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  • 01:07

    Many SnakeBytes of Brian Barczyk

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    Join HTR as we welcome back Brian Barczyk of BHB and SnakebytesTV for a awesome show about outstanding life of Brian and crew.
    Check out Snakebytes TV at:
    Also check out BHB Reptiles at:

  • 01:16

    UJR Presents: Just Friends

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    It's another killer episode of UJR as we bring you the one and only Brian Barczyk, master snake breeder and on-screen talent of SnakeBytesTV.  Brian is a close friend of the show and we will sit and chat about the important things in life such as snakes and Emu Sex.
    Tonight's extra special bonus includes Sky Stevens as a co-host and you won't want to miss her updates on Conservation and Just genral awesomeness. Tune in live Friday night at 10pm ESt or visit www.UrbanJunglesRadio.com for details on how to catch the podcast.  As usual, UJR does not disappoint!

  • 02:00

    UJR Presents: Hanging with My Boys of Summer

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    Summer is on the way and we are out the door for a 3 week vacation.  Don't fear, we wouldn't leave you high and dry so we're pulling out all the stops and bringing you a feast of awesomeness in the form of UrbanJunglesRadio!
    We'll kick off the night with Zoologist Jeff Musial who arrives fresh from the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show.  Jeff will tell us about his latest appearance and what the future holds for the Animal Guy.  Then later, one of our favorite guests and friend Brian Barczyk joins us to update on what it's like to be a Reptile God as the largest producer of snakes in the country with a hit WebShow SnakeBytesTV and more on the way.  Before we are all done we'll touch base with our Swampy Brother Robbie Keszey of the Swamp Brothers who'll sit in for another installment of "B-Awesome" as we review "The Gila Monster" from 1959!

  • 01:04

    A SnakeByte From Brian Barczyk

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    Our guest for this episode is none other than Brian Barczyk! Join Jd Hartzel and Justin Guyer as we talk to Brian about his breeding projects at BHB Enterprises http://www.bhbreptiles.com/index.php and about his work with SnakeBytes TV http://snakebytestv.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network!!
    Listeners are encouraged to call in at 310 982-4202 and become involved with the show!

  • 01:27

    UJRadio Presents: Chillin' with my Boys featuring Brian Barczyk!

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    Urban Jungles Radio loves bringing you new and exciting guests every week but now and then I like to just sit back and kick it with good friends & talk about what we love most...reptiles! Brian Barczyk joins us to update us on what's new at BHB and SnakeBytesTV as well as have some fun. Later we''ll play the final installment of the "Slam Calls" inspired by Ben Siegel Reptiles. Tune in and be sure to listen for your chance to call in and ask Brian your questions. Great times are always guaranteed on UrbanJunglesRadio.com!

  • 01:33

    UJR Presents: Beastly Bestie Brian Barczyk and More..!

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    Join us on Friday night as we burn it down Urban Jungles Radio style with your favorite BeastMaster Danny Mendez and his Wingman Andy V!
    We plan on having a great time as usual because one of my favorite Reptile people and good Friend Brian Barczyk star of SnakeBytesTV and owner of BHB Enterprises joins us.  Brian is one of the most outspoken and visible members of the Herp Community and entertains millions accross the globe with his show SnakeBytesTV.  It's never a dull moment when Brian is around and you can count on UJR to make it purely awesome.
    Before the end we'll touch upon the nightmare known as SnapperFest and then take a look at some updates via Lonnie McCaskill who is working to get the Orinoco Crocs housed there stateside.
    So much goodness you will explode!  Download and keep us for your very own.

  • 01:24

    UJRadio: Chatting with Aaron Florian of iHerp & Kaleb LaFaive Putting SnakeBytes on TV!

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    Join Danny & Andy as we chat with creator of the online herp community iHerp.com - We'll see how technology is putting passionate herpers together and how easily it can divide, as we find out later from Kaleb LaFaive who recently posted a video which got herpers talking. Kaleb is also part of a powerhouse making it known that we want "SnakBytesTV" on TV!

    Jason White will also drop by to deliver the reptile news and so much more...Urban Jungles Radio Style.

  • 01:30

    UJRadio Presents: Brian Barczyk of BHB Enterprises & SnakeBytes.TV!!

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    Urban Jungles Radio is excited to Bring you Brian Barczyk of BHB and SnakebytesTV. Brian is hands down one of the world's largest producers of snakes, over 30,000 babies a year to give you an idea. His web-based show SnakeBytes.tv is well known amongst reptile fans across the world. Also be sure to join us as Donald Schultz from "Wild Recon" literally drops in and calls us during the interview in between base jumps off a bridge in Idaho!!!

    Join us as we talk to master snake breeder Brian about what it's like to be part of herpetological history as well as entertain hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe!

  • 01:28

    UJRadio Presents: Don Schultz & Devon Massyn & Brian Barczyk & Brent Burns!!!

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    Join us for a Blitzkrieg of Herp Goodness when we welcome back Donald Schultz & producer Devon Massyn who together join forces to create a white noise talent bringing us 'Speed of Life" airing on Discovery Channel Sunday August 8th. But first we'll start off the show with Brian Barczyk of SnakeBytesTV the world's coolest reptile show and he'll bring his buddy NHL star Brent Burns of the Minnesota Wild who'll confess his love for animals to us live on Urban Jungles Radio!