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    The Hen's Pen w/ Wendy, Anne Marie, Sunshine Gal, Ray Aldridge & Dan Hall

    in Religion

    Sunday 4pm ET/3pm CTRL/2pm MTN/1pm Pac Call in and listen, share comments or ask questions at 1-347-934-0379 or online during and after the program at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingxoutreach/2015/01/25/the-hens-pen-w-wendy-anne-marie-sunshine-gal-ray-aldridge-dan-hall

    All of the hosts of the Hen's pen are former Jehovah's Witnesses and now have Ray Aldridge from the UK joining the group. Dan Hall is a former Elder and pastor and they all share their experience in the cults to share the biblical truths which stand in contrast to the teachings of the cults!

    Topic is the Pure Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ

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    The Helios Biblios (the book of the sun) Hour / The Trickster Gods

    in Current Events

    Tricksters are among the most entertaining characters in world mythology. Usually male, they delight in breaking rules, boasting, and playing tricks on both humans and gods. Most tricksters are shape-changers who can take any form, though they often appear as animals. Tricksters play a prominent role in African and Native American mythologies. But one of the world's greatest and most interesting trickster figures is not only a god, but a god of high metaphysical content. He is Eshu-Elegbara, one of the orisha, the West African deities that are worshiped in many related forms across African and the African diaspora in the New World.While he embodies many obvious trickster elements-- deceit, humor, lawlessness, sexuality--Eshu-Elegbara is also the god of communication and spiritual language. He is the gatekeeper between the realms of man and god.Black Americans were forced to hide their deities or dress them up in Catholic garb, while whites cut themselves off from all but the most superficial appreciations of those African cultural values that managed to survive.Seth, the Pig, the Ass, is always Playing Games with Others For his own Benefit. Seth was a (Female) Trickster God. Later he is transformed into a Serious, Clever, Mischievous Male Creature, who tries to survive the Dangers and challenges of the world using Trickery and Deceit as a defense. Seth is the God who needs Power to cover his own Fear for the God of the Gods. In the Christian Faith Seth/Pan, the God of Nature, was transformed into the Red Angel of Evil, Lucifer, Satan (Set-Hen).He is the Lord of the Red Sahara Desert, Master of the Thunders Storms, Disorder, Darkness and Warfare. Seth is the Cause of the Change of the Climate that destroyed the Green Sahara, the Garden of Eden. Seth is also the Cause of the Great Deluge.


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    The Hen's Pen w/Wendy, Anne Marie, Sunshine Gal, Marilyn, Ray & Dan Hall

    in Religion

    Sunday 4pm ET/3pm CTRL/2pm MTN/1pm Pac Call in and listen at 1-347-934-0379 and ask questions or share comments also online during and after the program at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingxoutreach/2015/01/18/the-hens-pen-wwendy-anne-marie-sunshine-gal-marilyn-ray-dan-hall

    The entire cast hosting the Hen's Pen program are all former Jehovah's Witnesses. The Hen's Pen once again welcomes the addition of Ray Aldridge calling in from the United Kingdom to share his insights to the program. Dan Hall is a former pastor and has authored the book, The Armageddon Cult and served as an elder in the Jehovah's witnesses.

    The Topic is:

    "The Bible: A Book of Jesus Christ "The Golden Thread Which Runs From Genesis To Revelation!"

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    Dor Rubin, CEO Rillate - Reference Checking Tool

    in Jobs

    @Rillate -- LINKEDIN -- Rillate.com -- Dor's TedX Talk --

    Sample Resumes - Rochelle  -- Tony -- David -- Michael -- Fred - Fred S -- Jim - Jim 2 -

    Linkedin Reference Tool Lawsuit -

  • Everything with Kathy B. Healthy Cooking & Living with Chef Oliver & Dr. Julissa

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!! Happy New Year!! Are you ready to get the year started with an amazing healthy and affordable meal? Well Chef Oliver's back with an delectable dish. On tonight's menu, Cornish hen served with herb quinoa, asparagus, roasted red pepper and corn sauce. Sounds delicious!! Join Chef Oliver in the kitchen at 6pm for Healthy Cooking.

    In the second hour at 7pm join Kathy B and our Resident Naturopatic Doctor, Dr. Julissa Hernandez. Dr. Julissa will speak with us about the two ingredients in many dishes that studies show contribute to these negative feelings and reactions, and other health negatives. That's right Source Nation Garlic and Onions can cause negative feelings. We'll discuss natural herbs and the benefits of incorporating them into our daily lifestyles for boosting our immune systems. You don't want to miss this show. We're live beginning at 6pm. You've heard it here on your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.


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    Yute Vybz

    in Youth

    On Yute Vybz tonight our young people react to the alleged marriage proposal in the Transport Centre.

    And in Yute Trendz this week we want to know ‘What would you do if your bf/gf proposed to you in the middle of the HWT Transport Centre?’

    We of course have Yute Spotlight, this week we’ll be joined by internet sensation Eli Di Viner! You don’t wanna miss that.

    Yute Vybz is live tonight at 8pm

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    in Religion

    In this episode of BAI-YA-MIM I'm going to talk about the New Apostolic Revival, which is the main heading over Dominionism, Replacement Theology and other things that some Charasmatic's are involved in. I hope you find the show helpful and informative.

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    Dale Stinton, CEO of the National Association of Realtors®

    in Real Estate

    We have the distinct honor & privilege today to be joined today by Dale Stinton, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Realtors®. Dale is a 31-year veteran of the NAR®, having served in a number of key pivotal roles in the organization, and becoming CEO in November of 2005.

    Dale has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including Inman’s 2010 Innovator of the Year, along with being featured as one of Smart Money Magazine’s “Power 30 Most Powerful and Influential Players” in 2010 and named “one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders of the year” by Inman News in 2011 and 2012.

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    in Prayer

         What does it mean to ask the Father "in the Name of Jesus?" When we do so, we are approaching our father God as "a representative of" or "on the authority of" Yeshua.. We're asking God to respond to us because of our association with Jesus Christ. In a way we're merely the messenger; the request truly belongs to Christ. When we ask in His name it is not as though Christ is pleading on our behalf; rather we are pleading on His behalf:  

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    Glenn Shimkus from Docusign on ZipForms Integration

    in Real Estate

    We're joined by Glenn Shimkus to discuss the latest advances in Docusign technology to support real estate professionals. Glenn recently unveiled new integration between the Docusign and zipForm platforms at the NAR Annual REALTORS® Conference & Expo, and joins us to talk what these new capabilities mean to agents & brokers.

    Real Estate Coaching Radio® is the nation's largest real estate industry talk-show, reaching hundreds of thousands of agents & brokers across the United States every single day. Tune in weekdays at 12pm Pacific Time for live upcoming shows, or listen anytime using your mobile device on our nationally syndicated broadcast network. Learn about Docusign for Real Estate Professionals here.

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    The Power Is Now Buyers and Sellers Club -Buy Fixer Home with a Fixer Loan

    in Real Estate

    Learn about Intercap Lending FHA 203k  Program and Ready4Remoldel Rehabilitation Program
    Theme:  Buy Fixer Homes with Fixer Loans

    Speaker: Skip Schenker, Prsident of Ready4Remolded

    Powerpoint Presentation:  http://issuu.com/eric_frazier/docs/renovation_financing_-_the_power_is/0

    The Power Is Now Discount Code for Ready4Remolded Training:  PIN50

    Real Estate for Sale:
    Kennedy Atelotsu - Nations Realty | Washington 
    Homes for Sale:  http://issuu.com/eric_frazier/docs/nations_realty_flyers/0
    Monica HIll  - MVP Real Estate & Investments LLC.  | California
    Home For Sale: http://issuu.com/eric_frazier/docs/monica_hills_flyers
    Bob Irish - Lake Hills Realty | California
    Homes For Sale: http://issuu.com/eric_frazier/docs/bob_irish_flyers/0
    Newport Beach Realty: Meet Bob Irish | Video: http://youtu.be/kVqJcdV4xVA
    Home for Sale | 121 36th Street Newport Beach CA 92663 | Video: http://youtu.be/MP95h9kVIa8

    Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA

    National Sales Manager NMLS# 461807

    Direct: 714-361-2105  Office: 800-261-1634 ext. 703  Pre-approval documentation requirements:  ext. 1

    Website: www.intercaplending.com

    Appy Online: www.closeontimeguarantee.com

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