special guest Sandy Deleon Tuesday @ 9pm as we discuss how to afford healthy foods......

    Taking my Body back with your host Marshika Pazant right here on His Heart Network

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    Your Health, Your Choice: Are Hidden Sugars Taking you Down?

    in Health

    So you think you're eating healthy. Green drinks instead of soda. Frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Agave syrup instead of sugar. And fructose--it's a healthy sugar because it comes from fruit, right? You might be surprised--no, SHOCKED--at what you are doing to your health with some of today's mislabeled "diet foods" and hidden sugar bombs. Ignorance isn't bliss when it reduces your life span and ability to navigate the toxic food system we have here in America, so shake off the sugar stupor and learn the importance of exposing hidden sugars in your diet.

    Join host Sandy Bloomfield this week for a shocking look at what you may well be gobbling up in the name of health, and some steps you can take to make sure you will finish your race strong and with vibrant health right to the end. 

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses How To Fix That Adrenal System and Be Energized

    in Fitness

    Now let me ask you, does any of this sound familiar?

     Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed all the time?
     Do you need five cups of coffee or a constant infusion of soda just to make it through the day?
     Do you have trouble waking up, falling asleep, or staying asleep, no matter which herbal supplements you try?
     Do you find yourself feeling constantly irritable or on edge?
     Do you feel that you need to exercise to stay in shape even though you’re exhausted when you do?
     Do you feel as though everything you eat turns to fat?
     Are you always hungry, frequently craving sweets, or tempted by “carbo-binges”?
     Are you plagued by irregular or painful periods or PMS?
     Are you struggling with peri-menopause or menopause: lowered sex drive, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and hot flashes?
     Do you find yourself feeling forgetful, “foggy,” or unable to concentrate?
     Do you find that you do better when you’re always on the go?
     Do you find that you actually enjoy adrenaline rushes and feel a little bored without a crisis to handle?
     Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or despair?

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