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    Snellville July 20, 2013 Bash !

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    I am sure if you live in Snellville, Georgia, and had two servere thunderstorm rain fronts, cancel two of the city's most coveted events this Spring, ( Snellville Day, May 5) and Summer, ( Star Spangled Summer, July 4), you are ready to come out and celebrate with Banks & Shane, July 20, 2013.
    To be sure, we will not let anything stop us from having the best time , right here in front of Snellville City Hall on July 20, 2013, from 7-9 pm eastern.
    To be sure, we will not let anything stop us from having the best time, right here in front of Snellville City Hall on July 20, 2013, from 7-9 pm eastern. Banks & Shane will be performing for FREE ! I will have Mrs. Kelly McAloon of the Snelville Tourism and Trade, and Dave Emanuel of the Snellville City Council, along with perhaps some of the vendors on my talk show, in order to welcome the people of Gwinnett County, and tourists traveling through our fair state, to give them an addittional reason to slow their roll through Georgia, and maybe enjoy some , 'Real Snellville Southern Hospitality' !
    Call in and listen to them invite thousands to a event of a lifetime. For a memory that lasts a life time, are those that bring people together, at no charge !

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    Snellville STAT/Keith Whitmore !

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    Cancel ....
    All the ladies, I hate to announce that I am rplacing a Friday night show for a very dear friend who left us this past Saturday.
    Instead, I will have Mrs. Kelly McAloon and Dave Emanual share their upcoming events, including ,'Popcorn After Dark, and Banks and Shane concert July 20, 2013, in a city where Keith Whitmore and many hod rodders called home,...Snellville !
    So, I would love for you all to stay and listen to some of the music that we listened to, back when we were in the 12th grade, driving hot rods through the city of Snellvillville, Ga.

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    All About Gwinnett with Roger Marmol

    in Politics

    This week on "All About Gwinnett", our guest is Roger Marmol. Roger recently announced his candidacy for Snellville City Council. With his military experience and involvement in Gwinnett County political campaigns, Roger brings a unique perspective to Snellville. Tune in at 6:30, Sunday, August 9th for the live broadcast. Just call from any phone this number.1-646-478-0188


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    This week on "All About Gwinnett" our guest will be Dennis Conway

    in Politics

    This week on "All About Gwinnett" Dave Emanuel guest will be Dennis Conway. Mr. Conway is a Registered Professional Parliamentarian whose job it is to bring order to what can occasionally be chaotic city council, county commission or any other meeting of a deliberative body.

    Mr. Conway serves as the official parliamentarian for the Atlanta Regional Commission, the City of Snellville and a number of other councils and commissions.

    Join us at 6:30 Sunday evening (August 2nd) to listen to the live broadcast (www.blogtalkradio.com) . Later that evening, we'll post a link to the recorded broadcast so you can listen at your convenience.


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    Jace Brooks, Gwinnett County Commissioner for District 1 Speaks

    in Politics

    This week, Jace Brooks, Gwinnett County Commissioner for District 1 will be our guest on "All About Gwinnett"! 

    Mr. Brooks has been a County commissioner since 2012/ Prior to that, he served on the Suwanee City Council for 10 years.

    Join us for the live broadcast on blogtalkradio.com, at 6:30pm Sunday evening (August 16) or listen any time by clicking the link that will be posted here after the show concludes.


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    Tricia Bailey Top Georgia CEO celebrates her Birthday

    in Lifestyle

    Please listen to one of the top entrepreneurs in Georgia, Please listen to her and Morgan B. Matthews talk about the safety resons why they created M T Innovations, and www.getoffndrive.com .

    Just call from any phone...1-646-478-0188 at 3:00 pm eastern today, August 10, 2015


  • Dudley Enterprises will Speak on Cyber Bullying

    in Computers

    For more than thirteen years, Dudley Enterprises Computer Sales and Repair has supplied its customers with quality desktops and laptops. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of Business and Residential Computer Service Contracts backed by a solid guarantee.

    Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver quality products through continuous operational excellence.  We carry complete product lines such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.

    Please bring pen and pad, as these two Georgia entrepernurs Mr.Tyrone Dudley, and his wife Mrs. Cheryl Dudley,aid parents to squash their household 'Back to School computer budget', as well as, trying to help protect and squashing the fastest growing danger for teens, right behind 'Testing While Driving. Its called, 'Cyber-Bulling'!

    The Dudleys' are now a part of the best hyper-local news site in the country, OurTown Media. Just listen for now and take good notes Parents

    The Tech Duo, will be presenting continuous suggestions, and help correct your computer needs, from time to time. Before you buy five I Phone 16000 , or buy the Windows 4500, parents just listen and help us save ,'One Life'. 

    Simply call 1-646-478-0188 exactly at 6:00 pm(est), August 6, 2015. You can call from any phone. It will only be 30 minutes, and will able to hear anytime from the host site.


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    Last Saturday of September in Snellville Georgia

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    You missed it, if you weren't at Brisco Park.
    Snellville Tourism and Trade held a fabulous festival for the citizens of our Great city !

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    Dave Emanuel Sunday Talk Show-Melvin Everson Speaks

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    If you have not heard yet, Dave Emanuel has become Georgia's David Letterman. His show is creating a huge buzz about community and events around Gwinnett County, Georgia.

    With his to the point format, he invites, 'The Who's Who' in polictic, community, education, and entertainment. His show is the one to listen to on a Sunday night.

    This week on All About Gwinnett, our guest is Melvin Everson. Currently, Mr. Everson is Executive Director of the Georgia Equal Opportunity Commission.

    Prior to that, he served as a Council Member for the city of Snellville, and then went on to serve as a state representative for District 106.

    Mr. Everson has also developed a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding public speaker. As anyone who has done so will tell you, “You always want to speak before Melvin, not after him.”


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    Dave Emanuel Hosts All About Gwinnett Talk Show

    in Current Events

    This week, our guest on All About Gwinnett is Allison Wilkerson, mayor of Grayson, GA.

    A life-long resident of Gwinnett County, Ms. Wilkerson served as a City Council member before being elected mayor.

    "In addition to the Grayson political landscape, we’ll be discussing various forms of municipal government and the challenges facing cities in Gwinnett," reveals Mr. Dave Emanuel, Senior City Councilman of Snellville, Georgia.

    He adds, "We’ll also be talking about the charity initiatives in which Grayson has participated—including the Grayson-Snellville Give Hunger the Boot Challenge, and the upcoming Gimme Shelter concert to benefit the Partnership Against Domestic Violence."


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    Memorial Day Veteran Wall Celebration Talks Show

    in Military

    By Twomucht, Topix National News Editor,

    Welcome to All About Gwinnett. National News Editor, Tom Livsey and Snellville City Hall Councilman, Dave Emanuel, will be the talk show hosts. The talk show is the 'Brain Child of Mr. Emanuel.

    Each week we cover a different Gwinnett County topic and bring you exclusive insight into business, recreation, politics, arts, entertainment and education.

    This week, our guest is Snellville's Mayor Pro Tem Tom Witts. But we're not going to be talking about politics. Instead we're going to talk about the well anticipated Snellville Veterans' Memorial, and last night's Memorial Day celebration.

    Thousands enjoyed this amazing event that included tributes to our nation's veterans, a concert, craft beer tasting and the launch of hundreds of illuminated balloons with tags bearing the name of a veteran attached.

    Come out and support. The Wall is located in front of Snellville, Georgia's City Hall on Min Street.

    Welcome to All about Gwinnett Mr. Witts.

    Just calll 1-646-0811 or this link:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/twomucht/2015/05/24/memorial-day-veteran-wall-celebration-talks-show


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