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    Oliva Saison Maduro

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    We will be smoking the Oliva Saison Maduro tonight. We have smoked the Saison before and loved them, however this is a new release of the maduro. Our expectations are very high for this cigar.

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    Why Congress can do it and the American people can't Veterans Can’t!

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    “Our drug laws in this country, as a whole, need a revolution of common sense and compassion,” Booker explains.

    Under the proposed bill, marijuana would be reclassified allowing for more research into its medical benefits, while allowing U.S. military veterans to get a prescription for marijuana for the treatment of illnesses, including PTSD.

    “Once you make the class of drugs Schedule 2, you can research it and find out what are the medical impacts, and when can you use it” Gillibrand said. “That is what’s necessary here, it’s so simple.”

    Booker then turned to his fellow lawmakers who have admitted to smoking weed.

    “Let’s stop the pot hypocrisy,” Booker said as Gillibrand laughed. “We now have three presidents that have admitted to smoking marijuana. People in public office, all throughout the Senate, have said, ‘Hey, I’ve smoked marijuana recreationally.’ How much of a hypocrite do you have to be to say that I broke American laws using pot as a recreational thing, that I’m not going to support this idea, as a medicine for severely sick people, that they shouldn’t be able to access this drug.”

    Later in the program, President Barack Obama gave qualified support to the bill, saying, “We need to follow the science.”

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    CCHI 2016 RADIO (Episode 5)

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    CCHI 2016 RADIO is back for another BOWL PACKED and SMOKED OUT Episode! This week CCHI 2016 was at the Shasta county Roundtable for legalization. We will update how WELL THIS EVENT WENT ! CCHI2016 Will also be attending HEMPCON at the Cow Palace on April 17,18,19! TONY Z - EVENT ORGANIZER WILL BE CALLING IN FROM HEMPCON ! Jeff Clark will be in attendance SPEAKING and with a CCHI 2016 BOOTH! 

    The NJ WEEDMAN EDDIE FORCHIN will be in the show and update us on what he has been doing since last summer when he was fund raising to talk to congress! How the "Meeting" with Chris Christie went? We will also be asking the NJ WEEDMAN the status on the Librerty Bell Temple in New Jersey ! 

    Also Marijuana Max aka the Wild Zombie from the Oregonian and fellow Cannatarian will be our guest for the second hour! Max will be telling us the benefits and saftey and positive sides of oil, dabs, crumble, aka CONCENTRATES! 

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    Smoking is Worshiping Pagan God/Dr Pat Holiday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshal Perot

    in Religion

    Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28

    Smoking is Worshiping Pagan God

    Burning tobacco originated with ancient aboriginals. The modern world learned of the use of tobacco from the Indians. History reveals Columbus found the Indians smoking and watched with surprise and wonderment. The Grand Pipe or Pipe of Peace was first observed among the Indians of Upper Mississippi country by the French. They called these pipes "calumets". According to the Indians the pipe possessed a supernatural power and a "charming" effect to compel the partakers of the smoke to a brotherly bond of peace (obviously not the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ).

    Historically the Calumet was considered a sacred pipe to offer smoke to the demon gods above and below. Tobacco was looked upon as a sacred plant and burning it brought favor in the eyes of the gods (demons), even a member of an enemy tribe who entered a house and smoked with the host, was guaranteed protection and safe conduct when he left.

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    CCHI 2016 Radio (Episode 4)

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    GREETINGS! CCHI 2016 Radio is BACK for another EDUCATIONAL and EXCITING SMOKED OUT EPISODE! We will be having a couple very special guests on this week! Reverend Odeye from the Rastafarian Church & Ministry  is joining us and also hoping to have TOSH 1 with him. Tosh 1 is Reggae Legend Petr Tosh son, who was wrongfully arrested in Bergen County, New Jersey this past year. We also will be joined Bill Levin of the First Church of Cannabis based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bill has made national news lately after filing and passing the Church under the Religious Freedoms Act.

    We will also be talking about CCHI2016 HUGE CONCERT EVENT --- CANNABIS IN WONDERLAND - MAY 2nd 2015 Ceasar E. Chavez Park in Berkley CA ! Normal Bean Band!

    CCHI Radio 2016 would like to dedicate this show in memory of Spencer Koptis.

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    Dr. Angela Canfield Talks in Honor of Oral Cancer Awareness month on April 14

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    Dr. Angela Canfield Holds Second Inspiring Smiles Series Talk in Honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month

    (SAVANNAH, GA) Dr. Angela Canfield of Sandfly Family Dental in Savannah, GA announces the second talk in the 2015 Inspiring Smiles Series will be held Tuesday, April 14, from noon to 1 p.m. The discussion is titled “Oral DNA and Periodontal Testing.”

    Periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, are caused from bacteria that inflames the gums. Symptoms include bad breath, red or swollen gums, and receding gums. Dr. Canfield will explain the benefits of early detection and the process to determine patients’ risks of these diseases.

    According Dentistry Today, every sixty minutes, a person dies from oral cancer. The disease is typically associated with long-term tobacco use, but it is becoming more frequent in young adults who have never smoked. Besides tobacco use, the risk factors that could lead to oral cancer include DNA abnormalities or family history. But the main cause, especially in young adults who don’t smoke, is the human papillomavirus (HPV), which may be spread by sexually active people through intimate contact.

    “HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer, which was once the leading cause of cancer deaths for women in the United States,” said Dr. Canfield, “Now that women routinely get PAP tests, which provide early detection of conditions that could lead to cervical cancer, those cancer rates are on the decline. In fact, these days, a person is three times more likely to die from oral cancer than cervical cancer.”

    The Inspiring Smiles Series will take place at Dr. Canfield’s office located at 7360 Skidaway Rd., Suite H2. It is free to attend. To RSVP, call Dr. Canfield at 912-349-0472. Dr. Canfield will also be giving away free oral cancer screenings during the month of April.

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    Milling About The Big Bungalow

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    Milling About visits The Big Bungalow in Nashville, Tennessee. Located in historic Edgefield, it's a homey three bedroom B&B, owned and operated by Ellen Warshaw. A native New Yorker, Ellen tells host Robin Milling how she came to Music City with the dream of continuing her career as a singer/songwriter when 'the 80s and MTV killed my careeer'! As John Lennon says, 'life is what happens while you are busy making other plans;' Ellen made a go of it but found her style wasn't in harmony with everyone else's so she set her sights on something new. She says, 'It wasn't my heart. Rock 'n roll was my thing and here it's a different language. It wasn't fun anymore, so you have to move onto the next thing. I write feel songs and country music is story songs and that wasn't my story.'

    That next chapter of her story was the hospitality business, specifically a B&B which came to her in a eureka moment one morning. Her philosophy was, 'if you build it they will come and that's what happened!' Her love of music is infused in The Big Bungalow with The Music City Room; covered with her own memorabilia and a country music decor. The other rooms are The Grandiose Suite and The Cozy Room. She also hosts house concerts in her living room where all the local musicians gather to jam.

    The other kind of jam is served with the delicious breakfasts such as French Toast Casserole and Spinach and Feta Frittata with homemade fruit and nut bread. Ellen admits it was a learning curve to turn down the fancy. 'In the beginning I was making things like smoked oyster and proscuitto quiche with provolone cheese but nobody ate it!' Now her motto is simple but tasty.

    Visit http://www.thebigbungalow.com/

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    "On days like this, many people just want to curl up in front of a warm fire and relax."

    Fires involve flickering light, crackling sounds, warmth, and a distinctive smell of the Winter

    Most of us are tired of the snow, the freezing temperatures and the “shut-in” of having inclement weather – Old man Winter did its thing across the nation, especially on the East Coast!

    "The feeling of relaxation is in the air - SPRING is coming"

    LET'S RELAX & GET COZY THURSDAY  3/12/2015 @ 6:30P EST

    MENU: Chicken Breast Stuffed With Red Pepper & Mozzarella Cheese paired with Asparagus and a Glass of Shiraz Wine



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    The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.13: The State of Penn State Hoops

    in Sports

    This week sucked. This week in Penn State basketball really, really sucked. The Nittany Lions lost a heartbreaking game against Wisconsin, then the squad got completely smoked by Northwestern, it blew. Fortunately, after the NU loss, there was a silver lining: AD Sandy Barbour gave a public endorsement of Pat Chambers going forward. On this week's episode of the BSD Basketbro Show, Bill, Eric and Chad welcome special guest Tim Beidel, and the guys discuss the state of Penn State hoops. Is Pat Chambers the man for the job? How can the AD support the squad? What the hell went wrong this year? All of this and more on the best damn Penn State basketball podcast on the web.

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    Big Tasty BBQ Interview/Promo

    in Motivation

    Inspirational Moments with Tanisha is a show to encourage, uplift motivate, and inspire listeners.

    Tanisha has a heart of compassion for the listeners.

    Today Tanisha will present to you Big Tasty BBQ/ Catering

    Are you looking for that personal touch to add to your party or event. (Food)

    If you're looking for smoked turkey, tamales made from smoked brisket/pulled pork/chicken, or another alternative such as BBQ this holiday season, BigTasty BBQ is what you're needing.

    They provide great tasting BBQ and the experience to go with it. They can deliver that mouth-watering BBQ right to you at any venue, or They can BBQ onsite for that true backyard BBQ feel. They make their own rubs, injections, and sauce, to ensure quality and consistency.

    They are extremely open to custom tailoring a great BBQ experience with my client to fit their needs.

    These are words straight from the Chef- "I look forward to working with my client to ensure that m y passion for BBQ shines through with every delicious bite! My hope is that you can not only taste, my passion, but that you can see it, as well!"

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    Man Smokes 118,800 Joints & 2014 That Was the Year That Was

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    Irv Rosenfeld is America’s longest surviving medical marijuana patient. For the last 33 years the U.S. Government’s marijuana farm in Mississippi has sent him every month a canister containing 300 marijuana joints. So 33 years ago Mr. Rosenfeld at the behest of our government, began smoking 10 joints a day which means he has smoked 118,800 joints.


    Take a look at those joints in the canister. These are not little pin joints – they are big, fat supersize joints.


    He is alive and thanks to those 118,800 joints is doing very well. Hear his story of how he got into the program that supplied him free government marijuana, why the joints are so big and just how smoking ten joints a day for 33 years has affected his physical and mental health.


    Taking a look at the top marijuana stories of 2014 is our second guest Dale Gieringer, PhD. Cal NORML Executive Director. Deeply involved in the movement, erudite on all the issues, Dale provides an enlightened and witty view of the most exciting and precedent shattering marijuana events of 2014.