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    Pro MMA Now Radio w/ MFC's Smealinho Rama & Anthony Hamilton

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    Maximum Fighting Championships Thursday gets heavy tonight as we welcome in the duo that will tangle for the MFC heavyweight title.
    After a last minute fight cancellation at MFC 37, Smealinho Rama is ready to get back in the cage. We will talk about the disappointment and the new task at hand.
    Anthony Hamilton meets Rama in the championship bout. At 10-2 he has beaten the top heavyweights in his area. He heads to Edmonton Ontario for a shot at the belt.
    Bellator his their 100th event Friday and UFC 165 goes down Saturday. We will look at what both events have to offer you as a fan.
    Official show of the ProMMAnow.com Radio Network

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    Programming note for this week’s show.  If you are a fan of Nostalgia Funny cars and Front engine Dragsters.  Then our guest this weekend will be on your list of must see Racers in 2015.  Cody Helger and his family own 2 of the preeminent Nitro Cars in the Northeast and the Country.   We are of course talking about the King and Marshall Top fuel Front engine Dragster and also the King and Marshall Funny Car.  Cody has these 2 amazing cars.  He also has Helger Bros Speed Shop in Rhode Island.  Cody will be running the funny car in Random events in 2015 and also will have the dragster out at Cackle fest this year.   It is always a good time talking about the past..  Also I had the chance to talk to Jamie Lee this past Saturday at Race A Rama.  IF you aren’t familiar with Jamie.. I am sure you have heard of her Father W.A. Lee.  His battles in the Stock Ranks are known far and wide.  We were lucky enough to meet up and talk about her famous father.  We will be playing that interview on Weds episode also.  We hope you will tune and check out WHEELZUPRADIO.  Weds night at 7pm EST.  www.blogtalkradio.com/wheelzupradio.  Also be sure to check out our FB page for constant daily updates.  www.facebook.com/wheelzupradio

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    Whoa Whoa Whoa: Spiderman O Rama!

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    A montana lawmaker is threatening to outlaw Yoga pants!  

    An Old Man Charges the mound at a Fantasy Camp!

    Bautista is going up against a man who can never die!


    Daredevlis writers admin the black costume sucks!

    We didnt watch our recommendation movie again!  


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    Meditative Living with Swami Shivananda Giri

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    Swami continues with Verse 86 from THE CHIDAKASHA GITA OF BHAGAWAN NITYANANDA OF GANESHPURI.  Here is the first verse to be discussed...

    86. The repetition of Rama is true delight. It is the eternal Atma delight, eternal true delight, internal Atma delight, Kundalini grandeur delight. The lord of mind is Rama. Rama means Atman. That which governs the ten Indriyas (five Karmendriyas and five Jnyanendriyas) is Rama. Ravana means all the wicked qualities in us. Sita means Chitta. Lakshmana means attention (thought control). Krishna means introspection. This introspection is the eternal Atma delight.



    9pm GMT/4pm Eastern/3pm Central/1pm Pacific


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    Join the A-train no not the wrestler... THE PODCASTER as he goes over everything WWE and goes over TNA's first impact show on Destination America and he will also go over the new undertaker return rumor that has been circuling as of late and also talk about the return of Daniel Bryan to the squared circle after his neck injury. Also he will be going over WWE's losses of 2014, and go over WWE's storyline struggles as of late, and what he sees in the future of proffesional wrestling as a whole phone lines will be open follow wrestle_rama on twitter: @wrestle_rama and like the facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wrestle_rama-WWE-News-and-Results/221519761234396?ref=hl so you to can be apart of the wrestle rama expierience.

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    TEAM Broadcasting presents: Bowl-O-Rama Family Challenge....to the Death!

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    Live from Hartford, CT.  Family Bowling Challenge....to the Death!

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    Inside the Hollow Earth Phenomenon w/Chris Baird, Researcher

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    Presented by India Irie and Kami Be with Honoured Guest, Chris Baird--Researcher Extraordinaire of Hollow Earth and many other suppressed data streams that humanity has purposely been denied.

    Many readers of the paranormal and the unexplained are familiar with the theory that the Earth is hollow. The idea is based on the ancient legends of many cultures that say there are races of people -- entire civilizations -- that thrive in subterranean cities. Very often, these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we on the surface. Some even believe that UFOs are not from other planets, but are manufactured by strange beings in the interior of the Earth.

    Who are these strange races of beings? How did they come to live inside the Earth? And where are the entrances to their underground cities?

    The entrances. There are allegedly several entrances to the Kingdom of Agharta throughout the world:

    Kentucky Mommoth Cave, in south-central Kentucky, US.
    Mount Shasta, California, US - the Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain.
    Manaus, Brazil.
    Mato Grosso, Brazil - the city of Posid supposedly lies beneath this plain.
    Iguaçú Falls, border or Brazil and Argentina.
    Mount Epomeo, Italy.
    Himalayan Mountains, Tibet - the entrance to the underground city of Shonshe is allegedly guarded by Hindu monks.
    Mongolia - the underground city of Shingwa allegedly exists beneath the border of Mongolia and China.
    Rama, India - beneath this surface city is a long lost subterranean city, they say, also named Rama.
    Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.
    King Solomon's Mines.
    Dero Caves
    North and South Poles.

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    Cage Side Submissions Ep:41

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    Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions,We plan to provide you with unique and fun-filled SHOWS. News, highlights, and interviews Please feel free to call in with your questions and comments at anytime. 657-383-0267 For our host Steve Rychel (@CSSRadio) Joining us Tonight is Woman's Bantamweight Kaitlin Young 7-8-1(@Kaitlin_young) Young was scheduled to face Amanda Nunes at Invicta FC 5: Penne vs. Waterson on April 5, 2013. However, Nunes sustained an arm injury and Young instead faced Lauren Murphy. Young lost the fight via unanimous decision.Kaitlin will be returning to the Cage November 1st InvictaFC 9,In Davenport,Iowa Against 5-1 Cindy Dandois.

    Our second Guest is Featherweight Shelby "Shogun"Graham 5-7 (@ShelbyMMAGraham) Shelby last Fought August 9th at XFC 45 where he suffered a 1st rd. Rear Naked Choke Submmision Loss to Jon Delbrugge,Shelby will be Returning to the XFE cage October 25th at the Harrah's Casino in Chester,Pa Against Patrick Sabatini from Team Renzo Gracie Philly 

    And Our Final guest is World Series Of Fighting Heavyweight Derrick Mehmen 18-5 (@DerrickMehmen)Derrick last faced Dave Huckaba at World Series of Fighting 10: Branch vs. Taylor on June 21, 2014, He won the fight via unanimous decision.Mehmen is now expected to face Smealinho Rama for the inaugural WSOF heavyweight championship at World Series of Fighting 14: Ford vs. Shields on October 11, 2014

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    Cynt Interviews Brandon, Young Music Artist: Chicago Southsider Finding His Way

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    I'm noticing an overwelming desire to help Young Adults in the Black community find their way.  I'm noticing this within myself and among my peers.  On the flip side, I perceive a generation gap or two that makes the effort a little tentative. I mean look, I'm 45 years old and to be honest with you, sometimes I don't know what to say to some of these younger folks.

    But, I guess my destire to make a difference, outweighs my perceived disconnect, because I have found myself in the company of a bunch of young folks that agewise, could be my children ;-)

    Join me Wednesday October 29th at 10:00 pm Central Time as I interview 24 year old Brandon who has allowed me to peak into his life to better understand some of the things he and his generation are going through.  Brandon is going to talk to us about his journey to University which turned out not to be for him.

    He's going to talk about coming back home and being depressed.  With a lowered vibration he tells us how he almost got caught up in the drug life.  But, the memory of his industrious Dad taking him to work at the Alsip Swap-O-Rama turned Brandon into an Online EBAY businessman instead of a tragic Statistic.

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    The Invisible World ep 166

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    Newly discovered geoglyphs, multiple Mars missions reach their goal, water discovered on exo-planets, UFO Monuments, MOD releases new UFO documents, high strangeness washing up on the shore, Dracula's prison and more!  PLUS several interviews with several good folks from MAKER FAIRE 2014!  Links below:


    Cube Sat, Maven, Solve, Mars Mass Balance Challange
    Sam Ortega, Chris, Sarah Ramsey

    Gen-Space Community Bio Lab

    Red Ant Lasers
    Origami Lasers - Kickstarter.com

    The Great Fredini, Scan-O-Rama 3d
    www.thegreatfredini.com, scanorama3d.com

    Babs Who Takes Pictures

    St. Clare's Transformers

    Thanks to Kevin Marinelli and everyone who spoke with me at this years MAKER FAIRE

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