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    Smart Music Entertainment with LAK Henderson

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    Students dropping out of high school continues to be an alarming trend. Data suggests that 7% of U.S. students left high school without a diploma in 2011. While this is down from 9.9% in 2003, this is nothing to celebrate. The black male dropout rate was 8.3% in 2011, and for Hispanic males it was 14.6% that year.  While there are various reasons why a student ends up dropping out of school, for many, there is a long period of disengagement that ensues beforehand. At home, parents should spend more time providing positive guidance, and in the classroom, teachers can continue to find innovative ways to reach students. The famed scholar Booker T. Coleman has said, "What Michael Jordan did on the basketball court, and what the Williams sisters do on the tennis court, black children will be able to do in the classroom." Let's encourage our children to be great, and provide them with the tools to be able to compete in a global economy.

    Join me today as we talk with one of the most innovative enterainers of this generation - Larry "LAK" Henderson!  For more information check out:  lak@smart-hiphop.com 

    To join the conversation, call 323-580-5712

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    Music is all in the email you send or is it really included at all.

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    Pitches from brand new bands and artists not tied to a public relations company are unarguably the ones that catch the most skepticism from journalists. Sometimes it only takes an unfamiliar name amid an avalanche of emails from recognizable PR reps for a writer to pass you over. If they’ve actually opened your message, then any sort of blunder could easily cost you.

    Does that sound harsh? It’s not, really. I can’t speak for everyone, but generally, journalists aren’t unnecessarily mean; it’s just that there is more music than there are writers. There are expectations about the quality of music, of course, but also the presentation of your inquiry. Outlined here are five general types of pitches to avoid, and the mistakes commonly found within them. Keep them in mind when getting your pitch together, and you’ll better the likelihood of receiving a response.

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    The Entertainment Review Radio Show

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    Since February is marked by Valentines Day the Entertainment Review Radio Show The theme will switch from the aspect of A Little Help From My Friends to the theme of LOVE! The show is hosted by John Jeff Brandyberry of Diminished Pitch Entertainment and Willy The Beast Forrest.

    The next episode of the program produced by Wacko Bob for The Wacko Radio Network will be on February 1st 2015 at 10 PM Europe Time, 9 PM UK Time, 4 PM EST, 3 PM CST, 2 PM MST, 1 PM PST with the guest on the show being Canadian Country Music Artist Chelsea Crites and our "LOVE" for country music.

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    Autism and Colin Brennan Music Sings at Art From The Heart Event, (2015)

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    In January 2012, Colin was invited to sing with Internationally famous Singer/Songwriter, Justin Hines at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville, Ontario, Canada for the First Annual Art From The Heart Art Gallery Show and Event. It was then a Sold-Out Show with over 300 people in attendance. Fast Foward to three years and now in February 2015 Colin has been asked and invited by The Owner/Operator, (Sybil Rampen) to sing once again at this years Opening Event. There will be many Artists works on display and For-Sale by many Differently-Abled Artists from all over Canada. They come from all Spectrums, Autism, Down-Syndrome, Wheelchair, Blind, and more. These people all prove that having a so-called Disability does not mean one cannot produce beautiful works of Art. Colin is honoured to be part of this event by Singing two full length songs. He will be reading a brief prepared speech at first then he will sing in front of the gathered audience with "Alone in The Universe and Lets Go Fly a Kite." Colin will be selling his three CD's at the end of the show and 50% of all proceeds will be donated to Sybil Rampen for her programs to all future artists registered in her classes at her Art Centre. Today is also Super Bowl night, so no-one who wants to see the Big Game will miss it as today's show and songs will be from 2-5 p.m. and the game begins at 6 p.m. Eastern. Colin asked Justin Hines via e-mail if he will be able to attend but he has another pre-scheduled event to attend. It will be a great show! JOIN-US! Listen-In or call to be a guest! 1-714-888-7428 

    This is our 18th Radio Show since 2012 and we THANK all the 56,087 Listeners so far! 

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    SMR Superbowl Pre-Game Show

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    Call in: 646-478-5863 (or comment in chatroom)


    About PWW: Smart Mark Radio airs the show that started it all, Pro Wrestling Weekend Sunday's on BTR! For over 8 years, Referee Jared "J-Hawk" Hawkins has been joined by Pro Wrestler & self proclaimed Star of SMR, "Your RoleModel" Ric Lieb. With his insider viewpoints & quick wit, Ric is never one to shy away from expressing his opinions! Though they rarely see eye to eye, the pair have grown to respect each-other & are revered as the most respected wrestling analyst duo online.


    PWW's guest list is a who's who in Pro Wrestling, headlined by appearances from TNA & WWE stars Diamond Dallas Page, Bob Roop, Gail Kim, Brook Tessmacher, Lanny Poffo, Johnny Valliant, Fred Ottman (Tugboat), Gorgeous George, James J.Dillon, Jimmy Valliant, Baby Doll, plus a huge emphasis on many of today’s top independent talent from all over the world.


    PWW also features appearances by members from the Cauliflower Alley Club, The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, not to mention, the hottest talent in women’s wrestling today, from Mary Elizabeth Monroe, Epiphany, CJ Lane, Taryn Shay, Blossoms, Jessie Belle and more.


    Sponsored by smartmarkradio.com & is an award winning podcast.

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    Al Fink's Saturday 1/31/2015 4pm -7pm ET Local Live Music Talk Show

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    Al Fink is back with a Full Saturday Show #1.

    Al Fink will be doing a Talk to the Band Interview with Eric & Nate from Rochester, NY.

    We are starting a new continuing series called Straight Talk on Live Local Music Promotion.

    We have some great Archives to roll for you!

    Al Fink is looking for new members to join his round table approach to building the Local Live Music Scene.

    Call in the 6pm hour 347-637-1611

    Then we buzz over to Midlands for Dawn's Bands and Clubs Report.

    We still have an open slot if someone wants to fill it at 6 pm.

    We can take Round Table Calls if you like. We can also take Local Live Music Shout outs.

    Margaret is still working the phones. You never know what surprises she has in store!

    Who knows what else will pop-up on the show.

    New friend’s just pop-up out of nowhere.

    Show # 2 tonight is coming up at 7pm. It is just packed!

    Stick around. Don’t Miss it!

    Tune in @ 4pm - 10pm Eastern. Monday-Sunday.

    To listen to or join the show call 347-637-1611. 4-10pm Mon-Sun.
    To listen to the show on the internet www.BNCLive.com
    Don't forget
    All Shows are Archived and Available FREE on www.BNCLive.com 24/7

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    The best in Sports/Entertainment talk show in the DMV area.

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    Check out the WALKONS LIVE each and Every Sunday afternoon @ 12:00 for the BEST TALK radio show i the DMV area w/ a HIP HOP twist... The Walkons consist of 5 chilhood friends from the DMV area that have a CRAZY/UNIQUE outlook of the Sports/Entertainment world.  The WALKONS cover all of the latest topics in the Sports/Entertainment WORLD. Get Pre-game predictions, Entertainment Reports,   Make sure you check out they're unique outlook on the IN and OUTS of the Sports World. i guarantee that you will ENJOY what you hear.. 

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    Top lists of some of the most memorable characters in entertainment #72

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    Tonight we count down lists of what others found the absolute most memorable in entertainment. These can be from movies, music, stage, theater, and even online presences count, as we have a few that we shall bring up that cannot be missed. Show is opening with a person that is an underground cult hit classic, and voted #1 of the most memorable characters. Not many may recognize her at all, but she seems to be huge for horror/sci-fi underground fans.

    Lists shall be read in no particular order.

    Have a blast!

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    Independent Music Radio Network

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    Independent Music Radio Network  

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    Al Fink's Saturday 1/31/2015 7pm -10pm ET Local Live Music Talk Show

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    We are back with Saturday's Show #2

    Al Fink will be doing 2 Talk to the Band Interviews with Freshly Squeezed and Goldenseal.

    Al Fink is looking for Local Live Music Shout outs. Bands call in with your gig locations tonight.

    Al Fink has a report about some new promotions.

    We will be Closing the show with R&B Artist Larie D. Edwards.

    We will be back with you on Sunday  02/01/2015 at 4 PM Eastern.

    Tune in @ 4pm - 10pm Eastern. Monday-Sunday.

    To listen to or join the show call 347-637-1611. 4-10pm Mon-Sun
    To listen to the show on the internet www.BNCLive.com
    Don't forget
    All Shows are Archived and Available FREE on www.BNCLive.com 24/7

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