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    Building Your Network with Faye and Trevor Yerbury

    in Photography

    Building Your Network is all about people you should know in the photographic industry and it's all part of the SkipCohenUniversity.com educational resource center for photographerss.
    A new podcast airs every ten days with your host, Skip Cohen.
    This episode is pretty special, since it's the first Trans-Atlantic podcast with two of Scotland's finest photographers, Faye and Trevor Yerbury. To really understand the true passion of the Yerburys, watch the special SmugMug video with Trevor before you listen to the podcast.
    Here's the link.
    They are remarkable people and incredible artists, specializing in stunning classic fineart portraiture. In fact, a short trip to their blog and you'll really get a feel for how talented they are and the depth of their passion for capturing the human spirit.
    Follow them on Facebook as well at:
    A big thanks to the team at SmugMug who created the original introduction for so many of us to Faye and Trevor.

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    BC Radio Live: Martin Atkins (Pigface), Chris MacAskill (SmugMug), Douglas Caballero (Current TV)

    in Blogcritics

    Eric Olsen and Phillip Winn talk with Martin Atkins (of Ministry, NiN, and Pigface) about his new book Tour:Smart, Chris MacAskill (of NeXT and Fatbrain) about photo site SmugMug, and Deanna, Douglas, and Alex from Current TV.

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    Chris MacAskill: Anti-Establishment Business Ideas Pay

    in Business

    Photo sharing company SmugMug Co-founder Chris MacAskill describes how anti-establishment and innovative business ideas can translate into a fun and profitable company.