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    Terrorist Threats and Water Woes

    in Radio

    TERRORIST THREATS:  Barbadian terrorists on the loose!  

    WATER WOES:  The debate continues about water woes of the people of various parishes around Barbados. These water mains (photo attached) were exposed to the media as proof that the government of the day had neglected the health of the people of the country when they halted the relaying of millions of dollars in water mains as they now turn from the black color to a rusty color in bushes.  It adds to the woes of the only hospital on the island which is experiencing a shortage of supplies.  Not to mention, students who are pursuing a tertiary education, both home and abroad in Jamaica, are yet to receive their bursaries.

    As the three most important aspects of health, education and water are being compromised by the bad management of your government's sloppy approach to you as a people, a healthy population cannot flourish! An educated people can be viable as they can be resourceful and last but not least the most important item; water, which is life as our people do need water for their health assurance.  Any good and thoughtful government would explore these three important aspects of these matters of great concern.  Copied from Rawle Maycock

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    "The Akashic Vibration Edge" with Maggie Chula

    in Spirituality

    Maggie Chula is a psychic trance channel for the Akashic Master Teachers. On this show she will open up the phone lines to answer questions on how to heal every aspect of your life, your physical body, and your connection to your own Council of Light using the Akashic Vibration. 

    Maggie is a certified Psychic Professional, Medical Intuitive, and the author of several books including Open the Doorway to Your Soul: Channeled Messages from the Master Teachers of the Akasha. She has used her connection to the Akashic Master Teachers to create a Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development course based on their teachings. This course is called The Akashic Vibration Process: Open the Doorway to Your Soul. 

    Her connection to these pure spiritual beings started when she was 3 years old and continued throughout her life. They have helped her heal many physical illnesses and ailments including Crohn’s Disease. Many emotional issues including the trauma of having her mother brutally murdered when she was 9 years old and then being diagnosed as psychotic because of her connection to these amazing beings of light.

    Her heart’s intent is to share the wisdom and knowledge of these advanced teachers to help expand your conscious understanding of who you truly are, a divine being of light with access to your Soul wisdom. Learn how to access the  Akasha Vibration and expect to create miracles every day. 

    Learn more about Maggie and the Akashic Master Teachers by visiting her website, MaggieChula.com. 



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    On Propaganda

    in Culture

    Are the militiamen in Princeton, Oregon terrorist or freedom fighters? Does similar events between whites and blacks get covered by the news media in the same way? If four or more people get shot in a suburb its a mass shooting, but if four or more people get shot in the inner city its black on black violence. Why do white killers get labeled as psychotic while black killers get labeled as thugs and gangsters? Askari and Sundiata wi



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    in Entertainment

    Robert Peernock appeared to have the ideal life; working as a pyrotechnics engineer and computer expert and coming home to his wife and daughter, Peernock projected the American dream. Even when he and his wife separated, it seemed amicable, just a small bump for the well-to-do family. But there was madness in his house: in private, Peernock was violent, subtly manipulative, and bordering on psychotic. But the horrifying details of his home life would only come to light after Peernock finally lost all control.

    Peernock had come home, brutally beat both his wife and daughter, force fed them alcohol, and deliberately sent them to their death behind the wheel, staging it to look like a drunk driving accident. He didn't foresee that his daughter would survive, and even with years of abuse, her attempted murder, and horrendous injuries, he never anticipated that she would speak so powerfully against him.

    Throughout his trial, Peernock claimed a massive government conspiracy against him. He hired and fired lawyers multiple times, deadlocking juries and spinning a web of lies. NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Anthony Flacco (IMPOSSIBLE ODDS, THE ROAD OUT OF HELL) chronicles the sensational trial and all the terror that preceded it, looking deep into the mind of a deranged killer whose American dream was a waking nightmare for those trapped within it.

    Once a successful whistleblower, Peernock denied his involvement in the murder, claiming a conspiracy against him on all levels. Confounding the justice system, hiring and firing lawyers, representing himself, saying everyone was against him. After numerous tense trials, Peernock was finally sentenced to life in prison, though those close to him still live in fear. A CHECKLIST FOR MURDER: The True Story of Robert John Peernock-Anthony Flacco



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    The Painful Truth Show. New Years traditions.

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    Besides getting sloppy drunk and kissing everybody in the room at the stroke of midnight, celebrants throughout the ages have observed numerous lesser-known New Year's customs and superstitions. Many of the superstitions associated with the event bear the common theme that activities engaged in on that day set the pattern for the year to come. Others have to do with warding off evil spirits or attracting luck. Southerners have their food traditions in which they carry out every year to ensure good luck throughout the year. Chime in and let us know what you New Years traditions are Monday January 4 9AM EST for the first show of the New Year!

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    Late NIght zone out xmas eve and x mas edition

    in Wrestling

    Merry Christmas eve and well Merry Christmas Pun brings in Christmas with the late night zone out 

    Tonights topics

    The grinches of WU

    Naughty and nice list

    Parasites and how to elimiate the lice

    why do we let some people repeat the same mistakes....broken record syndrome

    why a certian wu ranking scene is utter bullshit

    What to expect in the future

    DPIW Update

    SICK shout out

    pun discusses bringing back douche of the week

    What what the best worst and funnest momments of the year in WU 

    New Moves and as always the critics

    and anything else anyone wants to bring to the show and talk about 

    this show allows anyone to call in we wont put you on hold, and freedom to speak so come in join the fun and merry christmas




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    NFL Week 15: Odell Beckham Goes Mad & Jets on Thin Ice

    in Sports

    Tonight we will have two guests for the price of one show. I will open up talking about the Jets sloppy 19-16 win over the Dallas Cowboys, and whether they have been effectively eliminated from the playoffs via the Steelers win over Denver. Dan Feuerstein of the Jets Report join me. Then, I will talk about the Odell Beckham fiasco from Sunday's Giants-Panthers game. Joining me to talk about the Giants is Doug Rush of Media101. 

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    Late NIght Zone Out hosted by Pun

    in Wrestling

    Pun is back on his own station, this time he is a co owner of DPIW so let the crazys come. 

    As always this is a ic ooc show, unlike like so many others I will catagorize it the way it should be

    This is the fisrt show since returning to his own network and he has quite a bit to talk about tonight,

    Pun welcomes a special Mystery guest from his past

    People going to new found lows, and why it grinds my gears

    The lost art of backing up your mouth

    Conflict of interest...wanna touch on this from my last show

    what to expect from this station in the near future

    Pun discusses whats in store for DPIW

    its christmas time so come with your worst gift ever ideas ...be more creative than a lame holiday sweater please

    Gang attacks and the solo mate 

    HOw lame call out scenes have gotten 


    Come in and discuss these topics tonight or bring something to discuss to  the table tonight, as always anyone can call in and join the insanity



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    Omar Figueroa-Antonio DeMarco Review

    in Sports

    Omar Figueroa and Antonio DeMarco closed out the PBC on NBC year with a bang, delivering a closely fought action fight in front of enthusiastic fans at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

     Figueroa came out semi-aggressive but tried being more selective in spots. Figueroa looked huge, but DeMarco was taking his shots very well in the first few rounds. However, it was Figueroa’s size that was helping him keep DeMarco right where he wanted him, with his back against the ropes.

    When Figueroa was being smart, he was also leaving himself open, when he was aggressive, and a bit sloppy is when he seemed to have the most success.

     Switching style to southpaw for a moment and then quickly back to orthodox, Figueroa was able to keep the fight exactly where he wanted it – in the phone booth. DeMarco was able to get some distance between him and Omar for a bit, but he never did anything with that time. DeMarco refused to move and allowed himself to get pinned right back against the ropes.

    We will without a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can express your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Nestor Gibbs at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com 

    Be sure to subscribe to us on https://www.youtube.com/Thaboxingvoice and http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thaboxingvoiceradio to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay updated by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice 

    Please consider leaving a review of the podcast on iTunes helps tremendously to raise the visibility of the podcast https://itun.es/us/oY7JJ.c

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    Freedom Outlaw Radio Featuring Bill "General Gonzo S. Patton" Turner

    in Politics Conservative

    Unmedicated. Unrestrained. Unleashed on an unsuspecting society, the good General lets the good times roll in this full frontal assault upon the politically correct, leftist community and their idolatry.  Nothing is safe or sacred.  To quote the good General, "Behead those who insult Christianity".

    Now is our time to fight for Social Justice. I am a Social Justice Warrior. The Constitution is the rule of law. It is settled law as the Progressive/Marxist/Liberal/Communists like to say.  Join me and become Warriors for Social Justice too.

    Freedom Outlaw Radio has a new affiliate, the Rebooting Liberty Radio Network at  Live.RebootingLiberty.com The First, Last & Only Name In Liberty Radio

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    What is a TRANSAGER? - FBI figures show gun violence is DOWN!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Joe takes listener call... talking Trump's latest foot-in-mouth.

    CNN anchor wonder if postpartum played into the San Bernardino terrorist shooting incident.

    Transager... it's a "thing" now. 52-year-old father lives as a 6-year-old girl.

    Baltimore man-on-the-street Corey "Prez" Duncan talks about the start of the first Freddie Gray trial and the general feeling about them, as well as Obama's gun grabbing stance.

    History: NRA was there to help blacks defend themselves from KKK Democrats. Now what!?!

    President Carter banned Iranians from coming to America during the hostage crisis. Would that fly today?

    Hr2  With all this talk about Donald Trump overreacting wanting to ban further immigration of Muslims... the folks over at 100PercentFedUp find this little gem on President Jimmy Carter.

    Apparently we DO have a history of banning aggressive cultures who want to wipe us out! You know, like Iran wanted to do in the 1970's. And Carter didn't beat around the bush about it! Looks like Donald Trump is channeling Jimmy Carter...

    Research points to mental health risks associated with meatless diet. Hmmm...

    Hr3   Atheist Democrat quits town council after losing vote to call a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree... says she can't work with these people. Guess she didn't really understand the concept of "representative government."

    New FBI report validates what gun owners have been saying all along. Training goes a long way in preventing accidents in the event of emergencies.

    Uber driver, licensed to carry gun, shoots gunman who was firing into a crowd

    According to the FBI, only 21 of the 355 shooting identified by anti-gunners can actually be categorized as mass murder with a firearm. More media bias pushing an agenda? Or just sloppy journalism?