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    sms in the house

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    just talkin dj stuy gonna have vicc venom desert eag and noose gonna talk plus dice and saint coming thru its gonna be crazy

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    Tonight SMS Promotions Prospect Ryan Martin

    in Sports

    SMS Promotions Prospect Ryan Martin will be on tonight to discuss him turning Pro and Signing to SMS Promotions. Ryan is 2-0 and fights at Lightweight

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    Human Exploitation: Human Trafficking and Child Brides

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    Human trafficking is a global problem and one of the world's most shameful crimes, affecting the lives of millions of people around the world and robbing them of their dignity. While the best known form of human trafficking is for the purpose of sexual exploitation, hundreds of thousands of victims are trafficked for the purposes of forced labor, domestic servitude, child begging, or the removal of their organs. 

    Additionally, when it comes to child brides, approximately 14 million girls under the age of 18 are married each year. If present trends continue, 142 million girls will be married over the next decade. These facts and statistics are staggering and have become a global crisis. Tune in Friday, September 25, 2015 @ 9 pm as we shed some light on some of the world's worst attrocities against human kind. 

    For more information on child brides and the Too Young Wed foundation visit: http://tooyoungtowed.org/

    National Human Trafficking Resource Center
    1 (888) 373-7888 SMS: 233733 (Text "HELP" or "INFO")


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    Miss Communication: Raves, Rants, and Ridiculousness

    in Entertainment

    Join Kelli and Claudia as they rave about new music in Listen UP!, rant about SMS (social media stupidity), share the latest relationship mishaps in Donezo!, and talk about all things trainwreck in the reality TV world. It's an hour of all-out straight talk that will leave you laughing at all the ridiculousness these ladies have to share. Plus, you'll learn about some new bands you need to check out and how to survive social media without looking like a moron. Good times!

  • Miss Communication: We've got a lot to talk about!

    in Entertainment

    Join Kelli and Claudia as they debut a new music segment called Listen Up!, discuss the trainwrecks on Bachelor in Paradise, more on Jonny Hawkins' abs (and his vocals), SMS, Donezo!, and Marriage Boot Camp- The Lie Detector results! You do NOT want to miss this fun-filled hour of girl talk, truth, and love.

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    Miss Communication: Shinedown concert, Nothing More, Reality TV, and More!

    in Entertainment

    Join Kelli and Claudia in their latest installment as they discuss Shinedown and Nothing More in Concert, Reality TV, and so much more! Claudia will share all the strange things she found in Portland, and Kelli will catch us up with the latest SMS and Donezo! Even if you don't agree with everything they have to say, you'll still find them entertaining, fun, and funny!

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    Single Mom Sage Hour ~ THRIVE Takeover

    in Lifestyle

    Join Ms. Jennifer Pink, Single Mom Sage for another episode of Single Mom Sage Hour on Sage Network. In this episode Ms. Pink is joined by her powerhouse team of mentors as they give you a glimpse of what it takes to THRIVE spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. This is also a great way to taste what the THRIVING Mindset Mentor Program is all about. For more information about the program go to www.thrivingmindset.gr8.com

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    Top 4 Pitfalls To Avoid In Your SMS Recruitment Campaigns

    in Technology

    Episode Description:

    There are 3 key benefits to leveraging mobile:

    1. It's personal – "my media"
    2. It's always carried – the city in my pocket
    3. It's always on

    Leveraging SMS marketing for recruitment marketing opens an entirely new channel from which employers can effectively engage potential job seekers.  That said, there are some major pitfalls that can quickly damage an brand's image.  Many companies have been sued for their misuse of SMS marketing campaigns. 

    Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with John Hancock, Co-founder of Loop who will share four common pitfalls to avoid when executing an SMS recruitment campaign.

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    Fate, Directed Focus or Balance=Success??

    in Relationships

    Each year as I grow in life and maturity I am led to consider my life, my success and my not so successful attempts. I am guided by the notions imprinted on my subconscious about messages of fate and destiny versus my own free will. From the first time I heard my Mum say, “Leah, you should always strive to "be a master of something rather than a jack of all trades." “Choose something, stick with it and focus your life; giving it your all.”  I wondered what path I would choose in order to keep to her words and advice.

    Fast forward…I have learned that a person can have many gifts, but not every gift yields success by way of peace, happiness and wealth; be it financial or otherwise.

    So what is the opinion of truth here? Is life about focus? Is it about balance? Is it a culmination of both working simultaneously? Why is the wealthy in America comprised only of 1%? Are the 99% of us simply unfocused or unlucky? Have they capitalized on fate and destiny or is it their design to make us think that we are nothing more than the limitations of what our fate and destiny can bring about?

    This show dares to try and answer those queries. We will talk to notable, accomplished and focused scientist, Dr. Steve Southwick. Dr. Southwick is an internationally recognized research leader and expert in agriculture specializing in fruit.  His main expertise focuses around plant growth regulation and fruit variety development, production and marketing.  He is currently the owner and Managing Director of SMS Unlimited, LLC which develops and markets fruit varieties throughout the world and is the Director of Research and Business Development for OG Packing Company and Grower Direct Marketing LLC.  He will be on to share his story of focus and success.

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    The Mobile Health Library Platform

    in Business

    Apps for Rx Adherence & Outcomes Support

    Pharmaguy interviews Rob Dhoble, CEO of Adherent Health, LLC., about Mobile Health LibraryTM (MHL), which is a HIPAA privacy-protected mobile app platform built for the unique education, service, and support needs of health-related customers, including patients, health professionals, caregivers, and consumers.

    MHL Key Facts:

    MHL apps can include valuable discounts and savings.
    MHL apps can help patients better understand their health, health conditions, and related treatments.
    MHL apps can be received via email or SMS from a healthcare professional, friend, family member, or loved one.
    MHL apps may receive direct-to-app updates.
    MHL apps are confidential, meaning that user identity remains unknown to medication, medical device, and medical diagnostic product sponsors.
    MHL app "tags" may be placed on posters, printed materials, advertisements, websites, or brand-related packaging.
    MHL apps can be shared with friends, family, and loved ones via email and SMS.

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    Why are there so few successful pharma brand patient support apps?
    What are patients, doctors, and payers looking for in mHealth apps?
    Good privacy practices & pharma industry trust issues
    Outcomes tracking using de-identified patient/app engagement data
    App building vs. app marketing: Which is best for Pharma?

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    "Boxing Legends" with Don Chargin, and "Real Boxing" with Ronnie Shields

    in Sports

    Wednesday, May 27, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, FightSaga Radio presents another "Double Header" of boxing conversation, featuring fight legends Don Chargin and Ronnie Shields, sponsored by Affordable Dentures!!

    Kicking off tonight's 90 minute program, six decade matchmaker and promoter Don "War a Week" Chargin will talk about the business of boxing, and how one bad business decision can drastically affect any promising fighter's respective career.

    - Mikey Garcia

    - Andre Ward

    - Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

    - Brandon Rios

    "The Don" of boxing will also talk about 50 Cent's recent bankruptcy petition for his promotional entity, SMS Promotions.

    - Why do so many promoters have a hard time adapting and succeeding in the sport of boxing?

    - What is the future of 50 Cent's promotional outfit?

    - Will Fiddy be able to work his way into the "black" eventually?

    The Hall of Fame promoter will also talk about the status of Canelo vs. Cotto and how Miguel's performance on June 6th could affect this proposed super fight!!

    At the 30 minute mark of the program, FightSaga Radio will be joined by elite level trainer Ronnie Shields!!  The talented, veteran boxing coach will give listeners his take on all of the latest news within the boxing community!!

    - Chavez Jr. with Robert Garcia...success or failure?

    - Froch vs. Golovkin...to be or not to be?

    - Cotto's future in the sport...three more fights?

    - Khan vs. Algieri...can the kid from Huntington, New York be able to pull off the upset on Friday, May 29th?

    Tune in to another special double header with Don Chargin and Ronnie Shields, exclusively on FightSaga Radio!!