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  • AMCPress #516 "Oh President, Oh President Here our Plea and More"

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    We are the #1 disabled satirical news program  in the world (65,000 and Counting) that provides uncensored news on numerous topics worldwide.   AMCPress & Co is the brainchild of Redhood and Alison.  Johnnie is our resident Tech Wizard. Redhood is our resident international news satirist along with Alison who is the feeder of jokes and frank opinions.  Tonight’s episode: We will be discssing how the current Autism Speaks current President is stepping down along with the decline of donations, then we will be ransacking how a prisioner went from on the run to a two night stay at luxury hotel, then we ransack how Ed Snowden is on officially on twitter.. I don't know about you but this makes things intersting for the NSA. Our finale topic of  deals with disability inclusion for New York Subways.  This is progress.. AMCPress & Co is also apart of the Uncensored Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. You can find out more about Uncensored Radio at http://myuncensoredradio.com/.  Check out our new website at amcpressandco.com.

    ** Some Media  (sound effects, news clips and other sounds. etc) is protected by Fair Use. Beginning theme song is composed by Redhood & Alison and is owned by AMCPress&Co Digital Entertainment. All rights Reserved.©  No copyright infringement intended**


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    No matter how hard Obama hurts the nation he cannot do it all by hisself. He has the fool support of the entire communist party formerly the democrat party. No one person could ever do the damage what has been done to this nation. The border over runs. the gerrymandering of political opponent territories. The creation of violence using race targets. The destruction of the US military and their families. The abandonment of troops in the field. The leaking of Israeli defense moves to the Iranians. Azerbaijan refueling

    Israeli plane agreement leaked to Iran. Swapping five Taliban chiefs for one traitor. PRETENDING TO BE UPSET ABOUT KGB AGENT SNOWDEN. 100,000 EMAILS LEAKED BY PRIVATE CHELSEA MANNING. HILLARY'S SERVER LEAKING TOP SECRETS.


    This is not the work of one person who hates America. This is the work of an atheist party,that voted God off the platform at the last convention. This is the vote of a party that will destroy this country. This is the vote of a party that voted to burn the flag at least twice calling it freedom of speech. This is the vote of a party that wants to destroy the second amendment and take away the self defense tools of a nation. This is the party that wants to dope up your children and tax their jones. This is the part that pays for baby parts. Some extracted from living children before they expire. This is the communist party that bails out failing communist countries and sponsors nuclear terrorism. This is the party that uses your hard earned taxes to teach sick sex to little children. 

    The only good news is when the Pope met with Obama on the lawn of the white house. After everybody left the exorcist burned Obama's chair.



  • Cheesehead Radio: Albatross Off Our Neck with Bill Johnson of 540 ESPN Wisconsin

    in Football

    What's an "albatross around your neck"? Exactly what the Seattle Seahawks have been for the Green Bay Packers the last few seasons. But the Packers took control of the game and the lead in the NFC on Sunday night...but there's a lot of season left. No one brings it to you like the Cheesehead Radio team, bringing the amazing Bill Johnson of ESPN Wisconsin back to talk all things Packers as they head into a great Monday Night Matchup against the Chiefs. Don't miss a minute!


    Cheesehead Radio is brought to you by some of the top writers in the Packers Blogosphere: Jayme Snowden, Jersey Al Bracco &  CD Angeli of CheeseheadTV, and John Rehor of PackersTalk. Be sure to follow "The Mayor" Kyle Cousineau, too!

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    Snowden On Hillary, Captive Opens This Weekend & America's Religious Freedom

    in Politics

    Dr Katherine Albrecht-Internationally known privacy researcher, consumer advocate, and bestselling author discusses Edward Snowden's comments re: Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. Plus Anneli-Marie R's kidnapper researched her on Facebook.

    Ashley Smith-Her book, Unlikely Angel, Is Now A Movie, "Captive" Opens This Weekend.  "CAPTIVE," which tells the miraculous true story of Ashley Smith, who in 2005, was at a crossroads both personally and spiritually, when God stepped in during a harrowing encounter with fugitive Brian Nichols. 

    Todd Moss-After The Golden Hour Comes his next novel, Minute Zero. Moss is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Fellow at The Center for Global Development, a Washington think tank, and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

    Bruce Hausknecht-The Future of Religious Freedom in America is discussed with Hausknecht, an attorney who serves as Focus on the Family’s judicial analyst. He is responsible for research and analysis of legal and judicial issues related to Christians and the institution of the family

    Jillian Kay Melchior-Writes investigative reports for National Review as a fellow for the Franklin Center and Independent Women's Forum. Her latest report is on “Disability Hearings: Are Lawyers Judge-Shopping?” 

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    Cheesehead Radio: The Bear Necessities

    in Football

    What does a Bear do in the woods?

    The same thing Jay Cutler is going to do when he sees the Packers defense returning yet another pick-6 down the sideline!

    It's finally back...FOOTBALL!!!  The Green Bay Packers kick off the regular season with an opener against the Chicago Bears, and there's no one who will bring the best news, tweets, rants, and commentary than the Cheesehead Radio crew. Join us as we start our sixth season of live Packer podcasting!


    Cheesehead Radio is brought to you by some of the top writers in the Packers Blogosphere: Jayme Snowden of CheeseheadTV, Jersey Al Bracco of All Green Bay Packers, CD Angeli of CheeseheadTV, and John Rehor of PackersTalk. Follow "The Mayor" Kyle Cousineau, too!


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    The Deadliest Read

    in Books

    Linda L. Barton is the founder and publisher of Deadly Reads Publishing and Author Services. With a professional slant on editing, e-book formatting and video book trailers, her company has been at the forefront of advocating for independent authors.

    The author has published several books in the thriller/suspense genre, beginning with her debut novel, Next Move, You're Dead, published March of 2011. Having such a good time with the villain, Erebus, she decided to develop the dark, psychological thriller, into a trilogy.

    Writing dark and twisted stories is Linda's passion, so nothing pleases her more than learning one of her books has touched the reader on an emotional level. If they didn't scream at the villain, cry, cringe, laugh, or cheer for the hero, then the author believes she has failed the reader. A book should touch the reader's soul, pull them into the story, and refuse to release them until the very end. Therefore, Linda's primary goal when writing is to immerse the reader in the story and hold them there until the very last page.

    This is the first installment in the Legend of The Dragon’s Blood Key.

    Linda’s Website



    Barnes & Noble

    Apple iTunes


  • Friday, Sept. 4, 2015 - "It's Just Plain Common Sense" w/ Maia Koz and Ayn Rants

    in Current Events

                                 MAIA KOZ-TAKING ON THE TOPICS THAT MATTER MOST...TO HER.

                                                               MON-WED-FRI FROM 10-12PM (EST).


    This Week's Winner of "It's Just Plain Common Sense" Comment.
    Another Attempt to "Trump" Trump - Hugh Hewlitt, I thought you, of all people, would know better.
    Trumps Opinion of Snowden - You didn't think it was positive, did you?
    Snowden's Opinion of Hillary's Email Controversy - Say what you will, but if 'Snowden' doesn't know, who does?
    Jeb Bush's Folly - He just can't seem to catch up, can he? In hopes of saying something that will "stick" with the voters, he recites his 'over-rehearsed' comment about Trump, where he won't participate in "Reality Shows." If this the case, he needs to step down from this circus right now, as this is the most REAL Reality Show ever.

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    Aug. 31, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Edward Snowden and Conspiracies with Bill Binney

    in Paranormal

    William Binney started his career as a patriot and ended it as a patriot.  He's a former NSA official who publicly blew the whistle on cover-ups and covert operations before the public even knew who Edward Snowden was.  Now, Binney feels Snowden is a patriot as well. Binney also believes that 9/11 was preventable. A month after it happened, he resigned in protest from the US National Security Agency (NSA).

    Binney was part of an elite NSA team which designed and built an intelligence-gathering system to target and collect data on terrorism threats. He belongs to an intimate group of four whistleblowers, each of whom left the NSA after raising concerns about failures in the agency's intelligence-gathering capabilities.  Binney spent four years in the Army Security Agency during the Vietnam War before transferring to the NSA in 1970. 

    He rose to become technical director of World Geopolitical & Military Analysis at the Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center (SARC), a 6,000-strong research centre he co-founded at NSA’s headquarters in Maryland.

    - The NSA buried key intelligence that could have prevented 9/11

    - The agency’s bulk data collection from internet and telephone communications is unconstitutional and illegal in the US;

    - The NSA is ineffective at preventing terrorism because analysts are too swamped with information under its bulk collection programme;

    - Electronic intelligence gathering is being used for covert law enforcement, political control and industrial espionage, both in and beyond the US;

    - Edward Snowden’s leaks could have been prevented.

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    Manifest The Truth- Part 1

    in Self Help

    We are manifesting the truth about the church, all 43,000 Christian denominations, the church leaders, and America's Secret Invisible Nightmare (S.I.N.) that is secretly causing suicides, premature deaths, and sudden deaths. The role of the church will be discussed, as well as, the current state of the church. The power of prayer and fasting and the blessings of prayer and fasting will be discussed (Matthew 17:14-21). Visit www.ManifestTheTruth.com for additional information.

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    Currency Of Debauchery

    in Comedy

    The trinity is back together once again on this week’s In The Conversation, as Damien, Ali, and Vlad sit down to break down the spectacle that was the VMAs, Damien talks about how good the Netflix show Narcos is and the guys discuss the psychology of rooting for the villain, books that are hot right now that they could be reading but aren’t yet, the potential for a black actor to play James Bond, and how most of the journey and work is put in when nobody is watching. All that and more, so check it out.

    Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/dlemoncomedy ... twitter.com/mrmuhammad ... twitter.com/LaughingVlad ... twitter.com/StandUpNYLabs

    Watch live on DailyMotion, Tuesdays at 6:00pm: dailymotion.com/video/x2hj1sj_s…y-labs-live_fun

    Keep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/intheconversation

    Check out all the other podcasts on this network at http://standupnylabs.com

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    What Do You Stand For?

    in Self Help

    We have to change the spiritual world and the natural world. We can do it by fasting, praying, blowing the shofar, and taking action. Everyone has a responsibility to do something. What will you do?  You can worship, praise, & pray on your own or you can join us our 1 hour International Worship, Praise, and Prayer at 7 a.m., 8 a.m., 11 a.m., noon, and 2 p.m. & 3 p.m. EST. The U.S. no. is (605) 562-3130, Enter Access Code: 104870# or 557452#. The 54 International conference numbers are at www.ManifestTheTruth.com. THIS IS YOUR FINAL OPPORTUNITY FOR LENIENCY: Feds/Researchers/Perps/Informants/Police/Doctors who are secretly monitoring, persecuting, torturing, tracking, stalking, harassing, and slowing killing us, you have until 4:00 p.m. EST on 8/28/15 to tell the truth or complete the Affidavit of Truth Researchers/Key Study Personnel/Informants/Perps/ Opt-Out Form at http://www.manifestthetruth.com then select Affidavit of Truth Researchers/Key Study Personnel/Informants/Perps/ Opt-Out Form.

    The press will not touch my story even though they have done similar stories. Everyone should be thanking EDWARD SNOWDEN FOR WHAT HE DID AND FOR SACRIFICING HIS LIFE FOR US. I would not have been able to submit my affidavits to the nation’s leaders on your behalf. They defaulted and I am asking you to join me by requesting that they honor the remedies/reliefs.Join us in prayer & fasting on Aug. 26-29 (MIDNIGHT), & 30, 2015. If you are unable to do the 3 days and 3 nights, then you can pray & fast on 8/26, 8/28, and 8/30 as long as you do something. Visit www.ManifestTheTruth.com for information. Please spread the word on social media.