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    Secret Societies and Sacred Rituals

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    Secret Societies and Sacred Rituals.

    Join as we build on the information you love by the brothers that give it all up with the best intentions.  Every wednesday! Dr Alim El-Bey  and brother Fahim 

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    The Parker J Cole Show -- God, Christians, and Secret Societies

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    It’s the stuff of conspiracy theories and spy movies. A group of individuals who wield so much power that billions of people on earth are affected by their manipulations. Secret weapons, secret oases, secret codes, and secret meetings take place to determine how to bring about their agenda to the world at large.


    The individuals may consists of politicians, celebrities, or unknowns who sit quietly in the background making world events happen. From the weather to war to economic stability of continents and the world at large, these few are privileged to know what we don’t know – a secret understanding.


    Or so they say.


    Groups like the Illuminati, New World Order, and who knows what else are on the tips of everyone’s tongue. Videos on YouTube and bloggers, articles and conspiracy theorists point to these types of organizations as the perpetuators of mankind’s fate. Advertising is said to bring about subliminal messages of dominance. Games online seek to stupefy from the truth. Social media a way of distracting us from what’s really going on. All of it is part of their agenda to control you, how you think, what you believe, how you act.

    What’s the Christian take on this? How should we respond to secret societies? Are we merely pawns in game to be used and then cast aside?

    Join me on this episode of the Parker J Cole Show as I attempt to put these kind of things into perspective. You can join in the discussion by calling 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV Radio mobile app. Tune in!

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    Black African Infrastructure Organization(BAIO)African Secret Societies

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    Tonight is the Sunday Night sermon in Kalaland.I will be talking about the new group BAIO and the long history of African secret societies.What are they?How are they different from modern organizations?Can a secret society of like minded individuals be more effective than traditional organizations?I thought about this topic after being angered by the comments on Mr Holipsism last video.People are still trying to fight nationhood.Secret societies work under the radar because most people will never understand all the nuances that goes with its goals.Secret societies have a long history in America.Is it time to go underground.I also thought about our brother NEO who refused to show his face on camera recently.I can understand this as a professional in White America.Tonight is a fire and brimestone sermon you do not want to miss.

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    Reflections in the Dark - Secret Societies Revisited

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    We are airing a repeat of a show about Secret Societies where we discuss Freemasonry, the Illimunati, the Rosslyn Chapel and other such elements.  

    Covering current events, news, media, the normal and paranormal Reflections In The Dark will go deeper into the shadows to reveal what is really going on out there. No topic if off limits and no corner will be left unexposed. Commetary, interviews, discussions and exposing what has remained hidden happens here on Reflections In The Dark. Ephesians 5:11 And have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness but rather expose them. CONSIDER THEM EXPOSED. 

    For questions or comments go to the SRT site - supernaturalresponse.net and use the Contact button.


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    Secret Societies

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    Fact based discussions about being moderate , tolerant, building bridges and places of worship. "Islamophobia" - A hot topic, Sharia Laws into our Constitution, way of life and our existing laws. Laws, treatment, favors, holiday preferences is topping the list of annoyances. What it means to live in America, be American and the priveleges of the American people. Park 51 gets yet another name change. How does this all tie together, or does it?

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    The illuminati and Other Secret Societies.

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    In this show I will talk about The illuminati  and Other Secret Societies, Do these groups really exist and do they have a diabolical plan to take over the world?

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    Black African Infrastructure Organization(BAIO)African Secret Societies Part 2

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    Tonight will be a warm of for what is going to be a dynamic month.The BAIO Crew and friends will carry out a mission to spread the gospel of LIN LAND INFRASTRUCTURE and NATIONHOOD to the misled masses.With mouths agaped eyes staring in bewilderment full of ignorance simplicity and complacency.But these are our people.So we love them.I will talk about the detractors of nationhood and some of the fools and clowns who are in the way.So call in tonight and lets talk.

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    The Jean Gladwyn Show Ep 44- Secret Societies

    in Politics

    Jean discusses secret societies.

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    Should Christians Join Fraternities, Sororities or Secret Societies - Part 2

    in Religion

    Why do Christians join Fraternities, Sororities or secret societies like Freemasonry? Some believe it's a harmless community of "brothers and sisters" who share a common bond together. Others believe it's a religious, occult sect that Christians should avoid altogether.

    Fred Hatchet (FORMER OMEGA PSI PHI MEMBER & FREEMASON) will share his personal testimony of his involvement within BOTH organizations and unveil the demonic, dangerous and occultic origins of college fraternities, sororities and secret societies like Freemasonry and why Christians should abstain from aligning themselves to them and why the ONLY brotherhood is that of Jesus Christ.

    Call 858.365.5507 to listen LIVE or with your questions or comments.




    Call 858.365.5507 to listen LIVE

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    Special Report: Secret Societies

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    Virtually everyone in any position of power is a member of one or more secret societies, including most, if not all, of our presidents.  For example, both President Bushes were members of the Skull and Bones.  Reagan was a Knight of Malta.
    What are these organizations?  What is their REAL purpose?

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    Join Us S1 Ep2

    in Paranormal

    More secret societies are looked at 


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