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    Otter Limits Radio - Smart Meters

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    Your politically awkward host Steve Long presents an equally awkward look at the world blending politics and pop culture from a libertarian perspective.
    On this episode I will be talking with former Oklahoma State Legislator and Liberty activist Porter Davis.  We will be discussing smart meters.

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    TS Radio: The battle continues in Seattle against SMART meters

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    Join us to day at 2:00pm CST as Rebecca Em Campbell, a true activist discusses the efforts by the public to thwart the installation of SMART meters in their city of Seattle.

    Along with hundreds of other city residents, Rebecca squared off with public officials over the attempts to force the installation of the deadly meters in their communities. The officials operating in collusion with SMART meter companies to force the installations were met with massive resistance as the community rallied to protect their homes and their rights. 

    Learn how this community is fighting back to protect itself from unwarranted and unconstitutional surveillance, inflated energy costs and the over all health hazards that result from SMART meters. 

    We will take calls in the second hour.

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    Smart Meters & Book Publishing - Part 2 - Call 619-768-2945

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    This week we shall continue our conversations from last week on two topics:

    Are Smart Meters Smart ?
    Writing and Publishing Your Book

    Who knows maybe someone on the program today will write and publish their own book on "Smart Meters" !  In any event we shall pick up where we left off on both topics and see where things go.

    If you would like to participate in our forum please call us toll free @ 619-768-2945; we shall be happy to hear from you. 

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    Smart Meters: Unsafe Untested Unapproved

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    Could the power meter outside your home be adversely affecting your health? It doesn't look much different than the old ones did, but the technology is different.
    A few years ago, PGE, Oncor and other transmission and distribution providers installed smart meters to send usage information between customers’ homes and the power company using radio frequency waves, or RF. The smart meters allegedly increase efficiency and are a vital part of the industry’s move to smart grids. RF is the same technology used in cell phones, baby monitors, microwaves and Wi-Fi networks.
    But there's plenty of buzz on the internet claiming these meters may cause health problems for people who are sensitive to RF.
    Opponents on RF technology claim it causes side effects like agitation, dizziness, fatigue, forgetfulness, headaches, interrupted sleep, leg cramps, ringing in the ears, and skin rashes.  
    Some customers in other parts of the country won't even let the meters be installed. In Illinois, two women were arrested for interfering with smart meter installation. In Texas, a woman even pulled a gun on a utility worker to prevent him from installing the smart meter on her home.
    My guests were Josh del Sol witth the website www.takebackyourpower.net, and Thelma Taormina with the website www.912membersusa.com

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    EMF Smart meters - affecting bees, plants and people - Dream Catchers Les Paul

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    Tonight we have a very powerful series of topics to discuss. There is a strong possibility evidence exisits that EMF radiation from Cell phone Towers, Cell Phones, and so called smart meters that are replacing the old fashioned electric meters are killing off large numbers of bee colonies which pollinate over 70% of the plant life all around the World. Bee Keepers are very worried!!! Join me as we discuss what has gone wrong and harming our insect and plant life around the USA and the World!!! For first time ever the CDC put out information recently that there may be harmful effects from EMF, s only for them to take it down from their web site.

    While watching a program called culture click on the CW Network on September 27, 2014 the host start talking about the unexplained disappearance of bees all over the USA and around the World. I was surprised when I heard the host say there are a lot of theories of why the world is losing so many bees that pollinate two thirds of all plant life and one of the theories are that is EMF radiation could be interfering with the natural patterns that could be affecting Bees and other insect and animal life.

    Monsanto Loses GMO Permit in Mexico – Judge Sides with the Bees August 27, 2014 by Arjun Walia

    “A district judge in the state of Yucatán last month overturned a permit issued to Monsanto by Mexico’s agriculture ministry, Sagarpa, and environmental protection agency, Semarnat, in June 2012 that allowed commercial planting of Round-up ready Soybeans.  In withdrawing the permit, the judge was convinced by the scientific evidence presented about the threats posed by GM soy crops to honey production in the Yucatán peninsula, which includes Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán states. Co-existence between honey production and GM soybeans is not possible, the judge ruled.”

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    Friday Farcast: Grid Awareness Smart Meters And Beyond

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    On today's riveting episode of the Friday Farcast we'll be looking at the whole concept of grids of power and control. From mind control through symbols, to nets of surveillance, to actually controlling your health and power through smart meters and their insidious applications.
    In the first hour, I'll be breaking down the cyclical drama of the Aaron Hernandez story as well as some other strange and dangerous memes floating around the media.
    In hour number two, I'm proud to be joined by Rebecca Hanna who has dedicated her purpose and focus around educating people about the dangers of smart meters in and around the Maryland area.  She is the Director of Public Relations fo Maryalnd Smart Meter Awareness, a grass roots and non-profit group.
    Other smart meter sites that Rebecca recomends:

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    SMART METERS: The War against 'We the People'

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    My guests this week are JOHN and PAULINE HOLETON, from Michigan. They are the founders of Warriors for American Revolution (www.W4AR.com) an they are very concerned that most Americans falsely believe that our government and the representatives we have elected or those appointed by our representatives, work in the best interest of the people.    They will be talking about the SMART METER issue where elected officials throughout the country are beginning to authorize private utility corporations to invade the sanctity of our homes without our permission and possibly in violation of our Fourth Amendment protections.   SMART METERS are designed to gather information from homes remotely through radio frequency signals. They are unsafe for homeowners posing Health risks and threats to their constitutional privacy rights. "The old analog meter wasn’t broken and didn’t need to be fixed,” John Holeton said. Power companies are mandating that the people take their new product.    The SMART METER is a two-way communication, load limiting, disconnect-reconnect, four-channel data collection device that emits dangerous microwaves and records every action taking place in your house requiring electricity. It then sells the information to third parties, including the government. It’s home invasion by letting private companies destroy your reasonable expectation of privacy by coming into your home with a two-way communication device from the outsi

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    Soldiers of Patriotism "Smart Meters Edition"

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    Sunday 16 September. Special Guest - Patriot Shar with Texans Against Smart Meters , Curtis Bennett and John Marler, are going to discuss why Smart Meters are health concerns about the meters arise from the pulsed radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted by wireless smart meters.
    Guest also include:
    Curtis Bennett (Smart meters Forum)
    Expert Witness & #1 Consultant for Texans Against Smart Meters) to the call on Sun:
    Chief Science Officer
    Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal).
    Building Construction Engineering Technologist
    Adjunct Faculty For 2 Education Groups
    Thermografix Consulting Corporation
    John Marler:
    Agenda 21 Speaker around Texas & also Steering Committee member of Texans Against Smart Meters
    You can also like TASM on Facebook
    This will be a series of Shows we will have that fall under the Agenda 21 Umbrella with patriot and various other guest.

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    Our home is our last refuge.  Smart Meters will monitor every aspect of our lives destroying the 4th amendment.  The energy corporations will make us slaves by forcing us to pay more while they decrease supplies.
    If we speak up against these monopolies they will simply shut off our water, gas and electricity leaving us to starve, thirst or freeze to death.
    For more information and links go here:

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    Go Solar With No Smart Meters - Julius Magala

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    Today we shall be speakign with Julius Magala who will explain what Solar Energy is and how we can all benefit from it. In addition, he will share with us the business model he uses to assist people in getting solar electric units installed on their home, plus share with use the business model that he uses to create jobs in the community revolving around solar energy.

    If you ever wanted to know a way to elimate your electric bill and still have electric power this is the podcast for you. 

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    iTron: Smart Meters

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    Smart Meters are a part of life for the American consumer. Which companies are profiting from this emerging industry? Are they safe?

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