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    The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.13: The State of Penn State Hoops

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    This week sucked. This week in Penn State basketball really, really sucked. The Nittany Lions lost a heartbreaking game against Wisconsin, then the squad got completely smoked by Northwestern, it blew. Fortunately, after the NU loss, there was a silver lining: AD Sandy Barbour gave a public endorsement of Pat Chambers going forward. On this week's episode of the BSD Basketbro Show, Bill, Eric and Chad welcome special guest Tim Beidel, and the guys discuss the state of Penn State hoops. Is Pat Chambers the man for the job? How can the AD support the squad? What the hell went wrong this year? All of this and more on the best damn Penn State basketball podcast on the web.

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    Big Tasty BBQ Interview/Promo

    in Motivation

    Inspirational Moments with Tanisha is a show to encourage, uplift motivate, and inspire listeners.

    Tanisha has a heart of compassion for the listeners.

    Today Tanisha will present to you Big Tasty BBQ/ Catering

    Are you looking for that personal touch to add to your party or event. (Food)

    If you're looking for smoked turkey, tamales made from smoked brisket/pulled pork/chicken, or another alternative such as BBQ this holiday season, BigTasty BBQ is what you're needing.

    They provide great tasting BBQ and the experience to go with it. They can deliver that mouth-watering BBQ right to you at any venue, or They can BBQ onsite for that true backyard BBQ feel. They make their own rubs, injections, and sauce, to ensure quality and consistency.

    They are extremely open to custom tailoring a great BBQ experience with my client to fit their needs.

    These are words straight from the Chef- "I look forward to working with my client to ensure that m y passion for BBQ shines through with every delicious bite! My hope is that you can not only taste, my passion, but that you can see it, as well!"

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    Man Smokes 118,800 Joints & 2014 That Was the Year That Was

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    Irv Rosenfeld is America’s longest surviving medical marijuana patient. For the last 33 years the U.S. Government’s marijuana farm in Mississippi has sent him every month a canister containing 300 marijuana joints. So 33 years ago Mr. Rosenfeld at the behest of our government, began smoking 10 joints a day which means he has smoked 118,800 joints.


    Take a look at those joints in the canister. These are not little pin joints – they are big, fat supersize joints.


    He is alive and thanks to those 118,800 joints is doing very well. Hear his story of how he got into the program that supplied him free government marijuana, why the joints are so big and just how smoking ten joints a day for 33 years has affected his physical and mental health.


    Taking a look at the top marijuana stories of 2014 is our second guest Dale Gieringer, PhD. Cal NORML Executive Director. Deeply involved in the movement, erudite on all the issues, Dale provides an enlightened and witty view of the most exciting and precedent shattering marijuana events of 2014.

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    High Noon Radio, broadcast #16 w/DJ YRS Jerzy

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    "High Noon Radio" is BACK for the New Year and we are pleased to announce today's special guest is DJ YRS Jerzy! In addition, we will be bringing you the top 10 joints we smoked in 2014! "We Only Play The Uncut Dope"!!!

    Join us right here each and every Monday at 12 NOON EST right here for the dopest in underground rap, hip-hop and R&B with your hosts, Bee Moe $lim & Yella Nycole!!

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    Sax Therapy!!! Are you teaching your children to respect authority?

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    I was taught to respect authority as child, Even if the teacher was mean and my aunts and uncles smoked, drank and cussed, I still had to be respectful! What do you see in public today? I don't think we teach our youth the meaning of respect. If we go back to the Olden Days things would be a lot different! Our youth need us to show them the right way to speak and the right way to live! Let's give them a chance at hope by being good examples and teaching them that authority is to be respected even when we fill the authority figure is less than perfect!

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    PAIRED: Cocktails and Appetizers for perfect holiday parties 6:30pm EST

    in Food

    Thank goodness Thanksgiving is over and now it’s time to plan “your holiday party.”

    Tonight on Paired we will be discussing great appetizers, wines and cocktails. The food will include several types of baked brie’s, perfect platters: charcutterie, cheese, crudite, smoked salmon and more and finally a delicious yet simple caviar and blinis recipe for those who are willing to step it up a notch.

    Tune in here tonight on Communities Digital News at 6:30pm EST then available On Demand.

  • WHERE THERE'S SMOKE... There's FIRE! - Inequality In America- Let's Get LIVE!

    in Politics

    Recent events in the headlines has left America a nation divided. The smoldering smoked stoked by evil has burned quietly beneath the ashes waiting to blaze again.

    Racism and slavery is one of America's greatest fails.

    Even the French recognized it when it "gifted" us the statue of liberty.

    It was widely known then that it was black soldiers who played the pivotal role in winning the war, and this gift would be a tribute to their prowess. Suzanne Nakasian, director of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island Foundations' National Ethnic Campaign said that the black Americans' direct connection to Lady Liberty is unknown to the majority of Americans, black or WHITE. 

    We will breach those waters tonight!

    Join in the discussion and get a lil hustory too!

    LET'S GET LIVE!!!!!!

    Your hosts: Diamond Ryan & Betty Lewis,
    Read more at http://www.snopes.com/history/american/statueofliberty.asp#V32V7mqThIuGeYXo.99

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    Jane Velez-Mitchell: My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption

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    'This is the story of my ch . . . ch . . . changes, which took me from insanity to clarity, from egocentricity to altruism, from alcoholism to activism. These changes have marked an evolution in what I want from this life. I am what I want. What I seek to consume, possess, and achieve is a mirror that reflects my lusts and cravings, values and priorities, and moral boundaries or lack thereof. I am happy to say that what I want today is much less toxic and self-centered than what I used to want. It's taken decades of selfexamination to peel back the layers and figure out what really makes me happy. And while I'm still searching for my ultimate bliss, I know for sure it's not what I once thought it was. It's not alcohol, cigarettes, money, food, sugar, or status symbols: I've consumed all of those in massive quantities, and they've just made me miserable. Now, I want what can't be tasted, smoked, worn, seen, or counted. It's the opposite of material. As sappy as it might sound, what I want is spiritual.'

    —From the Introduction

    In iWant, Jane Velez-Mitchell shares her candid and engaging story of the true adventure of her life, a journey of self-discovery that is still in full throttle. As she searches for the ultimate joy and freedom that come from living a compassionate life, she challenges all of us to learn from her examples to end destructive behaviors and embrace a meaningful existence alongside one another.

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    Fight Church Radio

    in Entertainment

    join us for 2 hours of me thinking outloud.
    featuring special guests and news updates from the Portland Intelligencer

    do not going into your weekend without knowing what is going on around you.
    -I'm trying to buy the Coliseum, plus I have a bridge for sale.
    -the measure to label GMOs has slid into home in a cloud of dust.
    safe? out? we'll chat about it. as well as what's next.
    -shenanigans on that video of the old ladies smoking pot. if they would have smoked some Cannatonic from Gonzo Farms one of them would have called 911.
    -guess what? not all drunks are alcoholics. just plain ol drunks!!
    -the Raiders won! but they are still 4 wins away from everybody peeing on my head.
    -the deeper story about the elderly Floridian who keeps getting arrested for feeding the homeless. apparently he doesn't wash his hands.
    -why did Occupy fail? because it was friggin cold. 
    -does a homeless person in new shoes deserve the same level of compassion as a dirty homeless person?
    -Anonymous hacked all the KKK addresses, why are all of them msn, hotmail and AOL? afraid of change much?
    as always our smoke good is brought to you by Gonzo Farms. 

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    Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler

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    Don Feeney is "a retired United States Diplomat and United States Air Force officer. He has a Masters of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Southern California, and teaches graduate school part-time. Don lives with his wife Andi, and their cat, Kismet, in Indian Harbor Beach, Fla."  Don Feeney is that author of Gathering No Moss: Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler.

    According to the book description of Gathering No Moss: Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler, "Don Feeney has seen it all. As a diplomat working for the United States, he served in embassies and consulates around the world. As an air force officer, he had some daring exploits of varying levels of sanity and sophistication. He's lived, worked, and played in more than fifty countries on five continents. In his memoir Gathering No Moss, Feeney recalls his three-decade trip down the wild, weird, and surprising journeys of his life. A somewhat reluctant traveler, he conveys the heavy burden of loneliness on the road while driven by the search for meaning, spirituality, and love. His life has been one of thought-provoking questions, highly charged emotional situations, and brushes with both greatness and tragedy. He's been an airman, an officer, an instructor, a commander, an administrator, a trainer, a consular officer, a manager, and a diplomat. He's sold paintings on a street corner, washed dishes, worked in a paper mill, flipped hamburgers, painted houses, and tended bar. He smoked pot, drank too much, and fell in (and out) of love (including four marriages). He went AWOL, was shot at three times, survived a brain aneurysm, and beat colon cancer. His mantra- "The more you know, the more you don't know sh*t" or TMYKTMYDKS-reminds us all that the human mind will never let you understand the human mind."

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    Let the Smoke Roll With Chris Chadwick

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    Tonight  6pmcst its Time to TALK  Q !!! this is the place to have a GREAT Time !!! We will be talking catering  events  and since Thanksgiving is fast approaching Lets talk TURKEY!!!Slow Smoked   Deep fried or Oven Baked  This is the place where real pitmasters from across the country  Let the Smoke Roll  CALL 347-202-0263 Chart room will be open !!!

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