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    Your Life Matters! With Ivory LaNoue! "What Sets a Person Up to be Co-Dependent"

    in Relationships

    If you are in a relationship with someone who has a sexual addiction, a love addiction, or narcissistic traits, there is a reason. The key is back in your childhood. This week I will be explaining "What Sets a Person Up to be Co-Dependent".

    When you understand the subconscious communications going on between you and an addict/narcissist, you have tools to change things in your present life, and prevent yourself from going through a situation like this again.

    Tune in to "Your Life Matters", Friday nights at 10 pm Eastern Time/7 pm Pacific Time. Host, Ivory LaNoue, will be there to talk with, ask questions of, or get information about available resources for you. Join this community of supportive, caring people who really understand what you are going through. "Your Life Matters". Listen...learn...call in. You will feel so much better. 


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    7 Traits Of High-Performance Leaders

    in Entrepreneur

    It could be argued that true leadership is both misunderstood and increasingly rare these days. An overflowing sense of entitlement and “me-first” mindset seems to pervade ever aspect of business and life.

    But there is a select cross-section of society who believes deeply in the power of leadership, personal responsibility and high-character. And they embody 7 traits of High-Performance Leadership in all that they do.

    Join JT for an in-depth conversation the covers:
    - The power of curiosity, and how High-Performance Leaders rely on a healthy ones of curiosity to solve problems and create solutions
    - How to develop your instincts and trust your gut (and why leaders who DON’T trust their gut are setting themselves and their teams up for failure)
    - Why staying in your personal power—emotionally, mentally and even physically—is not only crucial for success, but an absolute requirement for leadership
    - When (and why) to speak you mind
    …and more.

    It’s a powerful conversation for high-power individuals.

    And, as always, grab a complimentary copy of JT’s award-winning book, Flight Plan To Success™ by going to www.FlyWithJT.com…

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Yol Swan: The Indigo Journals

    in Self Help

    It's warm up music and chat for the first 30 minutes, then our show gets underway at 9am pacific, 12-noon eastern.

    Are You a “Square Peg” Trying to Fit Into a Round Hole? If you’ve never heard about “Indigos,” it’s time you did. Especially if you are one yourself, but haven’t yet discovered it. Yol Swan has 12 traits to share with us. You likely will recognize your sensitive, nature-loving, alienated-feeling self as we talk about these traits. Since Swan is an Indigo Adult herself, she’s also going to be sharing how to put yourself more at ease, and heal yourself spiritually. After this show, you’ll still be a “Square Peg”, but you’ll likely stop trying so hard to fit yourself into round holes! Instead, you’ll allow yourself to be who you really are, and go forward with your mission.

    Yol Swan says that Indigo adults are feminine souls with certain masculine qualities. They often feel out of place in their families, and in this world. It is when they embrace themselves as Indigo adults that they can live the lives they have come to lead, as well as help the people, animals and world they came to help. Yol, herself an Indigo adult, has identified a dozen “traits held in common” for Indigo adults. Knowing these traits will help Indigo adults, and others who may have connections with Indigo adults, yet not always understand their concerns and behaviors. We can also increase our ability to empathize with very sensitive souls who can also behave as warriors. If you’re not yet familiar with the “Indigos” and their mission, you’ll certainly want to hear this show! Click here to visit Yol Swan's website!

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    Pathological Love Relationships with Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

    in Psychology

    Sandra L. Brown, M.A. joins us on Mental Health News Radio. We feel like we can’t top that sentence. The volume of work, information, healing, education, and advocacy that has come from the original clinician working with Narcissistic Abusers and Survivors is, quite frankly, legendary. 

    It’s always a pleasure when I really connect with a guest on the show. Sandra is definitely a kindred spirit that has worked tirelessly to help survivors heal from psychological trauma. Enjoy getting to know her in our intimate format and learn from the healer that created the movement finally getting the attention it deserves.

    Enjoy the full blog article HERE.

  • Samuel Brock Flynn Show Interviews S. Anthony BradForth ,Actor:

    in Entertainment

    Actor, Comedian and Voice Actor ,Anthony Bradforth .

    Call In Line 619-393-6781

    Former Asbury park police officer. Looking to make acting my final career. Indie movies I've been in. Dead dogs lie Craig singer director. Exit 102 director ran Ballard. Eyes of the kings director Frank calo. E.p for classic dream machines director ran Ballard. Gimme fuel director Dan jouette. Also a vocalist. Open for Aretha Franklin in Washington D.C.. My former gospel group the anointed sons of jersey song on the rising album of Bruce Springsteen. Acting coach john eyd from new york.

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    Boom or Bust: Safeties

    in Film

    -Intro: Taking a look at my thoughts and comments after the first round of evaluation for the 2016 Safety prospects.


    -Position Characteristics: Discussing some of the traits, philosophies, and characteristics that I look for in the Safety position 


    -Top 3 In The Position: Breaking down the evaluation of the top three prospects at the S position in this year's draft. 


    -Draft Speak: In The Box 


    -The Real Grade: Kansas City Chiefs  

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    Boom or Bust: Cornerbacks

    in Film

    -Intro: Taking a look at my thoughts and comments after the first round of evaluation for the 2016 Cornerback prospects.


    -Position Characteristics: Discussing some of the traits, philosophies, and characteristics that I look for in the Cornerback position 


    -Top 3 In The Position: Breaking down the evaluation of the top three prospects at the CB position in this year's draft. 


    -Draft Speak: Eye Discipline 


    -The Real Grade: Chicago Bears  

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    Be Careful What You Ask For

    in Romance

    THIS WEEK: Have you ever made a physical list of what you want in a mate? After making that list, how many of those things eventually go away? How many will not matter over time? How many of those are traits you would not want to be around for years to come? Is this important when looking for a partner in love / life / business / or friendships? Tune in Wednesday at 11pm and lets explore it together.

    Reasons To Love is a talk experience with advice for all the relationships in your life including love. Every Wednesday at 11PM, CARLíN helps you navigate all of your relationships for more meaningful connections. The foundations for casual encounters, business, love, family and friendly relationships are all the same.

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    7 Traits That Entrepreneurs Share

    in Business

    following 7 traits:

    1. Risk Takers

    entrepreneurs are high risk-takers … willing to put it all on the line for the big home run.

    2. Lots of Confidence

    "My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing."

    3. Learning Oriented
    This is almost a universal trait among the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, and also among the wealthy: They crave learning.

    4. Understands Failure is Part of the Game     
    According to a Bloomberg report, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

    5. Great Networkers
    Have you ever been to an event where you meet people who treat networking like a sport and just focus on getting as many business cards as possible?

    6. Ability to Sell and Promote

    To many people, the word selling implies manipulation, high-pressure tactics, cajoling, and basically, strong-arming someone to do something that they really aren't quite ready to do.

    7. Full of Determination
    If you have big goals you're truly committed go going after, the one thing I can guarantee is that you'll go through periods of major struggle and challenge.

    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs

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    Pay Me Book Club April 2016: How deep is your doubt?

    in Books

    Soul University's most popular class is Pay Me What I'm Worth.  Are you paid what you're worth?  If not, do you want to be paid what you're worth?  Do you even know what you're worth beyond money? What about respect?  Love? Attention? (Our class series dives deep into 44 specific worth traits.)

    In this show we share 30 minutes of a 93 minute April book club event. Take a half-hour to learn how to weed out the roots of doubt. Start living with a far less stress - NOW! Listen in to learn more . . .

    To access the entire club event, click this link to learn more about our 12 month Pay Me What I'm Worth book club series. 

    While you listen and before you go . . .

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    Join Marsha Sortino in her next class.  Click this link to explore more.
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    Music: Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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    Girl Power, Karlene K. Petitt Author, of "I Am Awesome The ABCs of Being Me"

    in Motivation

    I Am Awesome, the ABCs of Being me... is a motivational ABC book focused on career exploration and character traits. The fun dynamic pictures, and poetry, will assist the very young, to explore the art of reading while learning their ABCs and inspiring future growth in career opportunities.

    All proceeds from the ABCs of Being me book go to: Children's Museum of Central Orego. 

    Karlene Petitt is an Internaional A330 Pilot who is type-rated and has flown and/or Instructed on the B744, B747, B757, B767, B737, B727 and A330. Petitt is a 33-year veteran of flying, and has worked for Coastal Airways, Evergreen, Braniff, Premair, America West, Guyana, Tower Air, Northwest Airlines and currently flies an Airbus for an international airline. She is the mother of three daughters, grandmother of seven, and holds MBA and MHS degrees. She lives in Seattle with her husband of 30 plus years, and is active in promoting safety within the airline industry, active in general aviation, speaks at schools, and supports dreamers of all ages.

    Her writing career began with designing and authoring training programs for major airlines. Her education and life experiences has taken her into a multi-dimensional author writing fiction: Thrillers that read like mysteries with a touch of romance. Non-fiction: Motivation and Leadership with a touch of a memoir. An Aircraft Training Guide on the A330 is in progress. She's also writing and illustrating books for small children... coming soon.

    Karlene's mission is to entertain through fiction while educating the world on aviation industry challenges. She is currently working on her PhD in Aviation with a focus on safety at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. www.KarlenePetitt.com